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  1. Ok so it kind of read off as filler/unnecessarily wordy to you? I thought he thought he was on the mark with dusk (whether or not that has an agenda or not will be realized when he sees he has 4 votes on him probably) so I thought that was his focus alongside mentioning reads. But ok maybe we have different interpretations Do you think his push on dusk could be partnery in a way? In other words, can his push be tvs?
  2. You have until X:18 this time. GL
  3. Because idk why you ask a question for someone else to give you their answer before you even bother trying to formulate your own realization about their post It also implies you're not paying attention to certain slots in the game which is :? So i want to clear up that this isn't a joke and you have actual thoughts. Dont shitpost to me when im entirely serious. Thanks @weinerboy
  4. How do you feel that he's pushing Dusk and is on the same wagon as you Does that imply it's strong at the beginning and becomes weaker later? Elab pls xd
  5. So i'm gonna ask you what your thoughts on Fenrir's wall is. You have 3 minutes and will lose towncred points if your response is longer than this duration by every minute Ok @weinerboy
  6. it didnt read as such from my pov xd
  7. Were u gonna say anything else in response to that or is that just it
  8. Do you think that's indicative of anything that he's sheeping you this time around?
  9. Marths intro post very different from how i'd play as town but I agree with his reads for the most part just hate the fact that his opener is a readslists yk?
  10. If i beat the highest Kanyezone score will you give me two real reads
  11. Maybe it's a metaphor that I shouldn't stick my neck in places where I shouldn't. Well said, Hal
  12. Is that like a "reach" reaction or something Maybe I'm looking into this too hard
  13. Does that mean you're comfortable with the current gamestate?
  14. This may or may not include choking in lylo though
  15. Ah mfers stop wallposting please site culture
  16. I'm the personification of Smogon dot com this game Texas tunnelling a few pages ago? Check Viper Hard TRing hal ithout explaining my reasoning? Check
  17. Page 9 bottom of the page 30 second timer. Curses
  18. Quote it and say "I react to this" But you can't like shit no
  19. Supa = weiner? Ok I reiterate that I personally hard tr dusk for tonal/meta reasons If supa has something he's free to show it tho, do agree
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