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  1. I guess for 1-6-2 you'll need to healer abuse Jill on 1-6-1 right? So that she gains 1 extra movement from promotion. Pre-promotion she can't reach the enemies in time to attract them away from the green units. On hard mode healer/boss abuse is so pointless since the exp gain is like at most 20-30% of normal mode. 1-2 exp per hit and like 5-10 exp per kill, and starting from chapter 2 1 exp per hit and 1-5 exp per kill, wtf.
  2. You don't need celerity on Heather. - Don't bother doing this on hard mode, she earns 1-2 exp per hit it'll take FOREVER to boss/healer abuse ANYONE on hardmode - Raise heather's str to 20 on the same level (healer abuse the Bishop to the south of the bolting mage) - UNEQUIP Heather, and make sure Haar is not equipped with ranged weapon - Rescue Heather with Haar - Count 11 spaces any direction to the mage, have Haar stand there - Fly the full 9 spaces towards the mage, your Haar should be 2 spaces away from the mage, drop Heather right in front of the mage - Bolting has min distance of 3, so the mage has no choice but to attack using elthunder - Elthunder can't kill anyone in one hit, so even your Haar will survive it, now steal the bolting and kill him with Haar
  3. Ah so for 1-6-2 it's impossible to rescue all of them unless you quickly kill the boss? I was trying to beat the chapter normally and have them all escape from the bridge. Also, um, it seems on hard mode Vika does not get any transform gauge by getting attacked... I just checked. The gauge didn't show up when she got attacked, nor did it increase (still 18 afterwards). The odd thing is, Muarim DOES get transform gauge by getting attacked, just not Vika. What the... O.o I managed to rescue all except one prisoner, the northeast one, because there simply isn't enough people with enough weight points to rescue them. Apparently all the prisoners suffer from obesity as they weigh more than an armed Sothe. You're only allowed to choose 4 units, and the only people in the DB with enough weight points to rescue anyone are Nolan and Aran. Muarim, Volug and the queen can each rescue one, so you're still left with 1 prisoner unattended (assuming Vika does not have weed to chew on and therefore can't rescue one, since on hard mode the dragonrider starts attacking on turn ONE -_-). Tormod is useless in killing the dragonrider because he gets stuck in the swamp like everyone else, and the 1st dragonrider doesn't even bother going anywhere near him, he goes straight for the northeast prisoner. So unless I hack and get a Bolting I don't see how he'll help, at least in turn 1.
  4. Is it possible to rescue ALL prisoners on 1-6-2 (chapter where Fiona's men rescue those prisoners) and 1-8 (swamp), in hard mode? I managed to rescue all of them on normal mode, but I'm not sure how to do it on hard mode, especially 1-6-2, where the enemies are simply way too close to the green units and my units can't get past the bridge fast enough.
  5. Yes I know... That won't solve the problem with the Laguz, especially annoying in 3-P and 3-4, where they rampage through the map killing half of the enemies (more like 3/4 on 3-P). Anyways I'd appreciate any help on how that code works. I just want every green unit to be set on halt or something.
  6. Is there a Gecko/Ocarina code that allows you to control every green unit (not the yellow ones, they're fine as I always just halt them) in the game? These are perhaps the most annoying units in the game. They steal your kills, they steal your experience, and they use up the valuable weapons (I'm looking at you, Geoffrey's brave lance and Calill's only meteor book in the game that is completely wasted in 3-9), even worse than enemy units. Or simply setting them to halt would be fine too. I looked at the gecko code list, but I don't really get how this works:
  7. They don't even have enough budget to create proper cutscenes, clear game bonuses, unlockables, and animations (some enemies and attacks don't even have battle animations ffs) for this game, what makes you think they have enough money to create an OVA?
  8. The entire support endings system is lame. Seriously the only difference it makes is a one-sentence statement of whatever they did afterwards. Did they seriously run out of budget to include some gameplay related differences based on supports? WOW you spend a couple of levels leveling up them to A, and instead of saying "John went and travelled the world", it now says "John went and travelled the world with Jane". Yes your whole reward is two extra words that you might not even notice. Hell some of these support ending statements are even copy pasted from other ones. Maybe make a couple of different cutscenes depending on the major characters' supports? Or at least make an extra still images + dialogue cutscene at the end? Or maybe a +1 stat bonus in the next playthrough in some areas depending on which A-leveled support pairs you had? I mean Fire Emblem is probably the only game I know that has absolutely no clear game bonuses or unlockables besides being able to choose Pelleas. Also the fact that you need to have 55+ units stay and kill a few enemies outside the tower (which doesn't even make any sense, why would you care about enemies outside the tower when Ashera is inside) and only bring 16 people with you into the most dangerous area in the world is the dumbest strategy I've ever heard. Soren must've either been fired as the strategist or was sleeping when they were planning this. Anyways /rant.
  9. Doesn't that only apply to PC version with dolphin ? I thought gecko was used for the Wii version.
  10. It's not a ROM? I'm running legit copy of RD for Wii... well I guess this might be the right forum if same method applies to non-ROM copies...
  11. Can anyone link me to a guide for Gecko or whatever they use to edit Radiant Dawn, that tells me how to edit growth rate of characters? All the hacks I've seen so far are just bored people making everyone's stats completely off-whack or putting Sephiran in chapter 1 or something. All I need for my next hard mode playthrough is an edit that improves everyone's growth rate. On normal mode I was SO SICK of battle save reset because lots of my characters keep getting 1-stat improvements.
  12. For the Wii version they seriously should have abandoned those low-budget still images with scrolling text and used actual 3D cutscenes. They do have a few, like 2 major ones and 2 extremely short ones, why not use it for all of the between-chapter cutscenes? The 3D quality's actually not bad, I love the semi-cel-shade style, though the voice acting was absolutely terrible. Using still images and scrolling text is the traditional fire emblem feel and is perfect for handheld devices like GBA or DS, but it looks amateur and like one of those online Flash games if it's still used on a Wii for TV. The only time that RD should use still images and scrolling text is base conversations, as most of those are just chitchat and actually more relaxing to read than to watch.
  13. Is there any advantage that gold/silver knights and seraph knights have over dragonlords? Stat-wise, in terms of stat caps, gold/silver knights are inferior in just about every stat, and I think have less constitution as well (have to check) so they can't rescue as many people as dragonlords, AND can't go up ledges, but has a slight advantage in that the mastery skill recovers HP. Seraph knights are inferior in every stat except around 3 more speed, but have the added weakness of bows and really terrible defense. All 3 classes have Canto and large movement, has a mastery skill that does 3x damage, and has 7 instead of 9 movement in indoor levels (HIGHLY annoying). So other than just using a variety of characters just for the fun of it, what are some other reasons to choose a gold/silver knight/seraph knight for endgame rather than a second dragonlord (Jill)? I've always used 2 dragonlords instead of 1 dragonlord + 1 gold knight (Titania) for endgame, and haven't touched pegasus knights so far due to their absolutely horrid availability. I mean how can you even train someone like Marcia without healer/boss abuse, if she is like never available for use? Even though Sigrun and Tanith are already high-leveled, their availability is even worse, having a grand total of 3 chapters where you can use them before endgame.
  14. Hey look, it's all personal opinion. I've finished RD 3 times now, and I've never found the non-royal Laguz useful on the battlefield, because I just prefer to train the Beorc units. It does not mean I don't like their character/story. Having no unique character model or weapons makes it very boring, and I just hate how they revert back to human form in a few turns (maybe even 1-2 turns if swarmed by enemies) and gotta chew on more weed to revert back. Training Volug? Yeah gaining like 2 exp per kill is really efficient huh... not to talk about stealing tons of exp from the Dawn Brigade members who pretty much have to live on exp to survive... by the time you get him back in late chapter 3 most of the DB members are already stronger than him, so I don't see any point in training him? It's possible to train any number of these non-royal Laguz, it's a video game, people can do whatever they want. I'm just saying it's more efficient (exp-wise) to not train them, but it's recommended to train them if you want the "full game experience" to use every available character in multiple playthroughs. If you train them, it's pretty much guaranteed that you won't be able to train a number of Beorc characters, unless you boss abuse to no end, in that case I've got nothing to say to that. RD has no endless mode, if it has endless mode, then hell yes, train every character! Like I already said stat-wise Naesala is much better than Vika, but I love Vika much more than Naesala character-wise.
  15. I found it weird that in RD you can't play as a Druid or Summoners... Brigand/Bandit used to be the only class you can't play as...
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