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  1. Ahh, all right. Though, I still have the problem of editing a Chaos Mode patched file. Any help with that?
  2. Sacred Stones, Nightmare 2, trying to edit weapon abilities, FE8 Girls patch. Also I haven't only had this problem with this, I've had this happen with things like Chaos mode for FE7 as well.
  3. Hey, I don't know if this has been asked before, but whenever I try to use Nightmare to make changes to a UPS patched file, the changes don't apply in game. Am I doing something wrong, or is that just how it works?
  4. Even though I would like balance, it's not exactly my goal since I'm going to increase everyone's growths by like 20 so I want everyone to have the same opportunity to level up the same amount of times. This is why the reverse leveling is so important and I don't want to have anyone with 0 stats nor do I want them to start any higher than level 1. If that's the only way you can think of then I think I'll try it out for a while. As for the LOU1, could you link me to it? I'm not entirely sure I know what that is.
  5. So I'm currently working on a hack for my own intents and purposes completely in Nightmare to reduce headache. It's just to have a little bit of fun and is nothing serious. It's a hack for FE8 to basically remove the stat caps on all the classes so everyone can grow in each stat as much as I can. For a long time I thought that the stat caps would remove diversity between characters, since all that would matter is reaching the stat cap. Removing all stat caps (except for the 60 HP which I have yet to find out) would effectively make each unit diverse and remove the need to choose one class over another. This also gave me the idea to start everyone at level 1 on tier 1 (cavalier, myrmidon) of their classes except the trainees. This would give everyone a chance to grow as much as they possibly can. For the most part I just reverse leveled many of the characters' base stats to what they would be at level 1 rounded down (base stats - (growth rates * starting level - 1)) (for example, Ephraim's level 1 speed would be 11 - (0.45 * 3) = 9.35 making his actual speed 9). Now my main problem is that doing this for prepromoted units would result in several stats having to be zero for many of these units. How would I make balanced base stats for prepromotes? For now I've just put in a few seemingly sensible numbers based on other characters, but they don't seem correct to me. I want the prepromotes to be balanced with other units without making bases too high or too low.
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