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  1. Dumb question, but is there any information on when the other units from SS will become available (that is, the ones besides Eirika and Ephraim)? Will they suddenly be available for summon, or will they appear 2/4 at a time as focuses (possibly after other games). Is there any info out there on this sort of thing, or is it just speculation at this point?
  2. What loose ends are there in the plots of Fire Emblem games? What characters have particularly mysterious circumstances that aren't explained but implied and with some degree of ambiguity? Not a plot hole or something like "Ike goes off to god knows where after FE10" but things with actual substance like "who is Roy's mother." Feel free to discuss the actual answers to these questions, I just figured it'd be a cool idea to bring up some of the loose ends that people might not have noticed during their first few playthroughs? Personally, I'd love to learn more about Joshua from FE8. It seems like he has an interesting story and unlike most secret princes of FE it's possible to play through the game without realizing his identity. Same thing with Sophia and Xane secretly being dragons (although admittedly there isn't much more material to build off of with these two). Inspired by this topic: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56844#entry3965026
  3. I was screwing around with RD some more today and I found a few things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQCQSPoyV1s&feature=youtu.be Sorry for the shit quality, I forgot to fullscreen dolphin before recording. Anyway, this is probably common knowledge but untransformed Dheginsea does in fact have a battle model and attack animation. I thought that was pretty cool. Also, I warped my endgame Ike back to 3-13 to fight... himself and a few things were of note. First off, obviously the game stored my 3-13 Ike somewhere in memory because the Ike that I encountered was a Hero not a Vanguard. However, and here's the weird part, Ike's retreat quote showed his Vanguard portrait. Nothing groundbreaking I just found it kind of cool. If anyone wants me to look into anything other weird scenarios or matchups with RAM hacking I would be happy to do that. I might even do ROM hacking requests too but that takes me much longer and is so much less rewarding that I can't promise I'll get anything done in like under a year or something ridiculous. In case anyone wants to give RAM hacking a shot themselves, here are the addresses for the NTSC version of Radiant Dawn. Simply download the dolphin debugger and change the addresses' values as needed: change player to enemy: 0066B838 01000000 revert: 0066B838 00000000 player control enemies: 0066B844 00000000 revert: 0066B844 01000000 control neutral: 0066B850 00000000 revert: 0066B844 02000000 control ally 0066B85C 00000000 revert: 0066B85C 03000000 Turn YY of Chapter XX Player Phase (Use the chapter before you want so when you clear the current chapter it loads the one you want) 803CAAC8 XX0000YY Of note is that you can use this not only to recruit enemies, but also to change shift the party of the enemies, allies, others, and players. You can make the others players and the players enemies if you wished. That is, if you wanted, you could pretty easily attempt to beat 3-E using just Skrimir and Tibarn's armies and fighting against Ike. This is accomplished by taking the simple codes above (changing 0066B850 to 00000000 and changing 0066B838 to 01000000). Taking advantage of this code, my friend and I were planning on doing a 3-E "Versus" map if you will in which he controls the dawn brigade and I control the GMs. I think that there's a lot of cool and fun stuff that can be done with these simple codes and I figured people here could come up with some better ideas than I have. I have no idea if you lose your units if you end a chapter with the player units as enemies but that should be easy to figure out.
  4. I like the idea of this and I'll admit I was considering doing the exact same thing at some point. I think it'll be interesting to see what some of your guys look like for endgame since the laguz have such ridiculous caps and such low exp gain. I wonder how many of them you'll be able to fully max even with Paragon. I've always wondered how effective a trained Volug, Ranulf, etc. would be since they usually have such short term use in most playthroughs (i.e. people don't really "train" them per se).
  5. Glad I'm not the only one that loves the FE8 version of the theme. And I must be remembering this incorrectly, or perhaps I am thinking of something I saw on youtube, because although the Alternate Arrangement has the right tempo, it doesnt have that part. Oh well, maybe I'll make a remix of it sometime if it doesn't already exist
  6. So I've always loved all the different renditions of the main theme, and today one popped into my head that I can't seem to find. It's a slower arrangement, around the same tempo as the endgame arrangements (like this or this- maybe even slightly slower than the first one). However, it's distinguished by the (again slowed) section from 1:18 to 1:35 of the FE8 theme here. I've checked all the themes on the site for all the games but can't seem to find it. My instinct says it was in Blazing Sword, but the FE7 arrangement doesn't have the section I linked to above. It could be in FE8 or FE11 though. I'm pretty positive it's not in FE9 or 10. Any fellow main theme aficionados out there that can help me out? Edit: I just discovered this (which I love by the way), so if its any help getting the feel for what I'm looking for, its similar to 1:23 through 1:38 of this, but of course an in-game track.
  7. I listened to some of the fates soundtrack and I have to say so far, despite my doubts about the game's content, I like what I'm hearing. That being said, does anyone know if the Fire Emblem Theme appears in this game at all? One of my favorite parts of any FE game's soundtrack is listening to a new version of the traditional theme.
  8. Oh wow despite being on this site for years I actually didn't know there was a forum for drafting (probably cuz this was my first draft but still). That would have been helpful when we did the draft but oh well. Still, even after searching the forum I can't seem to find the Radiant Dawn rules. Is it a link from a stickied thread? In any case, I ended up just "loaning" Nolan out for chapter 2, and I've gotten up to 1-7 with no other incident (Jill is at like 20-4 and Ilyana at 20-2 with Micaiah at 20 and Laura at 14). My friend, however, has yet to start his run so that should be interesting.
  9. Yeah, I'm lucky that I know a few people IRL who are into Fire Emblem. And yeah, I realize drafts usually have, what, like 5-8 people? But I figured this would be fun anyway. And it's hard mode so I bet even with us each having half the roster, there will be some challenging chapters. For instance, I played up to chapter 1 of part 1 already, and it is unbeatable with just Micaiah due to the 10 turn limit, so I am either gonna have to remove the turn limit via a cheat code and somehow give Micaiah another light tome (since her first one is almost broken already), or arrange a unit trade/loan with my friend. In any case, I think my friend will have a harder time of the game than I once I get Zihark Jill and Tauroneo but I can't be certain of course. I'll admit I got too cute in picking the healers too high. I planned on picking Nolan and Jill but decided to mix things up. I also planned to use a high pick on Ilyana, but when she fell I decided to take advantage of that availability.
  10. Oops yeah I fixed the Titania thing haha. I didn't really check over the part by part breakdown so there are plenty of other errors probably. That being said if Titania WAS in part 1 that would definitely solve most of my problems. The first few part 1 chapters for me will definitely be rough with no Edward or Nolan, and early part 2 will be hard even with Marcia and Nealuchi. I'm not very worried about part 3 though since it seems like I have a lot of options. And part 4 should be fine if we divide up our units well. As for my friend, he is gonna have a tough time with no healers i think, even though he DOES have Micaiah and Elincia. He is definitely going to be spending a lot on vulneraries/concoctions/etc. I wonder if it is possible to get through part 3 without healers, since I picked Rhys and Mist pretty high. Any advice for him? Right after completing the draft we both realized we somehow omitted Nailah from the draft. We decided to try to play without her. Do you think part 1 is possible on hard mode without Nailah given our respective rosters? Because if Nailah's absence would make part 1 an absolute nightmare, we would consider allowig her.
  11. Hey guys! So my friend and I did a hard mode Radiant Dawn Draft the other day and I thought it'd be fun to post the results here so you guys could share your thoughts. Below is the draft order, I'd be interested to hear who you thought we picked too early/too late/anything else! We decided to allow Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, and the Black Knight for mutual use but anyone else was fair game. Here is the table with the draft order (the left column are my picks and the right are my friend's): And here's the breakdown by part (some units may be in the wrong categories): Me: Part 1: Micaiah Sothe BK Laura Jill Zihark Tauroneo Ilyana Part 2: Marcia Nealuchi Leanne Heather Brom Kieran Makalov Danved Calill Part 3: Ike Ilyana Boyd Rolf Mia Ranulf Tanith Mist Rhys Kyza Lethe Titania Part 4: Janaff Giffca Tibarn Stefan Oliver Pelleas Gareth Renning Bastian Vika My Friend: Part 1: Micaiah Sothe BK Nolan Edward Volug Leonardo Tormod Aran Meg Fiona Muarim Rafiel Part 2: Haar Nephenee Geoffrey Lucia Elincia Astrid Part 3: Ike Gatrie Soren Shinon Oscar Mordecai Ulki Reyson Lyre Part 4: Caineghis Naesala Skrimir Sanaki Kurthnaga Nasir Volke Sigrun Lehran Ena I definitely picked healers too high in an attempt to cockblock my friend out of healing, but some good units also fell pretty low such as Tauroneo.
  12. I guess it is just a matter of preference then. I thought the RD graphics were great and I loved how the map sprites weren't pixelated and looked exactly like the battle models. That's why, to me Awakening seems like a step backwards. That's just me though, as you've said some people love the Awakening style. Gameplaywise, I suppose Awakening would be fine if they removed things like pair up and all the unneccessary DLC and spotpass stuff. I mean, I get that those are optional and were part of the reason why Awakening was so successful, but if IS wants to spend that much time on extra fluff, I think they should spend a bit more on the actual game/story. People complain that RD was too long, but personally I love the fact that it felt like an actual story and more fleshed out than Awakening, which was more similar to the GBA games in terms of length.
  13. Exactly. I feel like everything since RD has been a step backward. Like why would they change anything after Tellius? It must just be because of strictly business reasons. I'm not sure exactly how much RD brought in but it definitely didnt make as much money as Awakening. Although it makes me wonder how much of that is because Awakening is actually more appealing to the average gamer and how much is due strictly to much better marketing.
  14. I love soldiers and definitely think they should return. I think there should be faster versions of each weapon type locked for weapons. For instance, there is already Sniper and Swordmaster branch over Bow Knight and Hero, and I think adding the Berserker and Halberdier branches would help even out the weapon types. Also, as someone earlier said, I think making Soldiers branch promote into either Halberdiers or Generals makes perfect sense.
  15. Personally I wouldn't mind that. I mean, prior to Awakening it had been a 5 year drought in NA since Shadow Dragon (which arguably doesn't even count), so I would prefer waiting 3 years for an updated RD style game on WII U to getting another Awakening. But I'm definitely biased since RD was my favorite game. I mean, granted they were pretty similar but RD and PoR were on different systems, so I don't think they'd be opposed to split up the platforms. Then again I am confident this isn't a sequel. But yeah a HD Wii U game would make up for it.
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