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  1. For Linhardt I understand, I'm not really attracted to him but that could change after the time skip, especially if he either A. Gets a haircut or B. Let's his hair down and pulls off the 'Soren' look. Both Alois and Gilbert though were very unexpected but I actually am pretty happy with the inclusion of Alois, he's very much my type, I just hope the writing for the S support makes sense and Byleth doesn't become some kind of homewrecker with daddy issues. Gilbert on the other hand was a bit of a disappointment for me since I would've vastly preferred Claude over him and it would've made a lot more sense but eh, it is what it is I suppose. At this point I just hope the writing for the supports is good and who knows, maybe there will be more S supports included in DLC or in an update. It's hard to say... My dreams for Ashe were quickly dashed but not Caspar too~ TT.TT
  2. Managed to get Lucina on my first pull somehow, got a 4-star Catria and passed on Luna to Lucina. Probably gonna try another pull next week and see if I can get Chrom but I'm pretty happy regardless. Also managed to pull a 5-star Ogma which was a bit surprising but pretty neat. 75 gems (+5 that I had already) spent in total. Also how can people tell what stats are their +/-? I think my Lucina has +atk but I'm not sure.
  3. I don't know if anyone has brought it up yet but I suspect there to be at least one or two original characters for said game. I mean this is just based off of what they did with Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes but who knows, the FE series certainly has enough characters to easily create a full and diverse cast so maybe not. Though if there was an OC/MC of some sort I could see them getting various costumes/outfits of other FE characters that aren't in the game to maybe kind of make up for their lack of playability.
  4. Name: Gabriel ID: 7167272549 Edit: For those wondering you can greet friends daily which earns you feathers that can be used to awaken your units potential (upgrade them for a 2-star -> 3-star unit or a 3-star -> 4-star unit, etc.)
  5. Welp I missed a few days but my final vote goes to Micaiah and with that my list is officially 1. Soren 2. Sothe 3. Kyza 4. Gareth 5. Mordecai 6. Gatrie 7. Rolf 8. Tormod 9. Mist 10. Micaiah I decided to make it easy on myself and just give all of my votes to original PoR characters but in their RD forms, aside from Micaiah who I threw in there at the end because she actually made it on the list and I wouldn't mind seeing her get a bit higher up.
  6. Well I might throw in a vote for Micaiah now seeing as nobody I wanted is gonna make the cut (which I already kind of figured). A bit sad neither Sothe nor Soren made it anywhere up there but I suppose with the popularity surrounding FE Fates and Awakening as well as many of the Lords from previous games it makes sense.
  7. So far my list is 1. Soren 2. Sothe 3. Kyza 4. Gareth 5. Tormod 6. Rolf 7. Edward 8. Leonardo 9. Pelleas 10. Boyd 11. Gatrie 12. Mordecai The first 6 are pretty much guaranteed though the other 6 might be changed to someone else. Either a different RD character or if we're going by characters from other FE games I also love Brady, Gregor, (Lon'qu and Owain are already confirmed so eh), Benny, Keaton, Saizo, Henry, Shura, Silas, Kiragi, Kana (M), Morgan (M), Cormag, Ross, Colm, Gerik, Jaffar, Mathew, Nils, Raven, Wil, Chad, Lugh (Raigh was already confirmed and I need my orphan trio), Wolt, Zeiss, Gordin, Merric, Radd, ugh there are just so many characters to choose from. I also love many of the female characters as well, don't get me wrong, but I am a bit biased seeing as I'm gay and more interested in the male characters, I know I'm trash. I would also love to see more villains/enemies though like Ashnard, Petrine, Linus, Lloyd, Zephiel, Sonia, Limstella, Ephidel, Selena, Shiharam (Jill's dad who isn't even an option in the polls, sad day) or even the goddesses Ashera/Ahunera, Yune, Naga, etc. Also characters who don't get a ton of screen time and then die or go away like Greil, Leila or Glen.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. True, that part was strange and didn't really make a whole lot of sense. As I said there were definitely some bad parts in Conquest and it wasn't the strongest story of the three but I just didn't see why so many were focusing on Corrin/Cheve or why people think it's terrible. I just feel it gets an unnecessary amount of hate/criticism, not that I view criticism as a bad thing by any means it's just that some of it feels unjustified. But going back to the whole Azura scene I guess even if she had shown it off to your Nohrian siblings (who weren't there at the time) along with you there's no guarantee that they would've all believed you, unless you convinced them to follow you into the other world then maybe. But even if they were to believe you what then? They would still be in the middle of a war, confronting Garon at that point would put Nohr at a huge risk from an attack from Hoshido and even after taking over Nohr, Hoshido would still have to be dealt with in some form or another. It's doubtful that they all would just roll over and be cool with ending the war right then and there, your Hoshidan siblings might agree but the tension between the people of Nohr and the people of Hoshido would still be there and would still be strong (which isn't to say it isn't there/strong in Revelations but you slowly work through that tension throughout the story as both sides work together to fight the same force). This is my reasoning as to how one might explain the reason behind this scene anyway. In all honesty though both Conquest and Birthright are fairly pointless except for enhancing the experience of Revelations and thus the experience of Fates as a whole as Revelations proves that the war between the two countries could've been prevented through the actions of Corrin and Azura simply revealing the truth to the rest of the world more or less from the get go. And thus why it is pretty much the canon route and the other two are simply side routes meant to be different experiences with elements that tie into the canon story.
  10. People seem to be focusing a lot on Cheve and painting Corrin in a bad light. Corrin's plan at Cheve was basically to do what they did to the Ice tribe and that is convince them that there was an alternative, that Nohr could be changed for the better. Takumi is partially to blame in ruining this as he instigated the fight and shut down the negotiations immediately by firing arrows upon Corrin and their sisters, of course he wasn't in his right mind at the time but it still threw a huge wrench into the plan. Corrin still wanted to resolve the rebellion peacefully however, so they decided to make sure that nobody would get killed and that way they could discuss things afterwards and come to an understanding like they did with the Ice Tribe. However this was screwed up by Hans who was ordered to kill all of the villagers by King Garon himself, Corrin couldn't do anything but watch as doing anything else would've gotten them killed/hunted down by Garon and thus ruin any chance of Nohr becoming a changed country. Also Corrin would've probably done something had Camilla not been there to remind them what the consequences of going against Garon would be. Corrin is not wholly to blame because in reality Corrin at this point in the story is powerless to do anything against Garon, not to mention the whole thing about Garon being a monster hasn't been revealed yet. Had they fought against Hans/stopped Hans Garon would know and their siblings would be powerless to save them, they would be forced to either escape or die and then what? They couldn't return to Hoshido because while their siblings in Hoshido might've let them come back the people would not agree with the decision and might even turn against the siblings as some had already done so once to kidnap and try and kill Azura. Plus who of Corrin's party would even choose to stay with them after being exiled by Nohr aside from Silas, Jakob/Felicia, Azura and maybe a few of the siblings? No they would be in a terrible spot to act at this point, in Revelations it works because you don't pick a side, you learn the whole story from Azura right from the get go and you're able to slowly convince both sides into joining your cause by revealing to them the truth. But in conquest you had already picked a side and to go back on it now wouldn't make any sense, plus if they had gone back on it then the story would pretty much be forced to become Revelations in order to even end on a relatively good note and then what would even be the point of having Revelations as a third campaign? The only way Corrin can act against Garon from the inside is by working to gain the man's trust so as not to have his entire army be sent after them, while doing so Corrin can end conflicts in their own way, peacfully, in a manner that gains the people's trust and thus unites them around Corrin giving them more and more power until the point where they are able to finally make a stand against Garon and change the country from within as is the whole premise of Conquest. Even when being forced to invade Hoshido to remain on Garon's good side Corrin does their darndest to end things as peacefully as possible unless forced to do otherwise, always telling their troops to try and not kill the Hoshidan soldiers and so on. It's these actions that convince Kaze to join Corrin's cause and slowly convinces their Hoshidan siblings that there is another way to go about this war even if towards the end only two of them fully realize this. Personally I don't see it as a bad story, maybe not the best of the three but it's good and the characters themselves are amazing which more than make up for the bad parts in my opinion. I love both Conquest and Birthright and Fire Emblem in general so perhaps some parts of my view are a bit biased but I honestly found the story to be quite enjoyable and engaging and I can't wait for Revelations to fill in that missing gap because really it's about the experience of all three as a whole that makes Fates so great.
  11. If you don't mind spoilers watch this and skip to 30:20 http://www.gamespot.com/videos/now-playing-fire-emblem-fates/2300-6429435/ (or just watch the whole thing as there are a few different parts where voice clips play) Then watch this and skip to 28:50 I dunno about you but to me that's Dark Pit right there.
  12. I don't think this is the full list, and if it is then there are probably some aliases involved because I'm 99.99% sure Antony Del Rio is the voice of Silas. Like I'm comparing their voices now via a past FE:Fates livestream and an interview involving Antony Del Rio himself and it is dead on, at least imo.
  13. 1. Leo 2. Ryouma 3. Sakura 4. Takumi 5. Xander 6. Elise 7. Hinoka 8. Camilla
  14. Hm I see, well that is interesting and it does give the name a bit more credit but I still can't look at it and see anything but an English name. I don't hate it by any means I just think if they really wanted to change it (which I don't think was necessary) they could've picked something better but eh, it is what it is. As for Caeldori I think the main gripe is that it just sounds/looks weird, I mean Joker might not have been a great name in terms of an actual name but as a nickname it worked perfectly for him and could be easily interpreted as just that, a nickname. Plus it just roles off the tongue better than Caeldori, hell I'm not even sure I'm pronouncing it right when I say it to myself (I say it like Kail-dory). Also thinking about this topic matter some more I'm not incredibly fond of Effie/Elfie's name either in both the English and Japanese versions. It was always just kinda 'meh' to me. As for the whole shortening of the names bit, yea that sucks but at least they still sound more or less the same, at least when concerning characters like Subaki and Saizo. They don't look as good but as long as they're pronounced relatively the same then I don't really mind. In the case of Hana again it kinda sucks and brings me back to my earlier gripe with Kaden sounding too American/Nohrian (granted it depends on how you pronounce Hana, if you say it like Hawn-uh instead of Hannah then not so much) but at the same time it can be seen as a nickname so it's not terrible, not great (in my eyes) but certainly not terrible. I dunno, obviously there are some things I won't like and some things I will like concerning the localization though either way I'm certain I will still enjoy the game, these are just some of my minor gripes is all.
  15. Nishiki -> Kaden is probably my only real big gripe with the name changes. I mean it went from a Hoshidan/Japanese name to a Nohr/English one. At least the other characters names on the Hoshido side still sound Japanese. But whatever, like others have said I'm sure I'll get used to it in time. :\
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