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  1. SuperLuigi hasn't been active in 3 years, so the chance of him fixing FE6+, or even coming back on here, is slim to none. Also yeah, can't link ROM's m8, against the rules.
  2. I'm cautiously hyped for it. From what I've read about it, it's probably gonna be good but then i remember I said that about Awakening, too
  3. He went to the east, through the door with the arrow.

  4. I've always enjoyed retro-futurism (50-70's sci-fi artstyle) and fantasy, so yes I would.
  5. I'm so fucking depressed over this. Rest in peace, Iwata. You will be dearly remembered.
  6. As a LGBT user I honestly don't give a shit. IS will make them poorly written anyways, just like with the straight characters.
  7. Rumors of my death have been largely exaggerated.

  8. It looks slightly better than Awakening, especially the visuals, so there's that. I'm interested in the newer weapons and classes, too, so I can't say I'm not hyped. But neither am I excited for it. Idk, I guess I'll have to see.
  9. I really couldn't find anywhere else to post this, and it's really not much, but I think this is a nice little thing. http://i.imgur.com/tWGKubm.jpg (Image is big, so I don't want to take half your screen on here.) Apparently, crossing the water reduces Evade (?) by 10 as a Pegasus Knight.
  10. Here's a list of what I think should change from Awakening. Probably a stretch expecting this much, but I'm sure some of this might get in.
  11. Regardless if it's custom-made art or not, it's still sprite theft. OP, I'd suggest you take them out immediately and just put in placeholder mugs.
  12. Dude what the hell? This is 3 years old. Don't fucking necropost, man.
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