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  1. Hi all! I'm starting my first run of Maddening (it's taken me some time!) and I'm on Blue lions. I hear it's one of the tougher paths with the final boss being tough. I thought I'd log on, see if I could find some tips, ideas/ suggestions, and I am surprised there's not much to find. I was hoping we could fix that. For starters, I can say archers are great. Being able to attack without the counter attack is very handy for the chip damage, and curved shot is learned early on.
  2. So in farming S supports and goddess tower events, I was thinking of doing some truly brain dead runs on normal/casual mode, action skip on and auto battle everything, skip nearly all monastery stuff, etc, just going for speed to get some S supports. You know, basically the opposite of how I normally do things. On one hand, normal mode is a joke. On the other hand, the auto battle AI isn't any better. I'm likely going to give this a shot to see how it works, but was curious to see if anyone had done similar, or had any other ideas of how to get through a run faster. Thank you for your time!
  3. Huh. I'd also like to know how much testing you've done on that dragonlord, as I've not seen those numbers anywhere else. Would explain things, as I know how to get C, B, A, and S for my current character, it's trying to unlock S supports for the other gender my next run I'm not sure about. It makes sense from what I've tested so far, but I've had people swear X, Y, and Z, are all true, and found out, shockingly, that people on the internet can be wrong! Crazy though, right? 😉 Anywho, not trying to call you out or anything, just wondering how you came by this knowledge.
  4. Sorry to bother about this, but I'm having trouble getting this to work, and not sure if it's me or if I'm misinformed. So I know if you have a male Byleth say, you get your supports up for the straight guys (Caspar, Sylvain, etc) even after you attain A rank. And I've seen this can lead to being able to buy S supports for the female byleth. I did this once by accident, after beating my first run with female byleth, I could buy S support with Leonie. I want to take advantage of this to cut down grinding. I figure grinding in battle's the easiest. From what I've read, the hearts eventually stop in battle, and that's the goal. Nothing unusual there. Yet I've set up male byelth surrounded by units (Claude, Raphael, Lorenz, Ignatz, surrounded by units with broken weapons) and let them wail on me for 99 turns, and the hearts kept coming. So I did it for a second battle. 99 turns. Still, the hearts keep appearing. I've been able to grind out A supports in a single battle and rarely need 2, and I've never needed 3 battles for an A support. And if I'm reading the numbers right, the hearts should have stopped by now, but haven't. I'm going to try a third battle tomorrow when I can, but I'm getting worried that I've made a mistake somewhere. Anywho, if anyone here knows more about this, I'd love to hear from you. I'm hoping someone here has done this, can confirm the hearts stop, or give some insight to how many combats are needed, something to help make sense of this. I'd appreciate your help. Thank you for your time.
  5. Ok, this might be odd...... still, I just beat my first run. I was a female Byleth, sided with the Empire, and acheiched S rank with Edelgard. Next run, I pick Golden deer so I can be close to Leonie, figuring I'll marry her this run. I test out buying supports, and I can already S rank with her. I tried it, saved it on another file, reset, and it's in my support log now. Clearly as female Byleth I could not have an S rank with her, so I didn't unlock it before. Is this a glitch of some kind, or is there something at play here? Leonie WAS my closest ally in the last run, so did it unlock her paired ending too? That's my best guess. It will make grinding out all of the S supports easier if I can get two a run. Still, I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, if there's more going on that I know, etc. If someone's figured out how to get three S ranks a run, I'd love to know lol. Thank you for your time. EDIT: To answer the above, while you do need to see the scene with Edelgard, it does NOT need to be the first of the month. Once you see the scene you skip ahead a week and miss some instruction, so I saved it to the last possible week so I wouldn't miss anything. To see this scene, you need to have a support rank with her. I forget if it's C or C+, but I made sure to keep it at the highest possible for the time and it worked fine. Give her gifts, invite to meals, stay near her in battle, etc. Shouldn't be too hard if you actively go after it.
  6. I've not seen anything on the paired endings to my dismay, so I thought I might start collecting them myself. I just find it hard to believe no one's working on collecting them yet. I feel like I have to be missing something, besides the endings lol.
  7. @timonThe Essar research battalion is from the online Liason, doing the recon quests with online travelers. You can do this for free in explore, and after doing it for several weeks (I want to say 6-8) you rewarded with that battalion.
  8. Do we have a list of paired endings yet? I'm slowly nearing the end of my first run, and wondering of the possibilities. Like, can any two people have a paired ending, even if not romantic? Or is there a finite list? I'm really hoping to get Hubert + Shamir an ending this run, but Hubert + Ferdinand are both each other's top 'close ally' and worry that's going to mess things up.
  9. Well, the main site has a list of all the Battalions, though not how to get each specifically. To my knowledge, all of them come from either the Battalion guild shop, quest rewards, and paralogue rewards. I know I've purchased Seiros Pegasus and Empire wyverns from the shop (on Empire path, obviously), and I know the paralogue with Seteth and Flayn gives a wyvern battalion, for example.
  10. I have two questions on my mind, and I was hoping for some feedback. 1) Do we know how paired endings work yet? I've read if you have all your A supports, the game gets weird about pairing some people up. I figured I'd wait to do the A supports for now, but some characters have that weird arrow 'double support' (or whatever it's called) for the A support, like Linhardt and Petra. If I do the first 'A' support, would that influence a paired ending, or would I need the second as well? I'm tempted to do the first one to start building points for the second A support, but don't want to mess around with paired endings yet. Seeing as I how I just hit the time skip on my first run, I figure by the time I get there, someone will have a list of the bloody things done lol. 2). What's a good strategy for renown? I've been spending it on the statues as soon as I can, but I've heard/read you can use renown for NG+ for a LOT of things, skills, ranks, etc. I only have 400 renown saved up, and wondering if it's better to focus on statues, or save for NG+. I only have 400 or so renown left at the moment, and I'm going to be saving it for now. Still, I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on it, if possible. Thank you for your time!
  11. I know I am, and I'm planning several runs to do it. I'm still pre-time skip on my first run, but that's another issue lol. I was wondering if anyone playing this game more than I can had found a good way to go about unlocking all the supports. I'm playing normal mode for the free (and I think unlimited?) battles so I could grind supports easier, but worried about just how easy that will make things (and the game is already pretty easy). I was thinking I'd keep a seperate file just to grind supports on, save, and unlock them that way, but with the time skip in this one I don't think it will work out as I hope. Anywho, just wondering if anyone else had some ideas on to go about it, or how you are going about it, etc. Thanks for your time!
  12. So for my two cents, I decided to try and get all my supports up, and not develop Byleth much. As luck would have it, I managed to get most of the students to a B support in a single month, month 10. In month 11, I had two ask to join, and despite over an hour of save/reset/etc I could not get more than two students ask to join my house in a single month. While it could be RNG, it seems to be a limit of two students asking to join you in a month; if anyone has had more, I'd LOVE to be wrong on that. Asking students to join my house, I was able to recruit Ignatz (I had a C authority skill) but could not recruit anyone else, as most of my skills are E rank. I'm going to try and raise some things to D, see if that helps.
  13. Topic. I'm only on chapter 7 of my first run, and I had three show up: "The Forgotten' with Sylvain "Rumored Nuptials" with Dorothea and Ingrid "Sword and Shield of Seiros" with Alois and Shamir I feel I should note I only have Dorothea and Shamir (Black eagle house) as of yet. I know there are more, and have seen posts on gamefaqs, but don't want to take credit for other people's work. Anyone here working on a list, or can add more? I didn't see any with the search feature, and I admit I was surprised. Anywho, I'll add more and edit as I find more.
  14. So I'm working on supports at my own slow speed, but something I just noticed. I just had my first female Byleth support, with the king of napping himself. and there are dialogue options in it, which surprised me. I make a save to check the support viewer, see how they handle it there, and the viewer seems divided by house affiliation. does that mean if you recruit him to another house, your support with him changes? that would be a crazy amount of supports if true. Has anyone experimented with that yet?
  15. If we get Fire Emblem Warriors 2, what kind of original character(s) would you add?
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