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  1. Ah okay, that's good! I know there's some controversy in that localization but I thought they canceled that remove out of backlash, if they removed that stuff then it's probably bearable, most likely going to try it out Friday for the hardest difficulty. I have no problem with Japanese inspired stuff, actually, I'm very interested in Japanese history, I have problem with knights with massive tits everywhere with the most anime motives and basic appeal, honestly I think the whole S rank convos in Awakening for a lot of adults was very cringey in how it was executed. (It just felt off, it might have to do with the lack of subtlety but I'm not sure) I know Corrin isn't any Ike either.
  2. I'm playing ASG rn lol. Nice BG.

    1. The DanMan

      The DanMan

      BG=background? Do you mean avatar? But yeah, it's one of those games that really just clicked with me. I totally see where the criticisms of it are coming from, but I really enjoy the series regardless.

  3. To be honest I didn't ask, he just said he wasn't really interested and that he has it. He has the tits knight so I'm going to guess Conquest. And yeah, it's honestly that. Don't mean to be rude, but I am kind of busy lately with college and I have a bunch of tedious classes with teachers with pointless lectures in the most important majors. I want to have fun in a game and if it's not worth then I should just let my dude keep it. I guess what I'm looking for is hard gameplay but with characters and a story that can at least make it feel like it's worth it. Games like FE4 and FE10 had some really hard chapters, but even in the easier chapters characters like Sigurd and Haar are interesting and have alpha characteristics so watching them murder people is actually really cool to see. (Couldn't say the same with MU in FE13) Also if the story is that bad where it's like the average time I saw Fire Emblem talked about on Facebook where it was just about waifus then I want out because for me that's actually embarrassing for one of the most interesting strategy series I've ever had. Also gameplay mechanic changes like Doubling and perma items for everyone bothered the crap out of me as money management is actually one of the more unmentioned entertaining parts of this series.
  4. I know it sounds crazy, but yeah a friend of mine is letting me have Fates. But is it worth it? Awakening was a snore for me and honestly boring even with Lunatic once you went to chapter 6, and felt way too weebish and not like Fire Emblem. This game seems like Awakening but kicked up a notch in-terms of appealing to more "mainline anime RPG lovers" which means I'll feel less at home than I did playing 4-12. Also being able to "rub your waifus" and all that stuff honestly makes me cringe. Should I bother playing it? I'm rather busy so if I want to play a game I better like it. I don't mean to offend anybody, and if you like Fates and Awakening I'm glad you do!
  5. Playing Lunatic Mode and I'm on Chapter 17 atm, BUT since I only have Lon'qu+Quick (MU), Chrom+Olivia (Married), Henry+Frederick, and Libra+anybody as characters who can even stand to the difficulties, I'm thinking about getting Inigo because he's the only child that isn't behind. (I married Panne, and she's only level 11 and possibly RNG screwed, so no Morgan or Yarne for me probably) The chapter is pretty difficult but it seems worth it if I can get an extra much needed member. Is it worth it for me to get Inigo? Here are Inigo's stats:
  6. I probably don't love it to death, but I can easily say Radiant Dawn was one of my favorite games ever, and definitely my favorite Fire Emblem game. I really enjoyed the part system because it created completely different atmospheres for each part as well as allowing the majority of the characters/classes to be really useful while still being an overall hard game. I think the story, while not perfect, is certainly not as atrocious as some people point it out to be and I honestly felt like the story is pretty good. Oh, and the soundtrack is nothing short of amazing.
  7. Dang I've just been back in 5 months

  8. Ah alright, thanks! Anyways, dang I still have a lot to go lol. MUxPanne, ChromxOlivia, and FrederickxCordelia. I'm definitely gonna try to see if I can make Miriel viable so I can get Laurent cuz his chapter is also fairly easy. I'm aiming for the easier chapters as already said so I can get them asap and so they get levels more quickly.
  9. That may hurt his early game because no range but ah well. I shall take your word for it.
  10. Probably will be Frederick, since Stahl is really hard to use in Lunatic and Kellam falls off by like chapter 6, at least from personal experience. In-game babyyyyy, I don't care about the +2 stats or whatever as they don't make a difference. As for MUxPanne yeah that seems good but -Magic as a flaw? I was thinking +Def -Luck or something as bulk helps a lot. If not, I need to start over anyways because I think I have screwed my chances of beating Chapter 3 the way I EXP distributed. Ah only 3 chapters lol.
  11. Yeah, probably should've mentioned I'm most likely doing that pairing because I have a huge bias for that. I am having trouble with the rest though and that's mostly why I'm pausing my current playthrough. Well, and because my Frederick isn't level 5 yet and I'm on chapter 3.
  12. Nothing special, just good pairings for in-game cuz I lost all my DLC atm and feel like doing a semi-casual FE Lunatic run. As in, I will be using Barracks and stuff and I will do things like dance Olivia to level 30 and things but yeah. I need good in-game pairings so I cannot only use the parents well but even some of the children. I would prefer using my male MU for somebody for a child who has an easy map so I can use the other child ASAP. I probably won't be using Sumia or Nowi much cuz I'm not a big fan of them so dw about giving pairs to them. I don't care about gender specific skills that I can inherit as this is in-game. ChromxOlivia is basically gonna happen lol.
  13. That would nullify the entire system and make this game an even bigger brokenfest than it already is. You're basically playing 1v1 with a ton of Dual Guard's.
  14. MaMU (Hero) Ricken!Laurent (Sage supporter) Olivia!Lucina (Great Lord) Chrom (Great Knight) Chrom!Inigo (Swordmaster) Lon'qu (Dread Fighter) MU!Gerome (Wyvern Lord) Lon'qu!Yarne (Berserker) Henry!Owain (Sorcerer) Would be King Marth but Cherche!Morgan (Dark Flier and Rally user)
  15. Libra, easily. A sorcerer with (Wrath+)Vengeance+Vantage is just too good to pass up. Make Owain your Sorcerer and keep his book hand at bay!
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