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  1. …The mill of God may churn slowly, but it churns non the less. If Engage has done anything it has made me appreciate Dune, The Book of the Sun and The Coldfire Trilogy even more.
  2. Wait you’re playing the original Gaiden? Well best of luck to you Rubenio.
  3. Oh there’s a reason it’s there. You’ll just have to beat the game first to find out what it is.
  4. Then why make it a thing though? As much has I hate FF X Tidus breing a fish out water like Alear was used for more then just exposition. Tidus was unaccustomed to many of Spira’s customs and it’s religion which played a huge part in his awkwardness around people, his growth as a character and how he was able to inspire his allies into fighting against their false religion. It should have been utilized more, especially seeing that while Tidus was in a brand new world, he still had all his previous memories and experiences to draw upon, unlike Alear.
  5. Well since you stated your opinion I suppose I should expand upon mine. Pros: The graphics, gameplay and music are pretty good. I enjoyed the emblem gameplay, but didn’t like how the game stripped you of then halfway through. IS might as well have written “buy the expansion pass which will give you emblem bracelets which aren’t taken away from you” because that how I felt while playing it. Cons: While the characters overall are likable I felt that they were horribly underdeveloped. While there was at least a few instances where I almost got interest in them (Diamant and Alcryst when you first meet them) none of them ever really come together in the end. Both Diamant and Alcryst ceased being interesting after Chapter 10, and it really feels like many of the non-main royal characters could have been given more screen time but weren’t. The supports are not great either. There are a few that do give the characters some backstory but I never felt that they progressed much further then the few characteristics that one sees from normally interacting with them. The villains are at best dumb as dirt and at worst horrifically underdeveloped. As for the story, I’ve probably never seen a more boring story told as ineptly in my entire life, and I’ve read Bram Stocker’s The White Worm! Moments that should be impactful lack any sort of punch due to how underdeveloped everything in the plot is. Outside of Solm I felt like all the kingdoms were greatly undeveloped, and I hardly got a sense of who it’s people were or why I should care about them. Lythos was easily the worst due to feeling like less of a kingdom and more like a castle in a field populated by like five people at most. Plus there are a crapload of plot holes and things that are left unexplained, such as: And are the one’s I can come up with off the top of my head. As for Alear, I just don’t know what they where trying to do with them. It’s established early on that Alear is a bit awkward around people due to being a fish out of water in this new age they find themselves in and are sacred of the Corrupted. However after the first few chapters Alear is speaking to people with no difficulty or awkwardness and outside of being mentioned a few times, especially in Diamant’s C support, the being scared of the Corrupted is never brought up or shown to have any negative effect on Alear in the story. Alear being worshipped as a god was easily the most interesting narrative conceit but again outside of Ivy and Pandoro, nobody seems to treat Alear like one. Instead it feels more like Alear is a celebrity and people are surprised to see/meet them. When Alear is talking to ordinary people shouldn’t they be in awe of him? Even in a place like Solm which isn’t really religious, shouldn’t it be consider a big deal that a GOD is talking to you? It would be like if a Christian met Jesus Christ, was surprised at first and then proceeded to have a normal discussion with him like nothing is amiss or that this meeting isn’t one of the most significant events in their life. You’re literally talking to the being you worship and pray to everyday! I can buy Alear’s allies being more casual with them after getting to know them, but the first meetings and interactions with everyday people lack any sort of gravitas or impact the way they should. If Alear is treated more like a celebrity and less like a god, why make them a deity in the first place? Just make Alear the legendary hero who defeated Sombron and important dragon prince in the world. That way people’s reactions would make more sense and the shock of meeting Alear would be more in line with what the game is constantly showing the player.
  6. Alright, I’m morbidly curious, why do you think it’s the best FE?
  7. That ineffable feeling you get when you’ve put Engage to the sword and can go back to reading your books:
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