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  1. I have updated sets for my best boys. Barst: https://imgur.com/a/tVy7RNv Zelgius: https://imgur.com/a/JoCK7EV Speed and defense memes
  2. Nice! Congrats on all of those feathers! I should have done that too. I forgot I had more than one Lyon. I'm happy to hear that Barst appeared to crush those level 1s. I think? No shout outs to anyone at SF yet again lol. Good game to all competitors.
  3. Barst has been +10 for months now but the recent completion of Zelgius reminded me to post here. https://imgur.com/a/nc7wZJq Here is my best boy, Barst. I knew I wanted to get him to +10 once feathers actually started existing. He was my first axe user (and like all of my brave users at the beginning, -attack). I happily merged that mess into a +attack -resistance copy but then regretted it when it became apparent that he was too easily bodied by Reinhardt. At one point I used +defense -HP as the base to get rid of the resistance bane. I believe it was around that time I decided to bite the bullet and give him distant counter. I was worried that he wouldn't put distant counter to good use but he does a fine job with it. I don't regret the investment; he is my go to unit when it comes to clearing challenges. I ended up settling for +speed -HP but the ideal boy is +attack -HP. One day... http://imgur.com/gtrviKi I wasn't expecting to get Zelgius to +10. I halfheartedly decided to snipe reds for him whenever he appeared as a focus unit. I thought +10 best armor boy was a pipe dream (especially) after that nightmare banner he shared with Celica but on his following focus banner I got five or six of him pretty quickly. It more than made up for the previous banner! I stopped summoning on that banner at +9 because I figured I'd eventually get pity broken by him and I don't have need for fierce stance or panic ploy. I got his final copy as a free pull on the voting gauntlet banner! I'm mostly satisfied with his current build; not too fussed about giving him bold fighter. If I ever get close defense fodder or more distant defense fodder then I'll probably swap one of them in. I prefer using him to kill things dead on enemy phase (Grima is permanently wearing the fashionable boots) so they're a perfect fit. I did sacrifice a stray Grima to give him vengeful fighter so it is an even trade. I'm swimming in Roys so he might be the next to get to +10 but I'm trying to get Lukas there first.
  4. Oh hey that's great! I hope he is doing well. I'm always hoping for someone from here but I keep getting a Zelgius, Amelia, and Sigurd from arena friends this time around. I got Sheena mixed in last round but she has been swapped for Amelia. Zelgius and Sigurd are my constant companions. They're both bonkers so the red heavy team usually doesn't matter so much.
  5. Glad you got a good ranking and glad to hear Barst showed up for you! It really does; here's hoping I get def/res link fodder to help him make better use of it. 50 defense and 33 resistance on enemy phase with close defense/distant defense backed by 52 HP is pretty tanky! Unfortunately I didn't get any of your units. Only random arena allies appeared for me throughout the entire gauntlet. I guess my friend roster is getting too bloated lol. Good game to team Gunnthra!
  6. https://imgur.com/a/z18dFwZ Oh? Has Alfonse caught Tharja's eye? Clearly she intends to snare whatever prey she's hunting with her two cupids; one is to wound the poor creature in case the love arrows keep missing. Alfonse is dying but I live for his multipliers. Victory feathers would be a sweet bonus, especially after missing out the last two rounds.
  7. Gunnthra has demonstrated that she doesn't care about the weapon triangle; she's clearly bringing guns to these sword fights. I can't abide by cheaters so I've joined team Alfonse. I might actually get a chance to use the 1600 saved flags saved from the previous round and this round's flags during multiplier hours. Good luck to both teams!
  8. Well fought, team Ike. Good job to team Gunnthra! Robin lost, Ike lost... I'm a refugee this time around. I don't know which team would be willing to grant me asylum; surely my joining them would lead to their destruction. I'm leaning more toward Alfonse so I can be lazy and leave Barst as my lead. If I go to Gunnthra I'll probably put up Zelgius. Unfortunately I didn't get anyone from here as an ally this round; I was mostly stalked by an Ayra, Sigurd, and Winter Tharja from arena buddies. Maybe next time.
  9. Accepted! Good game team, too bad we lost. Going to support Ike this time, if anyone wants to add me then please feel free to do so! Still leading with Barst, 9346382259.
  10. I ultimately want to support Ike but I figured that could wait until the final round because the multipliers on team Ike would likely be few and far between. I expected that Ike would have a much larger team than Grima, what with Ike being a free unit and also being, well, Ike. Well shoot, I guess i'm being punished for thinking of feathers before muscles. Victory feathers would be a nice consolation prize to make up for the less than expected amount of multiplier hours. Oh well, if Ike makes it to the next round I'm joining him. If anyone would like to add me then I am happy to accept. My ID is 9346382259. Please let me know if you send a request so I can know you're from here. I pretty much always have Barst as my lead but I can send out other colors if needed. Good luck everyone!
  11. Ah, thank you! I guess I will go with bolster and something like rainstorm as a filler until I get better skills for those characters.
  12. I'm glad to hear it! I first filled my brigades with dc everything but then I realized that I needed some snipers to get through infernal. I can clear infernal sometimes but most times I end up getting blocked by a sea of enemies or having the misfortune of especially problematic units spawning on the base. Generally that means a wary fighter armor but it depends on which of my units make it to the end. I believe attacking the 3 HP enemy base once results in a higher score than a perfect lunatic clear (which I don't always get anyway) so I think it is worth the risk. Don't worry about what you have to offer, I have a friend on my list with a level 1+1 four star Lukas so I don't mind.
  13. I appreciate the response. I guess I will put amped on everything then.
  14. Is it better to go with amped or bolster for dealing more damage? I am not sure how much the raw stat increase is worth compared to whatever bolster does.
  15. Sorry to hear that. Here's hoping that your team does really well in the last round. As for my team this round, team Sharena just gave up. You'd think we'd be able to defend our one tile and maybe take another but it is like team Anna and Alfonse made a pact to barely attack each other and destroy us in order to guarantee they both get a good amount of the map. I know how that is bro. I wouldn't be surprised if less than ten people actually participated on my realm's team Sharena in the last few rounds. There really was no incentive to put effort into battling the sea of red and green because we couldn't secure a foothold. Anna was constantly one upping any contributions we made; it was pretty much an exercise in futility. This is a great way to improve the current system they have going. If they're going to hand out rewards based on the amount of nodes then the losing team(s) need a safeguard put in place so they have a chance to get their bearings and funnel their resources into claiming other territories instead of defending their own. The other two teams never really have a reason to make a concerted effort of going after each other when one team is clearly easy pickings. I think they should scrap the reward for territories or not make the gap so large (maybe something like 5000 feathers for participating a certain amount and 100 feathers per territory?) so that the active players on losing teams don't feel so shafted. Final results: Tragic, a vicious beating. In the end Anna chose feathers and broke her agreement with Alfonse, taking three of his territories. She was nice enough to cede the territory to the right of our base to him. I actually laughed when I saw the sacred coin reward. One? Seriously? I mean it's better than nothing but... Ha!
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