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  1. That is a quite simple thing, the kind of you tell yourself"I should have thought about it!". Anyway, I am really gratful to you, that will prevent me from starting again.
  2. I just want to modify it enough to make them good units (if I remember correctly, in the aftergame Caellach is quite weak). You are right, I have to think about how to boost base stats or/and growths but that's not important for now, I will do it later. Also I forgot to tell that Mansel is available at level 10 in the chapter where we must protect him. I was also thinking about replacing Orson by Vigarde in the aftergame but I'm not really sure about it. By the way is there a way to insert other animations when FEditor tells you that "the pointer array has been relocated" which seems to be caused by the use of other editors like Nightmare or GBAGE?
  3. I don't want to remove branched promotion because of traditionalism, I think I already said it before but nevermind, it's just about background (for example Duessel is a great general of Grado and L'Arachel is the princess of Rausten so I wanted to grant them an "unique" class by supressing the way to reach it, some cheap unique classes, though I could not do the same for Jushua and Glen). Well, the idea may seem strange but that's how I see it. About summons, I think that ASM is inevitable too but in that case I asume I would need the summon location in the rom, I wasn't able to find find this information and I have just a vague idea of how to dot it (I would try to change things with nightmare first then match it to the original rom with an hex editor, wait that must be in the .nmm file, anyway, somewhere here might lie the Iron Axe) and it would indeed be painful. This may be a solution but I have absolutely no idea of how I could do such a thing Limited sacred weapons but hammernes buyable in post game is a thing I am thinking about: I wanted to make them infinite just because I was sick of having them in my convoy, never using them because I was afraid of damaging them after finishing the game. Like I think I said in my first post, I already did the promotion branch for Amelia. About making Lagdou ruins harder, I think they are already enough long to finish, so I am not planning to do so unless what I did has made them really too easy. I think the second choice is better, else it wouldn't be really sacred weapons, although I don't think I will make Hammerne too expensive. I have also new questions, what base stats and growths should I give to Mansel(max stats are the same than Athos)? And I would like to improve those of Caellach, Fado & Co
  4. Here is the new link https://www.dropbox.com/s/smr97xo338rsq9j/EditedFE8.rar Actually, I was thinking about starting it again from scratch, the only thing I'm sure I will keep are the classes inserted from other FE. For now I really don't know about the rest: should I keep branched promotions? What about infinite sacred weapons? And I have to think about the difficulty of the game too (though for this one I think I will just leave the growths in peace).I also wanted to modify the summons, even if I don't have enough time for now . Well, to put in in a nutshell I am thinking about adding a poll (if I find out how to do so).
  5. I like the idea of Natasha being a shaman because she is from Grado but it is still hard for me to think about Seth with Eliwood sprite. Well, school year begins tomorrow for me so I'm afraid that I will not be able to continue this hack for a while but be sure that I will keep thinking about it. I will edit the first post in order to remember your suggestions. If you have any other things that you want submit to me, you can still debate on this topic, I will be happy to read it from time to time. Also if anybody wants to fulfill it on his own or maybe with a more complete team while I am away you have my permission to take what I have already done. I don't know when I will resume this, maybe a month or a year but I guarantee you that I will do it. Have fun and farewell
  6. Well, call me retarded if you want but I think you should read his last sentence and definitely be more respectful. That's true that I didn't say that I wanted to know how to remove the tower of Valni but it doesn't hurt to know how to do, don't you think ? If my sentences are not clear enough, I apologize but as I said in my first post, just tell me. I agree with you for most of the characters excepter for Tana, there are always three pegasus in the GBA FEs so that doesn't shock me plus I think Fanfaire has a good point: It's important to me to fit with the story even if there is a possibility to promote Tana in wyvern knight in the original game itself. About Innes becoming a ranger, I think that is not a bad idea: the ranger class stays in the frelian royal family. I admit that I like it. Also, I would like to have more dark magic user since I like it too (I always promote Ewan to the dark magic path, even if that doesn't fit with him), so I agree with you, why not Natasha? Well, about Eliwood class, I think it looks like Ephraim/Eirika classes too much so what first comes to my mind is : Fado? Although I like him in the King class, Eliwood's one would be good for him too (provided that we give a beard and a different haircut to the animation) and that would link him with his children. I'm glad you mention it since I'm a big fan of Suikoden There are so many beautiful musics and also such a wonderful story so I am still wondering, why are the Suikoden games so neglected? I am still waiting for a true Suikoden VI
  7. I see so you don't want to make divine weapon unbreakable in story mode in order to prevent the player from using them systematically. That's a good idea, I think I will do that. However I am very reluctant to make dragonstone buyable since it's said by Lyon that there are only two in the world. I get it ^^ You want to supress the tower of Valni for the same reason I want to keep it ^^ I think that's important to have a place to train your characters at any moment in the game, for example training Ewan only with chapter maps is really a tricky task since he is weak when we hire him. Anyway, I don't know how I could do it, surely with event hacking and I no longer have time for this for now. Also I don't plan on making this game insanely hard, I just don't want it to be even easier than the original game :)
  8. You are right, I brought everyone's stats back to normal, excepted for creature campaign unit (new patch on first page). Well what is exactly 3rd tier for you? Don't you consider recruit/pupil/journeyman system as a 3 tier system?
  9. Well, I have never heard of fragmaster's hack but adding 3rd tier to FE8 seems to be a good idea as long as it's well done of course :). I thought about it once but I dropped this idea because I realised that I wasn't able to do it correctly. By the way is it really so easy? I knew it would be hard to balance difficulty level but the start of the game has always be an easy task. As I said before each ennemy promoted class has +20 HP and +5 in each other stat excepted for some bosses. That's true that FE8 character was good enough, should I really drop the idea of raising growths? Your idea about base stats seems relevant to me, I will think about it. About HP, I agree with you I think I really overdid it because I was frustrated that they never reached 60. I really have to change that. No creature campagn units don't come with max stats but they have greater growths than before. Hayden is not the only ranger, Gerik can become one and Neimi too. Sorry but I don't get it, what's the point of making divine weapon breakable if you just have to buy a hammerne and repair it? Besides it can't repair dragonstone and without dragonstone there is no Myrrh excepted if you use glitches. Should I make monster weapons accessible? I really think she is fine with her dragonstone. Well, be relieved Ivaldi doesn't oneshot bosses yet but I agree with you I should change something on this side. However, why do you want to lock Tower of Valni until after chapter 16? That's precisely when I stop using it. At some point in the game you will need a lot of promoted unit if you want to beat the boss (Vigarde, Caellach and so on) and I don't want that some random player get stuck at some point because he misjudged the game difficulty.
  10. Just calm down that was a mistake of mine, let me explain it to you I raised each promoted class base HP by 20 and other stats by 5 in order to increase the power of the ennemy but doing so I forgot to bring down Seth's stats. Sorry about that and thank you for telling me. And concerning promotion branching I was reluctant to remove it but as I already told to you I wanted to make Hayden and Selena more unique but I wasn't able to do custom classes for them because of a lack of time/imagination/spriting skills. After all that is just like in the other FE on GBA but I understand the fact that some of you miss the nomadic trooper accessibility. Also, I don't think that is hack is really easier than the original FE8, or at least I hadn't this feeling while I played
  11. Exactly, Hayden is the only playable ranger, the same goes for Selena but L'Arachel promotes to Valkyrie which still uses light magic. I did so because I thought that would make them more unique, do you think that it was a bad idea?
  12. Normal mode is indeed the right mode and I agree with Anouleth, Natasha is just as in the original game :)
  13. For some reason I have a problem with mediafire (loading never ends) so I couldn't use it. Although I have increased groths rates that's not so easy to caps all stats (maybe yes for strenght/speed for some characters). I used stat boosting item to show you max stats. During the main story Riev and Lyon have capped stats and you just remind me that I forgot to decrease Selena's stats (before Valter and Caellach had the same but my hack was more difficult than I intended, so I changed it) . Also, if I recall correctly King already had all 30 in FE6. I also like the halberdier animation (well, that's why I took it there http://serenesforest...showtopic=34510 :)) and we should thank Bonestorm and Jubby for it ^^ You have a good point Anouleth but in my case, I think I would be too lazy to repair each of my weapon EDIT: Finally I put it on rapdishare: https://rapidshare.com/files/2958125563/EditedFE8.rar
  14. Hello everyone, one day I was bored and I discovered rom hacking so I decided to improve FE8 since it's the first FE I have ever played. First of all, as you might have already noticed, I am not an english native speaker, so if you notice some in my sentences you can tell me, especially if its in my hack. ;) [spoiler=Who am I? (If you really donc care about my life it's up to you to skip the following part^^ )] Since, I it is the first time I post on this forum, I guess you would like to know a little bit more about me. Well, I am french and used to live in Corsica (though i doubt that you know it ^^) and I am going to do my second year of prépa (french term difficult to translate, but I you really want to know here is a good link http://www.wordrefer...fren/Pr%C3%A9pa, basically something after high/secondary school). That's why I will not be here very often.] About this hack: There is no particular point in this hack, I just wanted to play what I think that is a better FE8, first I didn't even thought about releasing it but now I decided to share it so you could tell me what you think about it and, if necessairy, submit a way to improve it. Well, I am aware that very few of you may be interested in this hack because it's a relatively simple one. I have changed nothing about the story and didn't use event hacking since I didn't intended to do so and hadn't the time to learn how to use it, so if you don't intend to play FE8 again, I fear that you might not enjoy my hack. By the way, I couldn't manage to find a name for this hack, so if somebody has one in mind, I may use it ;) Here are the changes I did on FE8 (I may have forgoten some): [spoiler=Classes] I removed the promotion choice, so promotion is now like in FE7 excepted for trainee classes and Knoll(summoner, who by the way summon cyclops), I have also added some "custom" classes (which are not really custom since I have just imported it from other FE games): -King: Vigarde, Fado -Blade Lord: Ismaire (+15 crt) -Dark Druid: Riev (dark magic obviously, can summon) -Axe Lord(Hector): Caellach (+15 crt) -Archsage: Mansel (Rausten Pontifex, Anima/Light/Staves) ->Knight->General -Halberdier: Amelia: Recruit ->Soldier->Halberdier (+15 crt) (Knight Crest) Besides I have also changed some max stats but I'm way too lazy to repertory them all here so I let you discover it. [spoiler=Characters] I have increased most of character growths (I love this shiny green numbers :), mainly HP (Most of them are now over 100% rate in this stat) (no longer the case ) and creature campaign characters, I am afraid that I may have been a little bit too generous, tell me more about it. Mansel is now available in chapter 19: he appears directly among your characters (not really impressive entrance but that's the only way I found to do this simply). [spoiler=Items] -Short bow: range of 1-2 -Sacred weapons and Dragon Stone have all infinite use but I have removed the monster effectiveness and have granted some special effects to them: -Siegmund,the Flame Lance: range attack (I would have prefered a fire animation but that's above my skills) -Sieglinde: same thing than Siegmund (Aura animation, not in the thunder idea but I think it fits with Erika animation) -Vidofnir, the Winged Lance: neglects flying effectiveness -Nidhogg, the Serpent Bow: range of 1-3 -Gleipnir, the Dark Tome: neglects criticals -Garm, the Black Axe: poisons the target -Excalibur, the Swift Wind: hero weapon effect (it may be a little bit too powerful I think) -Audhulma, the Ice Blade: range attack (Fimbulvetr) -Ivaldi, the Glorious Light: neglects target's defense -I have also modified secret shops in order to make all the items buyable such as wind sword for example. Note: I think I should do a prf sword for Fado [spoiler=Ennemies] I didn't want to make the game too easy so I have improved the stats of all promoted ennemies including bosses which I wanted to give cap stats for some of them such as the Imperial Generals but that would have been too difficult or impossible (mainly for Demon King or Vigarde), so I advice you to promote your character, and the sooner the better(thanks to Valni tower). Also I gave a stone to each Grado general which fits more or less with his title. [spoiler="Problems " or things I wanted to do] -There is a problem with short bow melee critical animation (if I recall correctly that just doesn't show critical) -Making usable weapons, like a potion axe or a teleportation weapon but I guess that's just a dream ;) -Some weird items may appear in Jehanna map secret shop but it's no big deal. - I had to script Dark Druid and Archsage animations (because there is some hardcoded command, I think) so they are not exactly the same than in FE7 -In some chapter Riev and Caellach still have their previous map sprite, I couldn't manage to find in which Nightmare module they were, maybe because they don't exist. -Sometimes, when a white screen appears (before flash back for example), some random pixels appear on the screen, nothing really terrible so don't panic. -Adding some music I like such as Greensleeves, Overcoming the Grief (Suikoden V), For Elise or anime musics (like Fairy Tail and Naruto in The Last Promise), that is totally unecessary but I would have appreciated hearing them in a GBA game just for fun ^^ I worked on it but I don't recall why, I dropped this idea I must have done some mistake. -Well I am worrying about the difficulty level of my hack, I tried many things to balance it but it seems that I couldn't do it, as far as I tested it I think it is still way too easy. I hope you will have fun anyway. -I have one regret: I am not much of a spriter (lack of imagination or time) so I have only used already made animation but I am a great fan of all kinf of custom animation. Well, I guess that's all I did, here are some screens :) [spoiler=Screenshots] Credits: Finally I would like to thank: -Blazer for his awesome ultimate tutorial (and also his team for The Last Promise, Sacred Contention and so on ^^) -Nintenlord for his hacking utilities -Hextator for FEditor Advance -BwdYeti for FeRecolor (I am looking forward to FE7x) -Bonestorm and Jubby for their Halberdier animation and map sprite -Serenesforest -...and more generally anybody who participated to the hacking realm Here is the patch, have fun :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/smr97xo338rsq9j/EditedFE8.rar EDIT: [spoiler=Suggestions] -Mainly rebalancing difficulty: maybe slightly better growths (they are currently almost all normals) but not too much and stronger opponents -Item: limited use for divine weapons -Classes: Setht; Eliwood battle sprite? Natasha t; Shaman ? Ines; Ranger ? [spoiler=Last Post]
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