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  1. ...What? Ricken and Donnel have the same marriage option parameters as every other Gen 1 character; they can marry anybody of the other gender who's recruited by Chapter 12, save for Anna and Sumia, who, along with Chrom, does have limited support options. The only pairing in Awakening that was "edited out" is Lucina and Owain, who can even still reach S rank, just with the relationship reframed as purely platonic / familial on account of them being cousins.
  2. I think the animations for Sacred Stones-original classes are kind of a trade-off, for the most part. On the one hand, they're generally a lot smoother and higher-quality on a purely technical level. On the other hand, though, the... choreography, I suppose? How the classes are animated to move, is often a lot less exciting. So, better animation, but used to depict less eye-catching action. That's my take, anyway.
  3. I do, yes. I see no sense in sacrificing the security of living with people I trust and saddling myself with a ton of extra expenses, given, well... the state of things nowadays. Besides, do correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole "rush to move out as soon as you're legally an adult" thing a distinctly Western concept? I've heard that, globally, multiple generations of a family sharing a living space together generally isn't considered unusual or shameful or low-class at all, but I haven't really extensively researched that or anything.
  4. To be honest, they're one category of character that makes me wonder if how I mentally process fictional characters is somehow different from how most other people do, since how much I like a character as, well, a character is oftentimes entirely detached from how much I'd like them as a person, and in fact almost always takes priority where the two opinions may conflict. For example, if Shinon were a real person, I'd want absolutely nothing to do with him, but I love him as a character because what he contributes to the story and the dynamic of the Greil Mercenaries makes things more interesting. When I say that I "like" a fictional character, it's in the latter sense that I mean that statement, and I find this ends up being applicable to a lot of characters who are abrasive or even frankly bad people. This isn't exactly applicable to Shinon, but I also find that it's actually pretty easy for me to forgive a prickly exterior if a character is ultimately a good person at heart... probably in part because I can, in some ways, relate to the feelings that lead to that behavior, even if actually acting on those feelings in that way isn't something I generally do.
  5. Personally, I'd have them either this way or as Breath units with transformation mechanics, but I do really think how they are is fine. Dragon Laguz are basically the Tellius duology's Manaketes, anyway, so this seems like a sensible way to handle them to me.
  6. Hmmm... My answer would likely be different if I were allowed to make a Fire Emblem "TV" series (either animated or live-action), but if I were to make specifically a Fire Emblem movie, I'd probably want to pick something that'd require the least butchering and trimming to adapt into that format, while also being able to stand on its own as a story reasonably-well with minimal adjustments. That in mind, I can narrow it down to a few existing Fire Emblem stories that seem to me to be reasonably well-suited to this: Just Lyn's Tale, by itself, from Blazing Blade The Heirs of Fate DLC story from Fates The Cindered Shadows DLC sidestory from Three Houses Another possibility that comes to mind would be making a story out of the first and fourth Archanea War Chronicles episodes and expanding on that; basically a Shadow Dragon prequel movie about Nyna that leads into the War of Shadows storyline. This wouldn't really have a very conclusive ending by nature, but I think it's a part of the larger story that could be told pretty competently and completely through a linear, non-interactive medium like cinema. Overall, I think Lyn's Tale might be the best in terms of how well it could survive the translation to a different format, since the plot itself is fairly simple and doesn't require much exposition to make itself understandable, so less runtime would have to be diverted away from just telling the main story. It also has a main cast that's... small by Fire Emblem standards (15 main group members by the end including Mark and Ninian) and really only one major villain. If leaving them in is found to be an issue, it would be easy enough to replace the Black Fang with either bandits or Lundgren loyalists and excise Chapter 7x along with them. If I'm allowed to make it a series of multiple movies, I'd probably retain the Black Fang's presence in Lyn's Tale and expand the project out like so: Lyn's Tale (Prologue to Chapter 10) Eliwood & Hector's Tale - Through to the Dragon's Gate (from Chapter 11 to Chapter 19E) Eliwood & Hector's Tale - Remainder (from Chapter 20E to the end of the game) I'm not really sure about casting, since I'm really not well-versed in live-action film actors outside of the people who are kinda too well-known to not be aware of, like Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, etc. and ideally I'd strongly prioritize actors who could play the characters well over "star power", as it were. In an animated movie, all official voice actors would reprise their roles where applicable. Assuming the movie is being made in English originally, it would be fun to have the official Japanese voice actors dub over their characters for a Japanese voice track, if possible.
  7. Not sure yet! I just kinda wanna have it, to be honest. I like collecting little bits of trivia about games and the assets associated with that trivia, if applicable. Also, I actually just found the image I was looking for here. I guess I should've looked a tad harder than I did before making this topic, oops! I do appreciate your willingness to help, though!
  8. Ahhh yeah, I know what they are! I guess what I'm looking for is the actual in-game texture used for them ripped straight from the game. I do appreciate the reply, though!
  9. I've been thinking about this again, and I can't for the life of me track down the actual image of it. It's the continent coastline that shows up along the borders of the world map in Fire Emblem Awakening. My search led me to this thread and this page, but any instances of or links to the image I'm actually looking for are all broken, and Google Image Search seems to be a bust, too. I guess I don't really need it, but it's really bugging me. Does anybody have this image saved anywhere? I'd really appreciate if I could get my hands on it!
  10. I think everyone does occasionally. The biggest example I can think of is that I didn't realize that the "an hero" meme was mocking victims of suicide; I thought it was just a silly way of expressing genuine respect / admiration for somebody. And I ended up using it in a context in which the actual meaning of it... was not out of place. A friend reached out to tell me what the meme actually meant and needless to say, I felt Pretty Not Great about it.
  11. Thanks!! I have no idea what's actually going on in this thread at this point but every time I saw it pop up in the little "latest posts" previews I considered changing my username to "The Last Teehee" and just posting "I win" and nothing else, but I ultimately decided against it since I didn't wanna be stuck with a joke name like that for very long
  12. I pretty much exclusively play games with English voices given the choice, since I positively despise a particular type of voice direction for female characters that seems to pop up a lot. I legitimately would prefer to play with voices turned off altogether rather than listen to that while I play a game. It helps that I genuinely do not see what's so allegedly "bad" about English dubs of things; I find most dubs made nowadays to be about the same as the original Japanese voice tracks in terms of quality overall.
  13. Promoted Elice from level 20 in FE1 basically just because I could
  14. The thing is that what kind of balance is "good" is sort of an inherently-subjective question in a lot of ways. Even seemingly-simple questions like how you want player character strength to compare to that of enemies, and how you want that to change (or not!) over the course of the game, can be its own whole discussion. If your intention really is just to add a new character to an existing game without changing much else about that game, I'd compare your new unit's bases, growth rates, etc. to those of other units that join at around the same level and/or point in the game. You might actually want to approach it by looking at characters' average stats at various levels, and using that to "reverse-engineer" what a good set of growth rates for a unit would be based on their base stats. If you want to do this, average values for each stat are generally calculated as... base stat value + ((growth rate / 100) x (current level - base level)) ...for each stat, though you also need to factor in promotion bonuses and stuff, too, if and when they're applicable. Obviously, this gets even more complex when you factor in things like base weapon ranks, what gear a unit joins with, any skills they may have access to should the engine facilitate that... And join time, too! Gwendolyn and Fir join one chapter apart in FE6, and they both come at level 1 with base stats to match. They're also both plopped into your party right at the onset of a bunch of axe-wielding enemies, which has the effect of making Gwendolyn much harder to train and Fir much easier, since Gwendolyn has an active disadvantage against a large portion of enemies directly following her recruitment while Fir is in the opposite situation. There's a lot to consider, and there really isn't any simple, surefire "guide" on how to balance units well. Just a whole bunch of things to remember to think about, really.
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