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  1. It's the opposite. If their father is still alive, that means they are in a dream.
  2. I've found more informations with some new searches. You can see more informations by searching "ロッピー ファイアーエムブレム 封印の剣' So it uses the "Loppi" system : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loppi_(ticketing_system)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loppi_(ticketing_system) I can't really understand what it is, but from what had understood, it was kind of a Mail-order selling. As you can see on this link(with google translation), it seems it was sold at the release of the game. But as I'm note fluent with Japanese, it will be hard for me to do more searches. Here is a picture of the packaging brand new :
  3. Hi everyone, when I was hanging on the internet, I've found some pictures of an FE6 "special" edition : So, is anyone has any idea of what is this ? I can't find any information about it and I'm really curious.
  4. Here is my list of cards. Keep on mind that I'm living on France so the shipping cost could be higher. You can make an offer if the price of one card is too high. I'm searching for cards from Tellius(mostly Mia SR/SR+)
  5. The timer was out. (I find funny you can loose in the demo)
  6. No, it's just a fan theory. Nobody knows why it was removed in fates and echoes.
  7. The quality will not be here for the footage btw. You'll see when it come but they wanted me to get the person who were playing and the title of the game at the top of the TV(who has the same size as the TV).
  8. Sorry x) Didn't paid attention. There are 3 boss : Marth, Frederick and Chrom the final boss.
  9. I have Daraen, Lucina, Corrin and Lissa's gameplay. I've registered two people while there were playing so I have some material.
  10. So, like some people knows, there is a demo in France at Japan Expo. So I've asked the staff about the voices and yes, they have conformed you can chose between the two dubs ! I've also filmed some gameplay, sorry for the quality (I'm limited to 5 minutes so I had to cut some parts). (the source in french, but as I'm the redactor :x )
  11. Do you think there is a way to get those items without connecting to this hotspot ? I know there is some ways to emulate a fake Nintendo Zone, but a fake 7-11 Wifi ?
  12. Si tu sais pas coder, ça va être compliqué. Y a plein de tutos sur le web pour patcher un jeu. Y a déjà des traductions de FE4 en français en ligne(des dialogues, pas du jeu), donc si tu sais pas patcher c'est pas la peine je pense.
  13. I thin the thing who bother them the most is the new classes are useless, and besides there is no map with them. In Awakening and Fates you had with your new class, for the same price.
  14. Yeah, they're really nice, and yeah I'll buy them(already done with the pack actually). But it's Fire Emblem. In another game it the sort of things who can piss me off. But even in awakening you had a map to play with the new classes.
  15. For a single class it is expensive. I mean, no additional map, and $1.78 the single class, and there is 10 of them. 1500 Yen for 10 class, I think it's really don't worth it.
  16. The price of this DLC is pretty expensive. 200 yen a single class?!
  17. Not only the boss. Personally I have experienced it several times. The ennemi chose to kill my healer or a weak unit instead. This is rare but when they do this, this is to kill your unit. And it's really frustrating because you're invoking phantoms in purpose, and that's all for nothing. And I Play in normal. But maybe my team is too weak.
  18. Anyway he doesn't attack you. So at least you can let him be and kill his minions while you defeat Doma with Alm.
  19. Remember that for Nintendo, the sales of the old games were not enough and they were going to stop the franchise. Plus, the game is released at the end of the life of the 3DS, and it has the promotion from Heroes. So the sales will be disappointing for Nintendo. But i think this game also a gad a bad communication. I mean, i had no hype from this game. The trailers from fates were really better.
  20. Got my copy of the game ! The package wasn't sealed so I guess Tenso verified it's content however.
  21. The prices are so high oO I mean, I knew it will be expensive, but if you want the package to be insured, you have to take the more expensive option :/ I ll try to scan you the artbook if I can do it without ruining it.
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