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  1. its a video game forum. i've been part of the FE community and forums since FE7 came out in the US, times have changed but its fundamentally the same as its always been.
  2. just beat the main game yesterday, overall a really good kirby game for single player, and it probably would have also made a decent co-op experience. a bit disappointed with the copy abilities, most of them only had 2-3 different ways to use them which is a bit boring, but I can see the translation from 2d attacks to 3d attacks was the main reason for that. overall well done though.
  3. i disagree, any character you actively use is s tier because you choose to use them.
  4. a member of the opposite sex is just a person with a different perspective than you. you can have conflict based on misunderstandings with anyone, you're just more likely to make a bigger deal about it if it was someone of the opposite sex because you may have considered them a potential partner before the misunderstanding. so yeah, people are people like dark holy elf said.
  5. wait youre right, bartre is good i wouldnt have my dearest fir without him
  6. its pretty tough to get people together to play a board game. ive only played risk:game of thrones recently and thats only because it was a christmas gift ( so "recently" was 7 months ago). but its a neat platform for risk. been a while since ive played anything else gloomhaven does look like it has potential though
  7. instinct is the only real team, all other teams are worthless also ive never played pokemon go, i just liked instinct from the memes and stuff
  8. it was a scare tactic. similar to an army (cant remember which) dressing up prisoners as soldiers and having them slit their own throats, charging at the enemy naked would show their fearlessness. i believe it. i meant to quote/reply to dude but i clicked yours instead
  9. if youre looking for another celestial event, the perseid meteor shower is next weekend
  10. parlez vous nope, nova in spanish means... nova "no va" would mean "it doesnt go," but i really cant see a native speaker misinterpreting that. theyre not the same. this sounds like one of those stories a foreign language teacher would tell you to help you remember the meaning of a word.
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