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  1. Wow, mob mentality much? Calm down. I am entitled to my opinion, just as much as you are. Remember that the discussion is about Blah's friend...not me. I find it hilarious how some of you came in here just to bash on me. Honestly, informing the police when his parents are already taking care of it is totally jumping the gun. You seem to have left out the part as to why he lashed out at you and your friend. Probably because you did something to make him really angry. I call it like I see it, the way it is being described: poisonous friendships with people who have personality disorders and get a kick out of making someone crazy. I stand by my original point. Peace.
  2. Wow! That first one is awesome. I love the sandy beach very very much!
  3. @blah the Prussian: Put yourself in his shoes...if you lost control for a moment, would you want someone to report you to the police for it and have to live with it? Would you want to have your chances with future employers ruined? Would you want to lose the option of joining something like the military, just because you have been labeled unstable and cannot be trusted in a high-pressure situation? All because this "caring" friend of yours decided to rat you out for your moment of weakness? This caring friend decided to get caught up in the drama of what happened to you and make the situation about himself by telling the police and receiving a single moment's gratification and a pathetic pat on the back... OH PLEASE, go hold the door open for a few old ladies...you poor-attention starved little baby. This is what I have to say to all of those people who ruin others lives because they are deluded enough to think that they are doing the right thing. If you can't handle your friend's drama and it is JUST TOO MUCH for you...then don't get involved! Stop communicating with them and let them decide if they want to tell the police or take pills or go to church... ...cripes...I hate people who feed off of other's drama and are actually sociopaths...people just need to be honest with themselves and then they can actually learn what it means to be a good person worthy of respect.
  4. Don't call the police. That will go on his permanent record. It is probably already embarrassing enough that his parents caught him. You'll ruin his future...and he will be labeled for the rest of his life as someone with mental issues...don't fuck his life up by doing this. The last thing an unstable person needs is drugs or alcohol... I do not know what kind of friend you are or the kind of things that you talk about together...but all I know is that when people are suicidal, it is because they feel like they are alone in facing a problem too big for themselves...so they want to give up and die. If you love him (as a friend) be a positive force in his life. Tell him things that will empower both of you, like why he matters to you and why you are friends. Tell him that he is not alone in facing his problems. Make him feel safe and give him a reason to trust and confide in you. Just be patient and sit through his erratic moments...be patient while he vents in strange, macabre or passionate ways. He is probably very emotional. Just be there for him, you do not have to say much or try to explain anything...just tell him simply: I'm your friend, I'm here for you if you ever need someone to listen to your problems. That's the best thing you can do for him and probably what he needs...someone he can trust. Hopefully you're a good friend and you treat him right...sometimes "friends" like to push each other's buttons...but it can go too far. If you or your other friend is doing this...then stop. P.S. A little prayer never hurt...you don't need to be part of a religion or read any books to speak with God...God might not answer back, but the act of prayer does strengthen one's will and gives him hope. He may even find the comfort he needs through prayer...if he does not get this comfort from his friends or family.
  5. BUMP. I updated the landing page with a new promotional video! Thank you Rethel34 for your help with sound effects and all of you watchers for your encouragement! It means a lot to me.
  6. @KriegerZeta: Actually...the shape of this continent is based on my birth-mark. Clever, eh? If you look at the continents of the globe, you will see that many of them have wide "tops" and taper as you travel south (South America, North America, Africa and Greenland.). I find most land-masses look similar anyways...they are all jagged and formless.
  7. Just keep drawing. I find that when I browse through deviantArt and see all of the talent, it can either be discouraging or inspiring. Every artist is different, but the truth is the same for everyone. Practice makes perfect.
  8. I understand the concepts and know basic terms used in coding, but I am easily confused by numbers and equations. I guess what I am doing is brainstorming with you a little bit, to help you turn these concepts into things that you can try to do. The first feature that I would try to implement is the "master" class because it seems simpler, compared to the other features that you listed. There is already an event in the game that changes a unit's class, so the code is already there. It is just about tying that event to visiting a house, instead of using an item. Do you see what I am getting at?
  9. I noticed that some of the people who helped you out with this share your last name. It is great that you have the support of your family. I never managed to finish making a game with RMXP or RMVX, so congratulations on the completion of your game!
  10. I saw your Dark Mage Lucina in the Scribbles contest. I like the style because it reminds me a little bit of Picasso.
  11. I watched the trailer. It was written well. My question is: how old are you?
  12. OH MY GOODNESS! SAAILOOR MOOOOON! <3 I like your koi fish girl too.
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