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  1. so there is no final release it was a joke?
  2. sweet thats all i needed to know ill search again since now i know im missing something and again awesome work whit this man!
  3. shin its an awesome hack and im really enyoing it but i got a question im in what would be blake gym you know the fire one, so im trying to continue the story but im a bit lost.....is this has far has the hack goes right now or am i missing something?
  4. oh my! master shin i love your hack! yeah i figured it would be something like that and gave the armor tipe a 1 tipe move in all terrains in hope of fixing it but it didnt work then agian....im asuming they are armors but i have no idea what the randomized enemies are XD
  5. im using the clean rom whit the randomized patch the problem happens wen king blume is speaking and sends the armor knights to attack lenster wen the armors are suposed to move the game freezes and black screen
  6. im playing it at the moment but have a problem, in chapter 7 at the begining the game freezes and the screen goes black any idea why?
  7. would love a new patch, i had much fun whit the first and have been following the project since then awesome progress! congrats to you for not quiting on the project and on us the ones who wait for it. question...do you have something big planed for chapter 5? how are you gona handle the other half of the game?
  8. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

  9. alright thanks for answering
  10. ummm not sure if its against the rules to ask this but is there a patched rom somewere? cuz im having problems patching it and i would prefere the easy option of an already patched game
  11. alright beat chapter 3 and played part of four just for the lol you have created an awesome hack! but needs a lot of balance specialy on the skill and stats, some units join promoted and their stats are well...terrible. the money influx versus repair cost MUST change in the middle of chapter 4 my units are whitout money and their weapons are close to breaking. you should bring more physical units into the fight because training milani, jel and janne is a real pain since most enemys are magic users and they lack M.def while certain units like alex has a good M.def while being a mix in attacks he can get close dish physical damage and whitstand the magic one (same for Narel). Corala and the rapier was a great idea since you bring a lot of armor enemis. the item shop needs more magic tomes since you use lots of magic units but a serious lack of tomes. well thats all i can think from the top of my head but seriously good work and keep up im loving the story and a FE4 hack is always well receibed since its my favorite
  12. i was lucky enough to have levin whit leg ring so my tinny came running first to me it was an easy reclute....else she could have been serious busines
  13. kind of late to send a save since im long gone from that stage but its not a real problem i mean levin took the whole unit down so yeah....i just figured i would say something. also i paired levin x tiltyu shouldnt artur come whit strong sety blood and holsety? cuz mine didnt :(
  14. two things, first volg still comes chasing levin in the latest patch and second how the F am i suposed to save patty and shanan whitout one of them or both dieing?
  15. ummm yeah..the hack only goes to chapter 10X so far you should read the first post before downloading something
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