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  1. where is like... a third of the pl lmao i thought i signed up for an SF game not a smogon.com noc LOL
  2. lmao i guess this is fucking happening
  3. if you wanna push him feel free i just have really strong tonal and meta indicators and a certain portion of the game is either sheeping me on this or coming to the conclusion with their own reasoning
  4. do you think people who are getting pushed atm are less likely to be scum then than those not currently in the spotlight atm?
  5. is he pinging you or what thoughts do you have on his slot outside of him contributing nothing from your pov
  6. nah i just think it's a lot better to apply direct pressure to a slot than to underline it from the side but that could just be different mentalities at work
  7. his thing with dusk felt more like tvt than tvs i think his belief after expanding feels more genuine than it felt before but i dont agree with the reasoning just wanted to see if the pressure i put on could help me sort his slot :) why are you shading him why do you feel like he'd be suspected
  8. i got what i needed from the 1v1.
  9. Nah lmao 14s kinda important too ig if you aren't me. Basically try to read the whole game if you can. thanks.
  10. Wait lmfao that's everything except page 14 nvm. 18 is important too
  11. 8-10, 11-13, and maybe like 15-17 are probably better uses of your time if you havent gotten to those
  12. 23h 33m i think hope you feel better
  13. yeah i dont think there's really too much wrt progression of reads until people start posting... of which we have 24h of dont worry about hal
  14. Lmao i just had like multiple tabs of this game open and the right side of my computer just blew up with alerts. Thanks refa
  15. Do you have a hunch on who each would be If you prefer not to share don't. A lot of people seem to be hiding their reads this game
  16. Yeah I mean that would be obvious if the only other secondary wagon is you atm But p sure Smogon is town this game so yea lol
  17. I'm eating lunch with my roommate so like not able to put this analysis with u rn Do you think Fenrir is a bad wagon as a result?
  18. Maybe? Unless they're just letting this happen I think Hal/me/Refa is a pretty good group to vote with d1 though Fenrirs at L-1 btw don't lolhammer
  19. Bussing.. implying Fenrir flips scum here?
  20. Level of ambivalence around Fenrir wagon is :? but im comfortable with where my vote is for now
  21. thanks kinda figure these were pointless questions in hindsight
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