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  1. I got four colorless and one red orbs, meaning no green that I wanted (so many greens that I wanted), so I pulled a colorless. Halloween Jakob. Literally the only one that I already had and did not want. Here's hoping I can get a red orb next week (doubt it).
  2. Started with Therion, and maybe I'm just a scrub, but Aeber's Reckoning is crazy good. I made sure to get him the Warrior's Surpassing Power and with Primrose on my main team buffing him he does 20k-25k to bosses and if random battles are going too long, i.e. if Primrose!Scholar doesn't flush them out, I just use Therion to mop things up. I took way too long to get Alfyn (2nd to last of my ch1 runs), Concoct is broken and Rehabilitate granting status immunity is something I didn't realize I wanted in a status cleansing ability until now. Running Therion!Merchant or Hunter as needed, Primrose!Scholar, Alfyn!Warrior or Cleric as needed. The forth slot as filler for completing chapters. I used to run H'aanit, but Provoke is just too labor intensive to be worth it when Olberic exists; and Ophilia, but she is so underwhelming I may as well give Cleric to someone else, like Tressa, and not really lose anything, and Primrose overlaps her skill, with the best NPCs being worth the risk often enough. Having both Steal and Purchase at a time hasn't been a drag, if anything I often end up bringing Tressa when Steal doesn't get the job done (i.e. the 3%-8% or 0% rates). Scrutinize is so blatantly inferior to Inquire, as the failure chance isn't worth the risk unless it's for the weapons/armor stock, which there is no way to know in advance without a guide.
  3. Funny how Kliff and Tobin are basically flipped in recommendations. You say final guides, so I'm guessing, from reading them, that Gray should just be a mercenary. No need for a whole guide just to say he's a worse choice in everything but merc. I suppose.
  4. I figured Tobin was a solid mage by virtue of early Excalibur, but I didn't think that it would actually push him into the best spot. Really cool! These are awesome guides by the way. The villager and forging ones especially.
  5. Ah, that's where it is. Thanks. That's pretty disappointing though.
  6. I don't know if this has been asked before, but with Villager's Fork being available and all, is there data for all the character's spell lists? We have, of course the villager and dread fighter's lists, and even the cleric alt spells for female mages, though not the other way around.
  7. I went in, but Niles wasn't listed. Did it not update in time?
  8. Does anyone have a Niles with Pass? Odd request, I know.
  9. I played up to 1-2 last night, and so far the hack is great! Though, will the hotfix patch be fine with an existing file, or will a reset be needed? And this is me being curious if it's possible for now, for talk/interact to not end turns. I have to admit the sheer amount of conversations in the game make that feature sound nice. Anyway, I've been looking forward to this release since I read TheMoniker's play of the previous patch.
  10. I'm surprised no one seems to have pointed out how in the last few trailers Gladion is striking a very "stay my sword hand" pose with a little "aching blood."
  11. 16789-26860-46644-03665 (NA) I swap my characters a lot, but the current ones are Agent (BR, Oni Savage, +Spe/-Res), Elios (CQ, Troubador, +Mag/-Res), and Tex (Rev, Spear Fighter, +Mag/-Res). Probably going to do most of my visiting with Agent unless someone posts for a different class/version.
  12. One more vote for Laslow. Having played with both Corrins, he was one of the few characters, girls included, that didn't make me regret my choice (because MyRoom lines). I was very disappointed by Odin and Takumi (though Corrin!Ophelia is an amazing Nohr Noble if you can get over Corrin being awful to Odin =/ ).
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