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  1. Really pointless error to point out, but on Lyn's average stats page, at level 3 (unpromoted), her HP value should be 17.4 not 17.5.
  2. Mwahahaha! We are of the ranks of people so devoted to being a Tales fan that we make our name on a Fire Emblem Forum a Tales Character!

  3. I'm sorry to let you down, I mostly lurk now, and even then not all too often. But hey, I never removed the part from my signature. I actively support out group in that sense.
  4. Well, I just noticed that on Mia's FE10 average stats, when she caps defense 3rd tier, her defense growth was not taken out of the Stat Ups. It would be good to take the .40 off from all of the values from when she caps (at level 11) on. Just doing my civic duty.
  5. I spend more time playing RPG's than Brawl, but I still play it when RPG's are out of the question. Not that that happens often. But it is definitely more fun to play with other people.
  6. You never watched the Ocean's movies? Wow.
  7. Umm, yes there is. If you want to go under the stage as part of your recovery, it is advantageous to retain your jumps and UpB, in case you mess up in grabbing the other side, or it is a retarded edge, because some edges are hard to grab. Besides, you could also UpB whilst gliding, which could stall enough to throw off an edgeguarding foe. Ultimately, why should you make yourself more vulnerable than neccessary? You can jump out of a manual glide, you go into fall mode out of an UpB-ed glide.
  8. Well in the first 10 seconds, clearly says he is about "kicking ass, taking ass, and making ass." But yes, if he finds out about what you have done, he'll challenge you to a game of Wii Fit, and if you lose, you'll die.
  9. DoR is definitely more balanced, I give it that. But AWDS was my favorite, and I consider myself to have spent more time on it than any other game. I spent countless hours creating maps for it. But actual play time, it falls short of SSBM and ToS.
  10. Not just first, but only. It was a really good game, and if the newer Pokemon console games were like it, I'd actually play them.
  11. As a Meta-Knight main, I can say gliding is REALLY useful. His glide attack is one of his better knockback and % dealing moves, especially since you can UpB then glide attack your foe. Glide attacking is soo useful. Think of gliding and glide attacking as an extension of getting on the stage, except when you glide attack, you don't have the lag like a ledge attack. And you can fly over your opponents. And if you want, you can go under some stages, which is a basic mindgame. Charizard should use gliding solely for recovering, he is too slow to use it as part of his attack strategy, and his glide attack simply doesn't work. Pit, well he isn't as good at gliding as Meta-Knight, but I guess you could use it offensively, though from what I've seen his glide attack is ok at best. I don't play Pit if I can avoid it, so I don't really know how to play him. His recovery is already insane, so he doesn't need gliding, but you could use gliding to mix up your recovery a little. Meta-Knight, again, his glide attack is useful, and it's easy to start gliding, and yeah, Meta-Knight is the fastest glider. And besides, once you have mastered gliding, you can have fun with it and do tricks. Then your friends, if they are a glide-capable character will try to copy you, and fall to their deaths, since they don't main gliders. Gliding is useful, that's my opinion! (I also think it is fun)
  12. Yeah, that was about what went through my head when I saw this thread. I was wondering if someone had resurrected Meteor's, but then I saw Knife was the instigator topic creator. Why does this make me laugh?
  13. I swear Sakura told us "If you aren't a 1337 Japanese man like me, then press start, and I'll tell you where the heck you are supposed to go." in one of the updates, so I knew about it. Besides, it was mostly run around like a maniac until you get back to start, then pause to figure out where you haven't been yet. I think I beat all but like 4 of the battles my first time around the loop though. There was one battle I forgot to get, because I ate breakfast and forgot I skipped the door, and the other few were somewhere random that I didn't find, like the top of the mountain. But yeah, it was a blast.
  14. So this is what they were talking about on Eggman's theme song from Sonic Adventure 2. You know "I am the Eggman, that's who I am. I am the Eggman, I've got the master plan!" The world makes so much sense now!
  15. I changed the control settings on Wiimote and Wiimote & Nunchuk settings, when all I ever use is a Gamecube controller. I'm shocked more people don't alter controls. When my friends and I got Brawl, the first thing we did was make names and go turn tap-jumping off. Then we had our first match. Seriously, tap-jumping is the worst thing ever. Though if anyone tries to use my name with a non-gamecube controller, they are doomed. I changed almost everything about the Wiimote with and without the Nunchuk. I have the B button set to jump on Wiimote held sideways, heh. But yeah, I listen to music, and since I didn't understand what the deflicker changed, I just left it, not that Sakurai knows what is best, but I decided to trust him with this one.
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