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  1. Wait never mind i saw his activity and it was 20 minutes ago which was before my posts. So bottom of the thread probably lasts for 15 mins like smogon Second part of this post still remains
  2. @weinerboyLIKE I LITERALLY SAW YOU LURKING HERE LMAO You also dodged like two of my questions?
  3. ##Unvote ##Vote Weinerboy Gonna sort through previous games and see if i feel flee's newbtown. Still havent installed iso feature so i'll get to that when I do so. Darth's progression looks ok. Me complaining about pressuring probably cant mean anything because they're new to NOC in general.
  4. Almost as if it's pro-scum to be non-committal about wagons in general!!! ??? DUSk feels like hes a basic understanding of beign town but IDK if he is town yet!! !LOL I just don'tg et the vibe that he thought about that paragraph seriously and instead came out with some hedgy bullshit
  5. Like also with "Nuxl can be an easy reaD as TOWN but if Hes scUM he c an BE saD sitraction" and if i'm such an easy read as town I wonder why you aren't committing to that yet @weinerboy
  6. Did weinerboy just make a paragraph and come out with nothing; especially wrt not even pressuring dusk's slot. He's literally asked me more questions than the person who his vote's currently on
  7. nvm i missed darth's latest post after athena but the tldr still remains!!!
  8. expand on ur ichigo read? the "higher posts" thing is not really logic i can fault from newbtown but what is your "experience" with this same thing with the obvious shading a slot without applying appropriate pressure. it's kind of hedgy and coasty that i currently can't discern if it comes from newbtown not wanting to be erroneously confident in a read or newbscum shading and providing ambivalence to any potential wagons. tl;dr PRESSURE :clap: ME :clap: AND :clap: OTHERS :clap: IF :clap: YOU :clap: THINK :clap: THEY :clap: FEEL :clap: SCUMMY also expand on your reasoning so i can get into your logic
  9. why why why why why doesnt matter if you suck at reading people. did you get ahead to rereading their posts and concluding something as a result? can you expand on what your reasoning is here? i wanna dig into that Flee Fleet mindset here
  10. I'MMM SUPER PRODIGY NUXLL~!!! (comp access)e @[email protected] think smogon is all town this game. thoughts
  11. yeah dude me too. lmk if im wrong about my progression on that slot
  12. basically yeah; my angleshoot wasbt my next comment. your activity was after your role pm but before game started so it felt more like u just didn't give a fuck lmfao
  13. also have a small angleshoot on hal think he powerwolfs a lot more as scum
  14. that being said I've historically had problems reading him in the past but scum dusk is kind of a pussy when it came to interacting with people and i can't really see an agenda to his posts wrt pushing claire so... yeah
  15. my eyes literally glanced over the rest of the posts bc I just woke up ill get into a better reading mood when I get to a comp(10-20mins)
  16. off dusk fuckers. i don't really think he's scum atm and i think the votes on him are too easily wagoned
  17. why is there a blank space there what is this site sleeping soon,
  18. BUT maybe i should stop interjecting and let things proceed naturally, sorry for ruining that not really how i play though, im very reactive as town
  19. just think there wasn't a really good basis behind your pressure and wanted to point it out
  20. sure, but you generally fabricate reasoning as scum because you're not playing with a town agenda, you're playing with a scum one and you can be more confident about your reads early because of it
  21. @hal where are you so i can sheep you lmfao
  22. mm ok should probably wait for more overall content before pressing this then any hot takes about currrent gamestate?
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