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  1. Well, it's certainly been like several days since my last update. I'd have an excuse, but I don't. So, rather than dwell on my failures for non-existant scheduling, let's get right back into the swing of things. LAST TIME ON CHAOS MODE: Thank you Narrator as always you've been a huge help
  2. Weapons have been changed especially in later chapters. And I'm pretty sure that swords still hit defense unless it's the light brand and rune sword? Yes Yes there is And it gives me more anxiety about using Lowen than I probably should have over a 2014 fe7 hack
  3. Matthew may or may not be useful in these coming chapters depending on how much skill and speed he gets. Then again, there might also be something that just ruins that entirely. Don't worry, the game is luck based at all. Klok said so. Especially when your lord gets screwed over. Yeah if this keeps up the first sign of afa's drops i get go straight to him. LAST TIME: Hector and Matthew went on a merry little adventure in which we discovered swords are made of lightning and everything that's made of iron is practically garbage. THIS TIME: Thank you narrator as always you've been a huge help
  4. 3 speed, yet 9 defense and 22 hp. surprisingly bulky, but that's hector in the base game too. LAST TIME ON FE7 CHAOS MODE: several cringe worthy moments, including myself THIS TIME: actual gameplay!
  5. Oh boy! It's time for another rousing let's play of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Bla- Except it isn't. Back in July of 2014, a hack was released to the general public by known unknown user 'Klokinator', titled simply as 'FE7 Chaos Mode'. Advertised as a difficulty hack, but with a twist; randomized classes, stats, and weapon properties. To quote the thread, 'The difference is no longer a measly 2 might and 10 hitrate per weapon tier, its now any combination between 1-3 range, 0-20 might, effective bonuses, weapon uses, WEXP, and a host of other things.' And that's just weapons, alone. Which is probably why I don't see anyone talk about this hack, anymore. On top of several other reasons, which all pile up to create a pretty telling example of what some have thought of difficulty in Fire Emblem, assuming that this hacks difficulty is at all comprehensible in TYOOL 2019. On top of all this, Klokinator advertised several other key features of this hack, such as ' hilarious trolling moments and wicked surprises to piss just about everyone off ' and ' ridiculous difficulty that is not based on being boring like increasing enemy stats ' while stating that ' savestates are almost required, I'm fairly certain that RNG abuse is NOT.' I could go on a whole gagglefuck of a tirade on that alone, but instead, let's take a look at this time capsule of a product.
  6. I've never done it legitimately. Years ago, a friend came over and did the Master Hand glitch for that event. Despite trying back in (i think) 2016, I still couldn't beat it.
  7. I got an error using the patch with Archs synch patch. [7:56:14 PM] An error has occurred: xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT Does this mean the Rom is invalid? Or is it something else?
  8. Elaine opened up her locker, again, and took out her phone, headphones and all. She put back on her button-up shirt, placed the device back in the breast-pocket, and looked back towards Aliza, and called out to her. But there was no response. Aliza seemed off in her own little world, and left Elaine to just stand there, silent and awkward. The entire social mood of the beach had been ruined, thanks to two Apotheosis Lieutenants crashing the party. No one had been hurt, save for Elaine getting pinged in the head by Tarquin, but this already made the entire base unsafe to stay in. What was meant to be a place to get a breather now felt dangerous, unsafe, and it left Elaine tense. And angry. Elaine slammed her fist into the locker door. She had just gotten herself to calm down, to relax after the many days of anxiety that had been slowly driving her insane, and just when there was a chance to relax during this war against insane cyborgs and psychic aliens,to swim at a beach, fake or otherwise, to have some iota of god damn fun, that little snake had to come in and just...just ruin everything! It was all back, all the stress, all the anger, all the fear that she had begun to move past, all of it was back and in full force, and even her own music was failing to keep it under wraps. She ripped her earbuds out and aggressively stuffed them into her pocket, not even bothering to pause the tunes or lower the volume. 'My name is Louise Park. I'm the second Lieutenant for Apotheosis... And I would like to offer you a place in an organization that isn't about to stifle your feelings towards helping the world.' 'Ahhhh, there's that anger again~ It's rather becoming. Do they let you use that? Or do they tell you to shut up, and force your hand?' 'Then tell me, Elaine, tell me~ What do you believe in? Because I'm sure it's not far from our goals...' Get out of my head. If only she had never looked her up in that database. Then she wouldn't have this image of her in her mind, her face twisting into a grin that taunted and infuriated, but also scared her. If only she had left her room that fateful day, then there would be nothing that woman could have said to her to rile her up. If only she had just said no, and her words wouldn't continue to echo and haunt her. 'that's what I like in a pilot.' Get out... 'that's what I like in a pilot.' Get out. 'that's what I like in a pilot.' Get. Out. 'that's what I like in a pilot. that's what I like in a pilot. 'thát̴'s͜ ͏wha̸t͢ ̨I ̀l̨ik͘e i̛n͘ ͘a pi͏lo̶t̀.' '̶̡t̶̴h͏̵̧a͢t̛'̸̛s w̴͝h̨̀a̕t͟ ̶I ͞l҉̛҉i͜ke͘͝ i͡ń̸ ̡̧a p̀͟i̢͢l͘͟o̶̧t.̷̡'͝ '҉t̵ḩ̷̢͝à͏̡̧t̛'̢̀͘͡s҉҉́͘ ̴̴̨w̨̕h̕͝҉a̵t̶̶̀͟ ͜͏̷̴̛I͟͠ ̛́l̸̨͜͞҉i͘͏͡ķ̵͢ȩ͏ ̴̡̢̨͞i̷̸n̵̢̧͜͡ ̡̀ą̸̷͝͡ ͡͝҉҉p̨͏͢͠i͘l̸͝͏ò̷͟͞t̵̢.̶͏'̨҉̸͏͘ t̕͝h̛͏a̴̵t̵̢̢̧'̴̵s̷͟͢͜w͏̶̵͠h̛͏a̡̕͞t̶͢i͏͏̨͘l̡̨̀i̡͜͜͝k͢͜e̶͜͡į̧̡͞ń̢͟͠͡a̧͢͜҉́p̨i̶̵̵̧͡l̢͞o̷͜͡t̵҉ t̕͝h̛͏a̴̵t̵̢̢̧'̴̵s̷͟͢͜w͏̶̵͠h̛͏a̡̕͞t̶͢i͏͏̨͘l̡̨̀i̡͜͜͝k͢͜e̶͜͡į̧̡͞ń̢͟͠͡a̧͢͜҉́p̨i̶̵̵̧͡l̢͞o̷͜͡t̵҉ t̕͝h̛͏a̴̵t̵̢̢̧'̴̵s̷͟͢͜w͏̶̵͠h̛͏a̡̕͞t̶͢i͏͏̨͘l̡̨̀i̡͜͜͝k͢͜e̶͜͡į̧̡͞ń̢͟͠͡a̧͢͜҉́p̨i̶̵̵̧͡l̢͞o̷͜͡t̵҉ t̕͝h̛͏a̴̵t̵̢̢̧'̴̵s̷͟͢͜w͏̶̵͠h̛͏a̡̕͞t̶͢i͏͏̨͘l̡̨̀i̡͜͜͝k͢͜e̶͜͡į̧̡͞ń̢͟͠͡a̧͢͜҉́p̨i̶̵̵̧͡l̢͞o̷͜͡t̵҉ t̕͝h̛͏a̴̵t̵̢̢̧'̴̵s̷͟͢͜w͏̶̵͠h̛͏a̡̕͞t̶͢i͏͏̨͘l̡̨̀i̡͜͜͝k͢͜e̶͜͡į̧̡͞ń̢͟͠͡a̧͢͜҉́p̨i̶̵̵̧͡l̢͞o̷͜͡t̵҉ t̕͝h̛͏a̴̵t̵̢̢̧'̴̵s̷͟͢͜w͏̶̵͠h̛͏a̡̕͞t̶͢i͏͏̨͘l̡̨̀i̡͜͜͝k͢͜e̶͜͡į̧̡͞ń̢͟͠͡a̧͢͜҉́p̨i̶̵̵̧͡l̢͞o̷͜͡t̵҉ t̕͝h̛͏a̴̵t̵̢̢̧'̴̵s̷͟͢͜w͏̶̵͠h̛͏a̡̕͞t̶͢i͏͏̨͘l̡̨̀i̡͜͜͝k͢͜e̶͜͡į̧̡͞ń̢͟͠͡a̧͢͜҉́p̨i̶̵̵̧͡l̢͞o̷͜͡t̵҉ "I SAID GET OUT!"
  9. With an unsatisfactory answer, and Thorvald accepting Esther into the care of the Riese, Vera disappeared in the same flash of light that Louise had. Everyone was told to prepare to leave, and all Elaine was left with was more questions. Why would Louise even care, if what Vera said was true? If her next fight was going to be her last, did Louise even care about Apotheosis’s goal? Was she just using this as a way to get revenge? Then why try to mess with her? Why try to recruit her? ’I’m not very good at lying Elaine. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but that headstrong tendency you have towards everything, that’s what I like in a pilot.’ Not good at lying, huh? Elaine thought. Could’ve fooled me. Maybe if she asked Chris about it in greater detail, she might find out more. Or maybe she wouldn’t. Trying to look for sense in an insane woman was never going to get results. “Some day off...huh Aliza?” Elaine didn’t even look in her direction. She just walked off back to the changing rooms. “Didn’t even get to swim.”
  10. More and more people were leaving the court. Now, all that remained were her, Thorvald, Aliza, Makoto, Christina, and Bill, plus Vera, Esther, and the third spectator. That was still a number of people that weren’t privy to Elaine’s situation, but...this was, by and large, the best chance she had. So, like always, Elaine was going to do something rash and stupid. ”If you’re gonna ask this of us, then lemme ask something of you, right back.” Elaine said to Vera, stepping forward. “I have questions, and right now, you’re the one who can answer them.” She took a deep breath, steeling herself more for the probable suspicion and ridicule than anything else. And in that split second moment, she thought of a possible way to phrase this question. “Recently, I was speaking to Chris, and she told me...she told me that...” Oh boy. “She told me that Louise has been talking about me. Told me that she would come back from missions, get drunk, and talk alot about me. Why? What the hell does she want with me? How much has she said about me? How much does everyone know about me? ...How much does everyone know about all of us?” In hindsight, her phrasing would do absolutely nothing to take suspicion off her, but it was too late to take anything back now. And Elaine had spent far too long being quiet, and needed to get these questions heard. She only hoped she wouldn’t break down from the accusations.
  11. Astin's suspicions were voiced, and upon quick reflection, Elaine began to reconsider her choices. Thorvald had yet to make a decision, or even respond, and Tarquin was simply walking away from the conversation entirely. Elaine looked back to Vera, visibly concerned. Vera was standing here, giving out several bits of information to the group at the court, and Elaine wondered how much they...rather, how much she could press her for. Louise was gone from the beach, and Vera seemed willing to discuss some matters about Louise's agenda. This was an opportune time for Elaine, for she could easily ask her several questions pertaining to Louise, how much she knew about her, and how much she talked about her to the rest of Apotheosis. She desperately wanted to ask her. But, she was surrounded by people who didn't know anything about Louise, or, more specifically, about her calls to Elaine. She was already considered one of the least trustworthy members on board the entire Riese, and people were already aware that moles were part of the crew. On the other hand, would she ever get a better chance than this to figure out why Louise, why this broken, insane woman, was interested in her. Why she was the 'Snake Toy'. But how could she ever ask? ...Could she even ask?
  12. She had only taken a few steps from the court, so she could hear just about everything Vera was saying, to Thorvald and to the rest of the group. And...it calmed her. It took away the fear to hear what she said. It made her feel sympathy towards a woman that slaughtered many, more so than from anything Louise had ever said to her over that built in communicator. Vera had enough of a heart to ask them to take in someone. To take them away from Apotheosis, from fighting, from killing. And it made her fear subside in a way that might have concerned her, in another time. ”We can do that.” It took Elaine a full five seconds to realize that she had responded to the lieutenant, even if it hadn’t been directed at her. And now that she had spoken up, she might as well continue. “W-we can definitely do that. I’m...I’m definitely sure the captain would agree to that if we asked.” Why was she even listening to Vera? It was Apotheosis that had declared war against the entire world. It was Apotheosis that had slaughtered many at Corona Ten. And it was a lieutenant of Apotheosis that was blackmailing her and emotionally tearing her apart. Perhaps, once again, it was the difference in tone between the lieutenants. Even if it was just one conversation, the differences between Louise and Vera were abundantly clear. Besides...how many had Elaine murdered during this entire war. How many like Chris? Or Christina and Nikolai? Could she really judge Vera for the blood on her hands when hers were just as dirty? “I’m sure we can ask her. Right, Thorvald?”
  13. “Huh?!” Elaine jumped as she heard Aliza whisper, and only calmed herself after several seconds of staring back. Though her words offered little comfort. Yes, Vera was by herself, save for the girl in the hoodie, but Vera alone was enough to take out an entire base full of armed, trained guards. That much had been proven, already. Still, even in Elaine’s state of fear, the sentiment was appreciated. She looked back at the group, then back to Aliza. “I hope you’re right.” Said Elaine, deciding not to tell Aliza what Vera had done on her own, and deciding not to tell Aliza that she was far more fearful of Louise than anybody else. Vera would offer a quick death, if anything. Louise would ruin her before death was even a possibility. “I really do hope, Aliza...”
  14. In a flash of light, the wheelchair she had spotted amongst the crowd had vanished. Was she gone? Without a single word to her? Perhaps Louise had forgotten all about her. Either way, Elaine felt only slight relief, as there was still a dangerous terrorist just a few feet away from her. She turned towards Vera, trying to find words to speak, but only able to stare, a look of fear still plastered on her face. In the end, she said nothing, and turned away, walking only a few steps outside the court, and then looked down to A2, still attached to her wrist after Brant gave it to her. She typed up a quick message to send to Brant’s communicator, and hoped he would reply. Is she gone?
  15. If the reveal of Vera’s identity hadn’t been enough, the mention of a single name made Elaine freeze completely. Louise. Louise was here. ‘The next time we talk, it’ll be in person. That’s the plan, anyway~‘ Over the day and a half that she had spent here, spending time with the rest of the crew, Elaine had managed to push everything about Louise to the back of her mind. She hadn’t thought about her or her threats, she hadn’t worried about whatever she had said, and she didn’t even think on how she was going to handle herself when they next spoke. ‘What’s got you so hung up on saving the world? Surely it’s not the killing... You’ve already killed so many people.’ But now, faced with her presence in a moment of vulnerability, everything now resurfaced, all at once. Everything that she had been feeling up to now, whatever fun she had from the game, whatever pain she felt from the ball, whatever she had was now gone, replaced a single, solitary emotion that consumed her entire being: fear. Fear had taken over, completely, and left her standing in the middle of the beach, eyes wide, staring back at the volleyball now plopped down onto the sand, unable to move. Oh god. Oh god, she’s here. Why? Why is she HERE? How is she here?! How much does she know, now? No. No no no no dear god NO. Please. Please don’t come near me. Not here. Not now. Please just leave me alone. PLEASE. Elaine finally found the strength to move her head, scanning, searching for her. All she could spot, however, was a wherlchair, amongst a crowd of people standing far away from the volleyball court. But, that was enough to identify her, even without seeing her physically. And it made her shudder.
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