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  1. I guess I should mention: there's one more aspect of my role that's kind of important, but there's also literally no town benefit in claiming it, even if it were necessary to save me from a lynch. If you guys have any ideas on how to use my redirect tonight let me know, it could be useful especially if there's a scum RB still hanging around.
  2. ##Vote: Shiki The long lazy spell and weak catch-up with this slot reminds me of my own play in a certain anonymous game where I was not too pleased to be scum.
  3. Also I was right about Rain's vote. IDK if I believe her saying she didn't know about it until last night, but she used that logic to try to save herself yesterday and now it's gone. For me town is me/Cu/Violet I guess? Haven't read her at all. Shiki's slot seems the most scummy right now. I could get behind lynching her or Aizen. I'm sorry I'm too busy to be a super contributor right now. I feel like our best chance at catching mafia is between Rain/Aizen/Shiki. Is there a real reason Violet can't be ITP? I hope we win this.
  4. Wasn't Marisa supposed to roleblock Rain last night?
  5. Wait Rain, you didn't get roleblocked? I'm the town backup. I get the first town role to be killed/lynched, which was Olivier's. So I'm a redirector. I can't redirect the NK though.
  6. @Rain Nijika prove your double-vote I want to hear some more from Aizen and I'm not entirely sure Cu has his logic completely straight yet but I'd be down to lynch there if the evidence continues to lead that way. Also I guess I claimed. I'm not going to say who I targeted with my redirect unless it becomes important, but my actions succeeded last night.
  7. Wait, whoa there! Don't lynch me! I'm the backup. The first townie to die I get their ability. The first townie to die was Olivier, I got their ability and I'm a redirector now, but my stupid sub redirected to a dead guy so her action failed.
  8. Thank you! Additionally I would like to know, since it looks like we're lynching Rain: If Rain flips town which 2 players do you think are most likely to be mafia/itp? Same question but if Rain flips scum? This is just some stuff I want a general consensus on, I'll be back around later to defend myself/press reads. I guess I'll waifu vote Cu? My sub apparently forgot to use that function.
  9. At the very least could you guys answer 2 questions? Who all has claimed their roles? Which slots have had subs? Also I know who my sub was and I wouldn't be surprised if their play was terrible. I can't really defend it. Like, I know for a fact they made some huge mistakes none of you even know about yet. I really need to know claimed roles before EoD though.
  10. @Rain Nijika I still don't know why you think I'm scum. Goodnight town.
  11. I think we should stop trying to read off of whether it should be MYLO or not. Rain's/maybe Nemu's I'd have to read back to double-check cases kinda depend on knowing the game's setup, which only the mafia do. There's a lot of presumptions. Could there be more than one ITP? Could abilities such as the extra nightkill or the poison be conditional/1-shot? And I could swear I've played a few games where mayors lose their double voting ability in MYLO. Otherwise that's basically modconfirming the mayor slot as town in certain situations which I think the host might would avoid. I know in BBM's anonydraft game he didn't announce MYLO because of complications with the mayor slot. In short, we don't know enough for MYLO to be a primary deciding factor in who to clear/who to lynch.
  12. OK I'm going to bed. I know I look lazy but you guys aren't giving me a lot to work with. Just people sussing me without explaining why and- well speak of the devil Rain just posted.
  13. Also SF usually does role flips. IDK why Shinori isn't doing them in this game.
  14. @Rain Nijika WHY. AM. I. SCUM. ? Rain's logic does seem off. Particularly What if there's only one mafia left? Your defensive logic is incomplete and as previously mentioned you have yet to explain your read on me. I'd still really like to know more about what I missed (particularly who has claimed what role) but I'd feel comfortable lynching Rain based on what I've seen so far.
  15. And since you think I'm scum @Rain Nijika could you show me your case on me so I have at least something to work on? I don't have time to reread right now.
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