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  1. Download Qooapp on your phone. It allows your to download games via it including JP. So there.
  2. How did you do all this, you must teach us all your devilish 3DS mechanic programming ways
  3. I'm kind of shock he ended up going around for an hour doing all the available VR's before fighting Red Bear though, granted its obvious he was stumbling pretty hard through it but, wow. Edit: Whoops that was a few pages ago. Also finished SMT IV like a week ago, did Neutral, even so Hikaru a best
  4. Yeah, uh for FE4 it's a simple problem... I can't find it in the Module folder, or the drag option... maybe I just have bad eyesight or bad sense for it... I know it'll be a pain but could you screenshot specifically where it is in the folder/application? EDIT: Fixed the FE4 problem, Nightmare 2 doesn't come up with the option to edit holy blood but Nightmare 1 does. Now I just need to solve the FE6 problem... EDIT: Yeah now I need to make Sigurd and Celice be able to Seize without being of their original classes.
  5. Topic Title Self Explanatory. Basically whenever anyone gets a weapon rank in FE6 the game hangs, For FE4, I simply just cannot find where to edit characters Holy Bloods, cause I'm probably missing it, I kinda have bad skills finding stuff... I'm essentially playing them with random growths and classes for characters so... yeah these road blocks are a problem. Anyone here who can help me?
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