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  1. Revenge…revenge… *A dramatization of what Wraith went through on that harrowing day after seeing the trailer for TMS # FE*
  2. Squilla gustus imperatoris pro peccatis nostris mortuus est. Vae victis!
  3. En un sueño, en una visión de la noche, cuando el sueño profundo cae sobre los hombres, en adormecimientos sobre la cama; Entonces abre los oídos de los hombres, y sella su instrucción, Para apartar al hombre de su propósito, Y esconder del hombre la soberbia. El guarda su alma de la fosa, Y su vida de perecer a espada.
  4. Der heulende Mann hört nicht auf zu heulen!!! Mae gremlin ar dammit adain yr awyren!!! دعني اخرج! دعني اخرج!
  5. 私の脳はもはや現実を制御できません。
  6. Wait…what? But, but I thought Shrimp-kun hated Fates!?! And he’s praising it!?! Which means…WHICH [email protected]$…!!!
  7. I fear that the biggest criticism of Engage will be the fact that it’s supposed “back to basics” philosophy will negatively impact the story and characters. Everything from the trailer just screams “simplified” to me (ie Fell Dragon is the main antagonist, a seemly straight forward story, villains possibly having their own set of Emblem rings etc) to the point that it feels like the most Fire Emblem FE game ever. It seems to just tick all the FE trope boxes without seemly bringing anything interesting to the table. The Emblem Rings really just feel like fan service and an excuse to bring back characters whom the player already has an investment in due to playing the previous games. When Marth showed up in the trailer I was surprised that no one was there pointing at him saying “Look guys it’s Marth! You remember him right?”. Also the art style feels more like the Tales of series or the latter day Trails series instead of Fire Emblem. I could be 100% wrong and I pray to the Emperor I am, but my gut is telling me otherwise.
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