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  1. One of the main reasons I'm dubious about that "Tellian" model of divinity is that the recent FE games and spinoffs have been implicitly leaning into the "single universe" model. This doesn't necessarily imply and inter-connectivity between FE worlds, but it does mean that loading up on several legitimate "capital-D Divinities" presents a bit of a lore problem. When Ashunera is the only legitimate Goddess in the setting, then the question of her origins doesn't need to be asked or answered. When there are multiple Goddesses operating independently within the same universe, that... raises more lore questions. Because of that, and because of the presence of Not!Tiki there at the end, I'm inclined to see this as far more of an "Archanean" model of Divine-Dragon-As-Goddess.
  2. Porting this over from my topic on the FE Subreddit, a couple things that I noticed from the trailer: 0:14 - 0:20 in the trailer: There's a clear progression between kneeling individuals (divinely-blessed humans?), dragons, and a goddess above. The implication here (and it's not an unsurprising one, this is Fire Emblem) is that the Goddess is a manakete (or just a full dragon who's appeared to humanity in a human form). Being portrayed with green hair also seems to be playing into that implication. The fact that she supposedly has an actual kingdom above is interesting, and I'm interested to see how that plays out throughout this. Status as "mother of all life" and "arbiter of every soul" may or may not actually mean anything, though they are things that would fall under the known power profile for a sufficiently powerful divine dragon. (Addendum: Looking at the map, there's an important label on the big mountain in the center of the map. I'm almost certain that's either tied to or literally the location of this "kingdom above.") 0:53-1:03 in the trailer: This is classic Fire Emblem here, playing with themes straight out of FE4 (and that were present in Fates, though... not really explored at all). The Goddess has bestowed a measure of divine power to a select number of humans - how well is humanity capable of wielding their power, to live up to the trust that she's placed within them? This seems very likely to be tied into the main narrative of the game, so keep an eye on it - I'd caution people not to come down too hard upon the goddess herself just from this scrap of knowledge, because Fire Emblem's main meta-plot is about how humanity lives up to the divine legacy entrusted in them, not about what those divinities do themselves. 1:55 in the trailer: This is almost assuredly our plot-relevant-dragon-girl, dozing away. No lore insight here, but my extremely wild guess is that this is Kid!Naga. I want to believe. That's all I've got for now - we'll see how things pan out with more info.
  3. Ooooh, good catch. Very interesting indeed. I can't give this a good reply quite yet, but I look forward to delving into it once I'm home. Might wind up being a bit spoiler-heavy, though, as these discussions sometimes are.
  4. Understood. Thanks. (Though sadly, that does mean that finding the precise source might be somewhat difficult. Alas).
  5. This is the second time I've heard this, but I've never seen a source. Where is this information coming from, may I ask?
  6. Awesome stuff. Good to see that some of my earlier theories were confirmed, after all. Thanks.
  7. Aaah, alas. Well, thank you for the quick answer, at any rate.
  8. So... a question or two for people who are working more with firsthand information, from someone who's working with secondhand informaiton. It seems to me like Nohr's plot is fairly dependant on character flaws. Corrin is sheltered and naive, and is faced with the conflict of not willing to betray or oppose the siblings that he knows, not wanting to give Garon any more of an excuse to have him killed, and not wanting to inflict undue damage upon Hoshido. The royal siblings, due to their upbringing, are consciously or not unwilling to see their father as the monster that he is, and - though willing to defy him in minor ways largely for the sake of family, are effectively conditioned not to try to really quesiton his rule or to take up arms against him. Corrin's plan with Azura might be not the most intricately-thought-out plan, but it's a plan that, considering the characters at play in the story and the wider circumstances, seems to be understandable. It's a plan that at least seems to comply with Corrin's three main objectives, though it's not without problems. So then, with the execution of that plan, the question that emerges is how does one fight an inherently unjust war while still preserving one's humanity, and is such a thing even possible? Is that a correct assessment of what Nohr is doing, or at least trying to do? Am I forgetting or otherwise misconstruing some important elements? Do these conflicts and these themes actually come up, or am I just reading too much in to things?
  9. I'm not questioning the truth of those descriptions, but only questioning what solid conclusions we can draw from them about old times. They're quite vague on what precisely happened, and could be leaving out significant details - they're a good source for Hydra's initial prophecy and the relations of the siblings, but as a historical document describing those ancient wars, they're pretty crappy. If we care about the details of those wars, the info that we current have is... poor. I don't doub that Nohr and Hoshido, at one point, had draconic allies. If they are still around, though, they're certainly pawns of Hydra... but if they're pawns of Hydra, this implies that they're still roughly sane and intelligent, and that in turns implies that they gave up their bodies and begame spirits. Or I suppse they could be chilling in alternate dimension land ready to whip up a body when needed.... regardless, with Goop Garon, I fully acknowledge that he's not a dragon. However, he is a creation of a dragon, and could probably be imbued with direct draconic power and transform himself. Certainly, even if there is a Nohr dragon, there's going to need to be some extra power floating around for that dragon to manufacture a body on short notice. And after we kill the dragon, it turns back in Garon. To me, this implies that it's a temporary transformation. Perhaps Garon could be tapping into a Nohrian dragon spirit for this transformation, but I'm not sure as to how the mechanics of that would work. He'd have to make contact with the spirit, channel energy, and construct a body for them to share, with the spirit being banished again after the dragon is defeated. Ultimately, if he's just getting power anways (and he certainly needs to), not sure if the spirit is necessary to that equation. The detail about the symbolism of the single eye is useful, though. Thanks for that. EDIT: I've now heard elsewhere that Azura is the daughter of that Nohr dragon, which as of yet still lacks a name. Which would seem to invalidate this most recent line of thought of mine. SECOND EDIT: From the 3rd Path Azura x Corrin A Support: "In the ages of old… a god bestowed the people with power, as long as those people continued to devote their faith to him… Breaking the trust that this beneficial relationship would continue eons into the future was the humans. As the humans’ lust for power grew, they discarded their devotion, and a peaceful world was created only for mankind. Seeing the wretched humans who had forsaken their faith to him, the god’s body trembled in rage and went berserk…" That... looks awfully like confirmation that Hydra's gift was Dragon's Vein.
  10. Well... maybe. I'm not sure if we can treat those nebulous accounts of the past as 100% true. People fought with dragons, we can be pretty sure about it. But we're to believe that there are still sort of guardian dragons for the Nohr and Hoshido noble houses, and they happen to be largely unrelated from Hydra while still mirroring the light vs dark dichotomy, and their power can be channeled by an artificial creation of Hydra's? That seems a bit of a strech to me. The deal with the big red eye thing seems to me an indication that Goop Garon -> Dragon Garon is a bit less of a literal transformation than we're lead to believe. It seems to me an indication that he's not so much summoning up or transforming into a previously-existing Nohr dragon, but invoking his own power (or Hydra's power, as the case may be) to transfigure himself. It's a bit of a subtle distinction, but it I think it's a notable one. As for Hydra's level of sanity, the sort of mythologized narration implies that he's a "monster" now, but this does not imply total insantiy. Certainly, he's not full degraded, though it's possible that, like Loptyr, he might be... a little be derranged. It's interesting that you bring up Corrin's survival of the assassination attempt, because I think that it's actually a very similar situation - it seems to me like Corrin's "purpose" was always to be a tool of Hydra's. By refusing to die in accordance to Hydra's plans, Corrin did, if you apply a bit of twisted logic - indeed betray Hydra, albiet unintentionally, by going against the direct will of a being who probably considers itself his "master". It could be very well the same with Hydra's gift (which I still think is more likely to be Dragon's Vein than anything) - Hydra wanted them to use it to do x, they did y with it instead, and now he's mad. But all that implies that he did not necessarily have a perfect vision of the future. Perhaps he bestowed the Dragon's Vein to humans knowing that they would need to use it to rule effectively without his guidance (and indeed, maybe even need it to combat the monster that he would become), and their use of it as another tool for warfare is what enrages him. Which would mean that, somewhat ironically, the gift would be used for its original purpose in the Third Route, when Corrin unites the royal families and they fulfill Hydra's original and sane wishes. I kind of like that interpretation. The other possible interpretation for the gift would be the songs that Hydra created, though... that seems a little less likely to me, and certainly has less meta-plot resonance. And even with twisted evil logic, it would be hard to blame humans for ingratitude regarding them before they ever become relevant. (And with regards to Golem dude, that's what I had thought. Just making sure there wasn't anything I didn't know).
  11. Well, yes. it's just a sort of odd situation - if Hydra can see the future, and if Hydra hates humanity for their missuse of his gift, then why doesn't he just not give them the gift in the first place? Was it too late? The linked text seems to imply that the prophecy occured before humans rose to prominence. Can he not change the future that he sees, and can only try to make preparations for subverting it later? Doesn't that sort of go against the whole "the future is not written" message from Awakening? End result, I'd like more information. Thanks for checking the Japanese, though. It's still a bit confusing, wondering how the Nohr dragon is related to Hydra, but it's good to know that that's what's up, for sure. Something else to note - the glowing red thing in Dragon!Garon's head is very similar to what is in Goop!Garon's chest. Not terribly surprising, but good to know - perhaps Garon's transformation to a dragon isn't drawing on a specific dragon itself, but drawing on generalized draconic power to become the "Dark Night Dragon", and there isn't actually a real Dragon of Nohr in the first place? Also, do we know what role the Golem plays, beyond being what seems to be a powerful animated servant of the Invisible Kingdom?
  12. @ Cocoa: Could bee. That would seem to imply that he's more of a creation of the "Dark" part of Hydra than the "Light" part, though, if he can't keep the human form disguise in Hoshido, which would in turn point more towards two aspects of Hydra. Not sure if that's still a conceivable outcome. @ JupiterKnight: Yeah, they could certanly be the same unit. That's fair. Another thought, based on linked information - "The dragon that was neither white nor black conveyed three prophecies in a song in order to be killed by someone." Song certainly makes me think of Azura, though I also think it's odd that Hydra would have created her if he's currently in the whole human hating business. And does this imply that his own future that he saw was unavoidable? Our information here is just too limited, and what we know doesn't add up.
  13. About those masks, are there any indication that they're different beings, or just that the one being is a pair of masks? I think that was the point where there might have been some confusion. Especially because there does seem to be a Dragon of Nohr and Dragon of Hoshido, separate from Hydra. The deal with Corrin in chapter 5 isn't really related, I don't think. The description there seems suspiciously similar to the dragonic degeneration that precluded the Dragon War in Archanea, but the dragons here responded by discarding their bodies rather than living as manaketes. Corrin's probably experiencing temporary crazyness due to trauma and the unfamiliar surge of draconic energy that comes with the first transformation, not degeneration. Garon is probably the same on both paths, yes - It doesn't really make too much sense otherwise. I'm eager to learn more information about that transformation, though, because we're missing an important piece of the puzzle there. Garon is a creation of Hydra, but he's also able to channel energy from ou nameless Nohr black dragon... There's less Invisible Kingdom involvement in the Hoshido route, from what little I saw, so maybe the Hoshido route transformation is an attempt to sort of keep up the charade. Goop Garon doesn't go all goopy, he channels partial draconic energy (in line with what could be expected), etc etc. Dunno why exactly that same charade wouldn't be kept up in the Nohr route, though, and that's just a consequence of lack of information.
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