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  1. I admit, I'm curious to what a Whitewings one could be. Let's try... Bracelet of the Pegasus Sisters Soar on, Emblem of Whitewings! Boosts Speed, Dexterity, and Resistance To be different, use their heroes weapons: Whitewing Lance, Whitewing Spear, and Whitewing Blade. The weapons differ in that the use speed, dexterity, or resistance to calculate their damage instead of strength. Be an Emblem that focuses on hitting weak points, getting critical hits. Paralogue map has a lot of options, though my first thought is the 'rescue Est' map vs Grieth from Echoes. Sync Skill: Ride Along: Unit can pickup 'rescue' units, and drop them off as in older games. Engage Attack: Triangle attack, All three sisters attack with all three weapons, landing in a critical hit. Could have a special effect if Minerva ended up getting an Emblem too. Rough ideas, I'm sure someone could refine / do this better.
  2. It's been a while so bear with me, yet where do we get she is the mother of Lugh and Raigh? I remember it being implied - heavily, heavily implied - but was it ever officially confirmed? As to Pherae, if I remember right (again, been a while) I though there was something about Eliwood offering Nino + Jaffar 'a place' there. I assumed it was a place where they would not be wanted by the government or arrested/hunted/charged/etc for crimes committed in the past. As they both clearly have issues with bounty hunters, having the local government not after them too was the incentive. It might actually 'fit' too. If nation X asked Pherae to arrest/extradite these criminals, and Eliwood is like 'nah' then Nation X could only legally use bounty hunters. If you want to stretch here, perhaps Nino (with Erk or Jaffar) start in Pherae, get worried when the first bounty hunters come along, flee north to try and lose their trail (possibly heading to Nabata) and then leave the kids behind to use themselves as bait/distraction to keep the kids safe there. Still, when you think of how many high ranking nobles Nino alone knows from the party, leaving your kids at an orphanage instead of asking Eliwood/Lyn/Pent/etc to look after them is kind of dumb. And if you assume Erk is going to Nabata area, they have to detour farther north than needed to evade bounty hunters. So it CAN work.....if you make a lot of assumptions.
  3. General question, but what kind of weapons do you favor? For a sword user, do you use a silver sword, silver blade, killer sword, levin sword, etc, etc. What is your 'go to' gear, favoring the double power of brave weapons, or the high crits of killer weapons? What kind of staffs do your staff uses carry? Where do you put your engravings!? Nosy minds want to know. What are YOU packing? 😉
  4. Hello there all~! I'm looking into some specific information on supports, and figured I'd try here before making a topic. 1) Do you gain any support from just being on the same map together, or does it need to be an action next to each other? 2) Do some actions give more support than others (teatime, healing with a staff, etc)? 3). Wake up events. If you raise Alear's support with someone (say, Clanne) to level B before seeing both of their C wake up events, can you still see the C rank wake up supports?
  5. I would also ask/wonder if you trying to use new characters or prefer to use favorites. For me, I did not do maddening my first run, as I want to grind supports and stuff. Still, I am planning a maddening run so I track the maddening tips where I can. And from what I've seen, most would suggest using the units joining later with high bases like Kagetsu (on a RNG non-maddening run, he joined with a base total higher than anyone on my team). And being pre promoted, saving a second seal for him and a few bond fragments, you could make him anything from a Hero for some archer/support to a flying unit for mobility, etc. I haven't tested them out yet, but later recruits like Panette, Merrin, Goldmary, Rosado, etc, would likely benefit from this as well. Pairing Lyn with an archer seems a good idea too. Alcryst seems to be to be the best of the bunch for that role. Dancer. Ivy + Hortensia would likely make the cut, for a strong mage and healer. Still, they are not 'mystical' units, so no overlap with magical Anna. I don't know if it would work on maddening yet, but I do wonder how abusing Miciah's great sacrifice would work for grinding exp/SP. I remember Anna's map, the boss did not move, was on a heal tile, and had several emblem energy tiles not far. It was handy for boss abuse, and for quickly recharging Miciah's skill. Again, don't know if it will work on maddening, but something to keep in mind. As for other units, Yunaka seems like one of the better 'early' investments, with how powerful daggers get from forging, covert unit evade bonus, and her personal. You could use someone else as a thief, I suppose, but Yunaka is strong out of the gate, especially with Corrin, as you yourself told me 😉 Before Yunaka, most of the units are HIGHLY vulnerable to RNG, so most tips I've seen are to funnel as much xp as possible to Alear. You get a lot of stats boosters early on (dlc, I think) so pumping them onto Alear could help them survive/solo Maddening's early chapters better. Alfred and Celine are likely the better of the early game units, and Alfred + Sigurd will likely be useful early on. Loius is strong early on, but tends to drop off in maddening. Chloe has uses a flyer, etc. You know this. I may be rambling a bit here, but hopefully something in this mess is useful lol
  6. Sadly, not really. You do get some decent/nice things, but the cost is just far too much for what you get. I'm trying to get a 'perfect' file on a normal run, which means farming gold with Anna to max donations (among other things) and while the stuff is nice, the gold could be better spent elsewhere.
  7. I have seen a lot of builds for Anna, yet I did Berserker on her for the higher STR growth rate. I plan to eventually to go to warrior, but for now, she is surprisingly effective as a Berserker.
  8. If you have multiple mages, consider putting Miciah on Celine early on (before promotions). She has good magic but no staff usage, and Miciah gives her that. Celica can then go to Clanne, Citrine, Mage Anna, etc. And while Sigurd is great for Loius' low movement, don't neglect how insane Sigurd on a mounted unit is. If you need to catch a thief, rescue an ally, etc, the pair can cross some crazy distances. Alcryst Lyn is good as mentioned. I will have to try Corrin Yunaka now 😉
  9. I think it could be interesting that instead of Emblem/ghost people, have books to learn skills from. Have a slot for the 'Strategy of Sigurd,' 'Lessons with Lyn,' 'Marth's Manual' etc. You could study the books, and instead of 'bonds' with the rings, have levels of understanding. You could even have a scene of your character reading, hearing the words of the author, get a tutorial if needed, etc. Depending on how deep you went, you could have a way for a character (say, Alcryst) write a book to teach Luna, or say give options to change class. Maybe loot a book of strategy from an enemy general who doesn't join, but you can learn their special skill from their writings. You could even blur lines with a book of a 'fictional' war hero for in the game lore, and have it be the Art of War. If you double down on this, you could do really weird cross over stuff, like a book from Link that taught his 'spin in a circle' move that does (X). It would never happen, but I'd buy that DLC lol. For the 'engage' part of the emblems, I think it would make sense to make it a morale system. Start off with high morale, it goes down, you can increase it by doing well in battle, etc. You could potentially tie this to battalions again, even.
  10. I'm struggling with this idea too. I picked normal for my first run, as my thought was I wanted to train a lot of characters in a lot of classes, and it would need the grinding of normal to test out builds. And yet... I'm struggling to make class changing useful on most units. I've not found any hidden builds as I had hoped. The best use I can see if getting higher growths if you are trying to max stats, and that's kinda a niche use. Hopefully some others can suggest better ideas than I. I'll be tracking in hopes of that.
  11. Heh, quoted twice in one topic. Look at me moving up in the world lol. (cough) Yes, you could - in theory - continue to reclass over and over until you gained max stats. This does require you to find ways to get the exp to do so, however, and that can be easier said than done, especially in maddening. Ironically, maxing stats is easier on normal, where the higher stats are overkill. (and I was just quoted a third time while typing this?! Clearly this is my maddening mode lol)
  12. It may not be much, but when it comes to exp, I feel every bit helps. On Maddening mode where it's harder to grind, 20% more exp for nearly the entire game (if you get it early) stacks up. If you have a normal file and trying to reclass over and over to max stats, it speeds things up. It may not be as broken as in PoR, but as it's the only exp up skill we have here, I feel it's at least worth considering.
  13. I do have the DLC, and gave Tiki to Alear for dragon changing fun early on. And I think it's chapter 8 where there is a line like 'can I change into a dragon too?" with no mention to the Tiki transformation stuff.
  14. If you have the DLC, Edelgard's Lineage and Tiki's Starsphere increase EXP and improve your level up gains if you are going to be grinding/max stats. You can stack skills granting a stat; two avoid increasing skills on a high avoid character can get nuts, for example. Skills like Canter, Dual Strike, Vantage+, and Reposition increase your options and can change your tactics.
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