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  1. Me: Repo? A show about people reposessing cars? Mother, if you don't change the channel... 15 minutes later It's a marathon?! Sweet!
  2. Yangus. He's got soooooooul. Favorite character from the Metal Gear series?
  3. This has inspired me to post in my favorite color. Black. Oh, wait. Let me think about this...
  4. Cool. That thing AstraLunaSol said about HDPVR is what confused me about how they work. Sorry bout that. I'll need to figure out how I'd set it up and probably order an EZCap sometime in the next month. But I might need to get a new computer first, so I may have to put it on hold for a while. But thank you to everyone.
  5. Simple. Poster 1: Who's your favorite character from Mario Party? Poster 2: Toad. Who's your favorite character from Bleach? Poster 3: Kenpachi Zaraki. Who's your favorite character from Naruto? Poster ?: Don't watch it. Who's your favorite character from _____? And so on. I'll start off simple. Favorite character from Dragonball Z?
  6. That's exactly what I was coming here to say. I'll probably start cheap, and get better equipment if it turns out well. So am I going to need Dazzle, a mic, and a camera to record the screen? Because I don't have any of that. Any suggestions for mics?
  7. I'll mostly be playing PS2 games. Maybe some Wii/Gamecube. I dn't even know where to begin. Is it a lot of work on my computer? Because I don't think that poor thing can take it. Do I need ROM's rather than actual copies? I know nothing! D:
  8. I remember there being a particular item that couldn't normally be stolen because it was equipped, but you could make the person unequip it somehow and swipe it next turn. But I might be thinking of something else...
  9. I didn't know anyone else really liked Rolf like I do. This pleases me. Oh, also: Rolf for unit. Gatrie for character.
  10. For some reason, it won't let me vote, but I'm trying to vote for Xenosaga! I really really want to play it, but for some technical reason I forgot about, my PS2 won't let me play the first game. And I won't start at 2. No. Also, am I the only one that thought Radiata Stories was waaaaaaay too short? Great game, but really short.
  11. It would take a desktop PC about 52 seconds to crack your password Guess I shouldn't use that password for everything, then. But I will continue anyway.
  12. Touche. But Iron Man has a suit of heavy armor and he's almost literally armed to the teeth. Hawkeye has a bow. And (if we're going off the movie) got way more kills/had more utility than Captain America anyway. Who doesn't quite have superpowers either, but let's not go down this road.
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