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  1. I inserted it over Eirika's unpromoted animation. Does that explain the issue? What sprites can I insert the looping cape animation over?
  2. So I grabbed the hoodless shaman animation off of the animations thread and tried to insert it into my hack. The animation inserted...but it starts glitching out during the attack animation. I don't think the issue is with my code because the other animations I've inserted thus far all work without issue. Is there an easy way to check and/or repair the spritesheet? Or could the error still be with my code in some way? Is the version on the Battle And Spell Animations thread out of date? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry about the obvious question. I've been building a hack and now is the time to start putting the maps and events into the game itself. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about hex editing. I've been looking for tutorials, but all of them are some combination of really old and/or for FE6/7, which I'm told is different from editing FE8. Is there a good guide I can turn to to figure out what I'm doing?
  4. Hello again! As part of the hack my friends and I are building, we're trying to get javelins and hand axes to use spell animations instead of the standard thrown weapon animation. We can get the attack to look like a spell, but it freezes if the unit tries to double attack. Is there a fix for this?
  5. Some friends and I are working on a hack for Fire Emblem 8. We want to make side quest chapters like there were in FE7, but we're not sure if its possible. Is there a way to create sidequests, or if 5x just an oddly named chapter? ALso, another question we had, is it possible to change the locations and ordering of the points on the overworld map? Like, could I start the game in Rausten and take a different route other than the one in the base game, or is that route the only one available?
  6. So I've been playing FE7Chaos Mode and have decided that I should REALLY be getting some supports going on because I'm missing out of free stats. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the optimal setups are and my google fu is failing me. Plus I need to figure out who to put in my 12th team slot for ch20 and this will probably help. Here's the team I have so far Hector (C with Eliwood) Eliwood (C with Hector) Lyn Rebecca Wil Serra Priscilla Sain Marcus (who will be dumped as soon as my other mages start promoting. 25% speed growth is NOT going to last him) Canas Lowen and my last slot is likely to be either Dart, because I KNOW he goes well with Rebecca and Wil, Lucius because hey, Lord. (he may be lvl 3 but those bases should let him be babied up...maybe) or Fiora (who will likely not match Serra's stats but make up for it by having +4 speed on her because of how heavy swords are). Or anyone else I have at this point really. I'm sure I could baby someone up if I need to. So yeah. Any ideas on how to pair up this crew for optimal support bonuses? Thus far I have the lords likely forming a triangle because they're along regardless because the game forces them at times, Wil and Rebecca will probably go together and cry whenever they meet a mage, Sain will probably cover either Serra or Priscilla, depending on who I bring in for the final slot. The problem I'm noticing with this is that a lot of my pairs don't really have a good person to round off the remaining two support slots with. Thanks in advance for any advice you have.
  7. I thought the over 100%s would be an outlier! Not almost every unit! The only units I have that don't have a 5/10% in a vital stat are Lyn (who has missed all but 1 hit on her 45% speed so she's at 3) and Mathew (25% skill he has yet to hit in 10 levels). Oswin MIGHT be able to get by on base skill as a wyvern if I give him Secret books, but beyond that none of my units are going to last once their bases catch up with them. I'm half tempted to say I'm allowed to move 30 or so from a 100% growth to a lower stat just to make more viable units. That would break the game though because then Eliwood would be the godliest nomad in the history of anything if he had a speed growth.
  8. Ah, figured there would be a tool for this tha-oh GOD what the hell is wrong with these stats? This run...may not work out. Knights are not meant to have 135 speed and 5 Str and def.
  9. Not the most productive question I admit but still. I started a randomized playthrough of FE7 and decided my first run of Hector Hard Mode wasn't going to be good enough with just random classes, so I randomized growth rates as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to make a changelog so I don't actually know what my growth rates ARE, and I'd like to check on them so I know which units can be salvaged and which ones are going to fall off. Does anybody know a simple method of checking this, or am I going to have to play it by ear? Thanks in advance!
  10. Quick question: The general min/max consensus is Cherche/Fred, Panne/Kellam, and Vaike/Nowi. Isn't Cherche/Vaike, Panne/Fred Kellam/Nowi better? I mean, as a support bot, neither Gerome or Yarne really get to take advantage of Luna, and they also want Axefaire for maximum damage. Nah's only realy claim to fame is her durability, unless you pair Nowi with MU. Wouldn't the latter 3 be a superior set, or is there something I'm missing?
  11. I have a question about Stahl x Cordelia. The principle behind this pairing is that the only things Severa wants/needs is Vantage and Luna, both of which are obtained from Stahl. Is it really optimal to give her BOTH though? Severa already has vengeance, and the reliability of Vengeance in terms of procs makes in superior to Luna, at least in terms of Vantage tanking. Wouldn't it be more optimal to give Severa Lon'qu or Gregor or someone with just vantage so that Stahl can go to someone in need of both Luna AND Vantage? Or is there really nobody that actually NEEDS both of those, so Stahl may as well give them to Severa so that she has options?
  12. Haven't played awakening extensively enough to have experience with all the classes, but I'm gonna have to put my vote towards Pegasus Knights. Not so much for their effectiveness in combat, but for their death animation. That faceplant makes me giggle every time, and I almost forgive Sumia for having 15 strength at lvl 20/5. Almost.
  13. I'm assuming EP is experience points? Never seen it acronymed that way... Anyway, I'm having a lot of difficulty seeing where such a position is. The best I can think of is put him on a forest tile in the middle/side of the map and pull everyone else out of range, but then Fred just eats all the experience and nobody can get close enough to feed off the nearly dead mooks because if they do then next turn they just get slaughtered by the remaining enemies. Every position I try Fred is either too isolated from the team and hogs all the experience or the second turn comes along and I can't get everyone out of the way of the horde of enemies. Or Fred just gets crit, because RNG doesn't like me. It also feels a bit irrelevant if I can't reliably grind up my units outside of Golden Pack, since this is supposed to be my min/max postgame file and If I can't grind people up, there's no way I'm going to manage to get all the Galeforces int he right places.
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