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  1. Hmmm... Here's what I'd do, personally: Nyna and Maria would both become Troubadour/Valkyrie-line classes. In Nyna's case, it's sort of to combine her final class with her original planned one (Paladin), while for Maria it's just to make her stand out more as a unit after you've already recruited three infantry staff-users. Matthis would become a Wyvern Rider to create a reason to use him as a unit, and because, as a(n unwilling) member of Macedon's military, he's really the only candidate if a tier 1 Wyvern-riding character is to be included. If Cavaliers are getting split up based on weapon types Jugdral/Tellius-style, then Cain becomes a Sword Knight, Abel a Lance Knight, and Frey an Axe Knight. Wolf and Sedgar are demoted to Arch Knights/Nomads/Bow Knights/the tier 1 bow cavalry class in Shadow Dragon. Barst would start as a Pirate in New Mystery. Gonna second the idea of Arlen being a Dark Mage since that does add some additional narrative power. Yuliya and Jubelo (god I still hate that the translated names broke their naming scheme) would trade base classes, with Yuliya becoming a Mage and Jubelo becoming a Curate, to better reflect their personalities. Elice would either become or uniquely promote into a Priestess, as in, the Valentian promotion for female Mages, capable of using swords, tomes, and staves.
  2. Favorites: RPGs, especially classic turn-based JRPGs Whatever genre the mainline Zelda games are Platformers Least Favorites: Anything first-person. I just hate first-person as a camera perspective in general Horror... I actually don't know if this counts as a genre of game or just a genre of subject matter, but in any medium I don't have the stomach for it at all Y'know what... on that note, I'm generally more deterred by subject matter than by gameplay genre when it comes to games. Like, there are some types of gameplay I like more than others but I can derive enjoyment out of most of them provided the specific game is a well-designed instance of that genre.
  3. There's really nobody I actually actively dislike, but I find Alm and especially Deen kind of boring. In terms of gameplay, Valbar and Nomah were both really disappointing for me, although admittedly Valbar is helped a great deal by the Trainee's Lance.
  4. So it's entirely possible I just am misremembering this as even ever being a thing, but I vaguely recall there being something along the lines of people having hacked/datamined the Hidden Truths DLC and figuring out that Anankos's 3D model uses Dwyer's head model with Azura's hair color under the hood or something like that? Did I just imagine that, or was that actually something someone discovered and posted somewhere?
  5. I think the only Lord I really dislike would be Corrin. They're just a really, really boring and badly-written character whose only potentially-interesting qualities are either implemented into their character really poorly or just not accounted for at all. It doesn't help that M!Corrin's voice is... off. I find it kinda abrasive, personally. I only ever select the Yuri Lowenthal voice (Voice 2) for M!Corrin for this reason. Honorable(?) mention goes to Ephraim, as, while I don't dislike him, he's just really not compelling or interesting to me at all. In gameplay he's kinda cool, but character-wise, he's very hard for me to connect to or get invested in. Aside from that, I pretty much at least sorta like every Lord, for various reasons. I think they all kinda have cool traits to them.
  6. Completing Mega Man 1 legitimately with absolutely zero use of save states/Restore Points at any point, for any reason is probably my crowning achievement as a player of video games when it comes to the sheer difficulty of a game I completed. I've also beaten the VVVVVV fangame 333333, albeit on easy mode which was still so tough I kinda dread whatever hard mode is like, and Mega Man Unlimited, another fangame of its respective series, and a pretty darned tough one. I didn't, like, finish them with flying colors or anything; I had a bit of a rough time of it in spots, but I was able to complete them all legitimately and that's what matters to me.
  7. A lot of times I just kinda ignore, it, but sometimes it makes the contrarian side of me just love the character even more. Hell, it actually caused me to start specifically liking Arden, despite previously being relatively indifferent to him, due to all the grief he was being given by the fanbase for being the Tempest Trial reward instead of Ayra! At the end of the day, though, everyone's entitled to have their own opinions on things like this! I'm sure there are ardent fans of characters you don't care for who just wouldn't be able to fathom why you dislike them. As long as people aren't being mean to each other over it, the best course of action is to just live and let live, I think, at least when it comes to matters as low-stakes as this.
  8. First! For Arvis: WEAPON: Valflame SUPPORT: Ardent Sacrifice SPECIAL: Iceberg A: Fury 3 B: Recover Ring C: Defense Ploy 3 SEAL: Resistance +3 or Squad Ace C 3 Good, or no? I wanted to center it around capitalizing on both of his unique skills, since nobody else can have Valflame or Recover Ring, and it makes for a very interesting supportive Red Mage all put together. Also, for Arden: Would he or would he not be helped by Deflect Magic 3? I know Reinhardt or any similarly-powerful Blue Mage is still gonna roast him, but it seems like it would go a long way towards helping him not die instantly whenever he's so much as sneezed at by a caster. Also, I know this is obscenely high-investment, but I'm contemplating something like Slaying Edge+, Aether, and Steady Breath for the respective skill slots. I know his base kit is geared towards a Brave+ build, but I'm interested in looking into something a little different for him, that capitalizes on and augments his tankiness. To that end, I'm also considering Panic Ploy 3 as either his Sacred Seal or his C passive, since he definitely has the HP to get great mileage out of it.
  9. If you're a fan of standard turn-based JRPG-type games, Fire Emblems The Sacred Stones (FE8), Awakening (FE13), and especially Gaiden (FE2) and its remake Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (FE15) have the most in common with that genre, and any of them would be good places to start, since you'd have more familiar, common elements to help you keep your bearings as you get accustomed to all that makes Fire Emblem Fire Emblem. If you're less concerned with starting out with something similar to something you're already familiar with, or if similarity to turn-based JRPGs just doesn't really do much for you for any reason, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (FE7) is also a good starting point! It was designed with it being the first Fire Emblem title released in the West in mind, so it's very beginner-friendly! Really, almost any installment can work as a gateway entry, but there are a few that can't; those being Mystery of the Emblem (FE3 Book 2) or its remake New Mystery of the Emblem (FE12), Thracia 776 (FE5), Radiant Dawn (FE10), and Fates: Revelation (one route of FE14); the reason being that these are all sequels or otherwise intended to be played after other games, and as such, their stories contain spoilers for those games. Also, Thracia 776 is absolutely brutal, and you should probably hold off on attempting to play it until you've got a significant amount of experience with Fire Emblem under your belt. Here's where you can get each game I recommended! Gaiden: Famicom (physical; Japan-only) or Nintendo Wii, Wii U, or 3DS (digital; Japan-only) The Blazing Blade: GameBoy Advance (physical) or Wii U (digital) The Sacred Stones: GameBoy Advance (physical) or Wii U (digital) Awakening: Nintendo 3DS (physical or digital) Echoes - Shadows of Valentia: Nintendo 3DS (physical or digital) Please note that GameBoy Advance cartridges can also be run on Nintendo DS systems up to, but not including, the Nintendo DSi, as well as the GameBoy Player peripheral for the Nintendo GameCube! ...And actually, Gaiden is probably not such a good place to start, but its remake should be just fine! Also, keep in mind that, in any games released prior to Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~ (FE12), permadeath cannot be turned off. Starting from that game, Fire Emblem games have offered an option when starting a new file to turn permadeath off for that playthrough, in which case fallen units will simply return, fully-healed, at the end of the map in which they were defeated. Selecting Casual/Newcomer mode turns permadeath off, while Classic leaves it on.
  10. Berkut. I really want to use him, but he's just so... bad. It's really difficult to justify investing resources into him. Sully is in almost the exact same boat, actually. Also, Mae. It's not as much that she's a bad unit as that I keep getting only instances of her with meh to terrible IV spreads. (+Def/-Spd, for Mila's sake!) Also her art's just. Really, really bad. I mean, I'm gonna use her anyway, but...
  11. So, I've been thinking, since I'm getting better at hacking FE11, I wanted to put a post here asking about how one might go about buffing the awkward secondary and tertiary characters in abundant classes or gameplay roles, or characters who otherwise just kind of suck. For a full list of the characters I'm talking about… Matthis Roshea Vyland Bord Cord Darros Castor Dolph Macellan Gordin Tomas Wrys Maria Caesar Radd Rickard Jake Beck Basically, anybody who you don't really have much reason to use since everyone else of that class you get is just kind of better. If anybody has any additions to this list they'd like to make, I'd be open to adding to it! The idea, I'm thinking, is to buff each of these characters, but do so in a way that also allows each of them to keep their own distinct identity as a unit. Base stats, growth rates, and base weapon ranks are all on the table as things to consider. I'm also looking to vary up Cain, Abel, and Frey from each other more than just Cain's difference in starting weapon ranks, because their bases and growth rates are… really samey. For some ideas I personally have had… I was thinking of gearing Roshea to be a character who's still slow, but whose attacks reliably hit and hit hard, while Vyland would've been taken in more of a "Myrmidon-on-a-horse" sort of direction. For Gordin, Norne, and Tomas, I was thinking of having them be geared towards durability, speed, and power-hitting, respectively. I also had the idea of Matthis being a weird, Magic- and Resistance-focused Cavalier based on his blood relation to Lena, since his growth rates are really bland otherwise. For Jake and Beck, I was thinking something along the lines of one being accuracy-focused and the other being focused on raw power. …etc. etc. Now, I've played Shadow Dragon a decent amount, but I'm sure there are people who are a lot more intimately-familiar with it than I, so I'm hoping for some additional insight into ways in which these weaker, lesser-used characters could be buffed without making them overpowered and while still retaining some variety and uniqueness between them. EDIT: Worth noting, I'm not talking about just efficient/LTC-style play here! I do want to retain diversity between characters along the axis of how focused they are on growth versus bases, so, for example, a character like Radd should probably stay relatively growth-focused, coming underleveled for his join time but having an unusually-high probability of becoming very strong when trained.
  12. Okay I sorta kinda worked it out actually My solution was to copy the "armorknight" ("ARMORKNIGHT" in the battle sprite section) files, paste them, and replace the "armorknight" part of the file name with "knight_f" (again, "KNIGHT_F" in the battle sprite section). There weren't originally any files with those names in the directory, but when I did this, it worked, surprisingly! What I would infer from this is that each class has a sort of "internal name" used to find the graphic files that go to it, and that you just have to match the files to that name, but I'm not entirely certain. Also, I checked and Soldiers can indeed reach level 30, it looks like! At any rate, I got female Knights working, it would seem! Now I just need to figure out how to edit map palette files to give Ballisticians back their blueness as allies.
  13. So, I'm wondering how to go about defining which battle and map sprites are associated with a given class. I'm trying to add in a female Knight to the Sum Patch to go along with female Generals, going into the "female Dismounted Knight" class slot. I've copied all the information over from the male Knight class (save for Class ID), and even set it to promote into the female General. The problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to go about setting which sprites the class uses, on the map or in battle. It appears to use the female General sprite in battle—at least, that's what shows up in the battle sprite box when the class is highlighted to be reclassed into—but it has no defined map sprite, and the game crashes when you try to back out into the main reclass menu after changing a character into it. Ideally, I would just set it to call the exact same files the male Knight uses for its battle and map sprites, but I don't know how to actually do that, or even if it's possible. I know Arch ported the female Cavalier and General classes back into Shadow Dragon, graphics and all, but I don't know what process he used to get the graphic importation and association working. If anyone knows how to do this, I'd greatly appreciate your wisdom! …As an addendum, does anybody know if Soldiers in Shadow Dragon are flagged as being able to reach level 30, like other single-tier classes? I can't seem to find any conclusive answer to that.
  14. To be honest, I don't think there really are any classes I actually hate, or even dislike, although I will say that 3DSFE has probably kinda ruined Great Knights for me. They were never a particular favorite class of mine, really, but something about them in Awakening and Fates is just… really, really boring to me. I totally acknowledge that they're a useful class and all that, they're just… really bland, and their 3DS outfit designs aren't helping.
  15. WHEW OKAY, so, I actually had not done that because I'm a fool and I didn't read any of the Readmes, but, thanks to you tipping me off about the need to decompile the ROM and decompress the database, I was able to get the Nightmare modules working and make some progress! And, I've actually made a few discoveries! I don't know if they're new, but… It's super easy to create new Reclass sets. I set Thief, Ballistician, and Soldier to Reclass Set 0x07 and it works perfectly fine. The two-digit value labeled "Unknown" in the Character Editor Module that ranges from 00 to 0A is hair color! The hair colors each value corresponds to are as follows: 00 - Blue 01 - Green 02 - Pink (Blue on male units) 03 - Gray (Blue on female units) 04 - Red 05 - Purple 06 - Brown 07 - Blonde 08 - unknown 09 - unknown; seems to be used by all bosses 0A - Bald (Blue hair on female units) Marth, Julian, Rickard, Bantu, Jake, Beck, Xane, Tiki, and Nagi are all assigned hair color values matching their appearances, despite that that can never be seen because none of their classes have variable hair color implemented. …Actually, Freelancer/Chameleon and female Manakete might; I actually didn't test that, but none of the other classes have the character's hair visible at all in their battle sprite aside from Lord, which I know for a fact does not support changing hair colors (unless somebody would like to prove me wrong on that). Curiously, Purple and Blonde hair for female characters seem to be fully-implemented and working just fine in Shadow Dragon, despite that neither hair color is ever actually used by a female character in that game. Now that I think about it, it's probably a relic of Avatar creation having originally been planned to debut in Shadow Dragon… or perhaps they had planned at one point to make a Mystery of the Emblem remake that contained all the content on that game's original SNES cartridge? I'm not really sure, but I'd wager it's probably the former.
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