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  1. Welp, I just started a RD playthrough and my Leonardo hasn't gotten anything but skill so far. Also, Sothe's got two perfect level ups from stealing.
  2. I think I only do savestate abuse when FE9 Ike's stats are on the line. I totally refuse to have a wimpy Ike. Just remembered another one; I've got more empty levels in FE2 during Gen 2 than during Gen 1. For example, Azel!Arthur got 5 consecutive empty levels; almost rivalling Lachesis 3 empty levels during Gen 1.
  3. FE4: Sigurd in 1st Gen, Fin in 2nd Gen. FE5: Fengus. FE6: Gonzales. FE7: Jaffar. FE8: Ephraim. FE9: Ike. FE10: Ranulf. FE 11, 12: Ogma. I'm a sucker for Heroes.<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  4. Exactly what the title says. On which of your units have the Gods of RNG decided to bestow all their favour, or dump all their hate? In my case, the Roy I had in my only foray into Fire Emblem 6 was the main damage dealer of my team, alongside Rutger. Yeah, he was that good. +1 STR/DEF/SPD on every single level. Also, my Lex! Patty was the second tankiest character in my team, alongside Leaf. But the RNG seemed to hate all my healers and pegasi. Both Saul and Clarine hit lvl20 without gaining a single point of MAG. Lugh was my main healer in that run. :| Also, Celice. Oh dear, Celice. I've never seen so many +1HP only levels before. He had 13 STR at LVL25. And while it may not be stat-related, Delmud got killed after eating three hits on a 3 chance and missing twice at 99. So, what about you?
  5. Best: Schaeffer. Worst: Gheb. Nomination: Most/Least Masculine Male
  6. Thanks! And yes, it's coming through quite well. Except for a STR-gimped Celice. :P
  7. Read about a FE8 Guide in a Nintendo-focussed game magazine. Got hooked with the strategic/RPG concept, and tried it out a few months later.
  8. Heh, let's just say I can't get my head around some design choices. Mostly the size and terrain-distribution of chapters were low-leveled foot units join you, and whose pairing is on a horse. Or how hard is to recruit Jamka/Tinny if you get some unlucky RNG. Let's say it's becoming a love/hate relationship.
  9. Hello everybody! I'm new around here, though not exactly new to the Fire Emblem series. A while ago, I finished the last of the Fire Emblem games that were brought to the US. Now, I'm going through those that never went out of Japan. Gotta say: lack of Rescue and Trade makes FE4 a whole different beast. :P Welp, can't say much about me. My favourite videogame series are Demon's/Dark Souls and Fire Emblem. I'm glad I've joined this community. Pardon any english-writing mistakes of mine; it's not my native language after all. :P
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