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  1. I think that's just the modern shiny anime aesthetic which is pretty common. Some of the designs aren't particularly inspired, but others are pretty unique.
  2. Why are you studying accounting? What did you enjoy about economics? Would switching to something else (economics?) close or open any doors for you? If you can't answer those, Rapier made great suggestions on how to go about some research. Personally I'd solicit thoughts from accounting and economics majors on Facebook or Reddit. Ask what they studied, what their work entails, and if they wish they'd done things differently. You'll find lots of people would jump at the chance to share their story and offer advice. You only need a few replies to get an idea of where each major might take your life and career and how those might jive with your talents. That's at least what I wish I had thought to do. My career guidance was useless, the pre-requisites seemed irrelevant, and I lacked the experience and imagination to picture what jobs I could get. In my case I switched majors when I shouldn't have, but you shouldn't bias yourself toward you original choice if you have other good options.
  3. Somehow I'm not surprised this thread is still active.
  4. Sorry to ask about such an awful memory, but what's a zodiac and what would attack you in one? I'm guessing it's wildlife or military related?
  5. Wist

    Hey, looks like I'm well over a month late on this, but congratulations on the news editor role!

    1. Raven


      Hey there - thanks a lot! Appreciated

    2. Raven


      Also how are things going for you? It's been a while since we last got a chance to talk lol.

    3. Wist


      It has! I drop off the radar a lot...Sorry I missed you in the spring. Did you enjoy your trip?

      I'm doing alright. Not sure what I want to do with my life so trying some new hobbies. How have you been?

  6. I disabled voice mail and never pick up for unknown numbers. I look up numbers from missed calls; if they clearly have no legitimate reason to have called then I block them. I don't advise this; there are obvious flaws to this approach. But it's how I've handled the torrent of spam calls I receive after my ISP leaked my number. I have a friend who (if at home) plays gunshot noises (from his computer) and yells "I've been shot!" before hanging up. No idea how effective it's been though. Maybe we should compare notes.
  7. Wist

    You don't happen to still exist, do you? Nightmarre, Zeph, and I made a group on Discord, but it's missing one member.

  8. There are plenty of designs I like, some more than the one's I list. But I wouldn't be as comfortable nominating them as examples of great design as this lot. FE7 - Pent Pent looks stellar. I could say more... but I'm not sure I need to. FE7 - Lloyd If you ignore the belts, Lloyd is well put together. Cool and professional, but something about his shirt and earring betray humble beginnings. His outfit suits him perfectly for who he is: the dutiful son of a once principled mercenary, and a villain whose not actually trying to be a villain. Just a shame about the belts... seriously! FE9/FE10 - Titania I don't like Senri Kita's art. But Titania's design is fantastic. She looks strong, brave, and experienced, but also kind and reliable. Her armour is great: clearly feminine and plausible (especially the RD design). And the huge ponytail was a bold choice, but it works great with her distinctive colour scheme. Probably one of the best FE designs to date. FE15 - Tobin SoV Tobin's design has grown on me. I think I agree with everyone who mentioned him. Nothing much I can add on what's already been said. He just looks... how he should... and yet, I don't know, there's just something strangely eye-catching about his design.
  9. Maybe. It could affect prices for some services. For example, imagine Netflix has to spend more to reach American consumers. They could raise prices in the US to make up the difference. Or, they could raise prices across the world, but by less because more subscribers are paying the difference. This kind of international cross subsidisation isn't uncommon. But even if they take this route, it might not affect prices in your country if the video streaming market where you live is sufficiently competitive.
  10. Any chance @VincentASM or another FESSer might know?
  11. I don't have a problem cutting characters off. I tune out the voices when I do it. But I'm used to that from other games. I can see how it would feel odd if you're not. Though it sounds like you've just never liked it. How'd you do with the VA for Awakening and Fates? I found them distracting. But I'm curious how you felt as the spoken lines were so much shorter. I'm not sure what you mean here. If you have a chance, can you explain what having "Dual Audio on" would mean?
  12. It's terrible your SIL had to bear that for 10 years. I've heard this about the tech industry in general, but it seems particularly bad in the games industry. Heteronormative men have apparently established masculine bubbles and don't want to see them rocked or "invaded". I imagine it's why the glass ceiling is still a problem. I think this was more apparent in smaller companies, but when I was briefly in insurance qualified women were routinely interviewed and invariably passed over for executive positions because they didn't fit the "company culture"... which was just code for "we wouldn't feel as comfortable hanging out at the pub with them after work". It was a lame excuse to peddle the myth they supported equal opportunity while actively working against it. And then some people go on to claim women don't want those jobs anyways... it's hypocritical and absurd.
  13. I love that Riley is an engineer science type. Similar to Isara. But with all the evil scientist antagonists I think it's really important to have a character like her. I hadn't realised Brave actions kick in only when a character loses all their HP. I like this. Earlier, I was concerned it would be a possibly easily exploitable super potential. Making Engineers more versatile support units was a good move. And Grenadiers sound neat. They ought to be great for defensive maps. I guess they're also designed to counter the player using Scouts too recklessly? Yeah, that struck me as remarkably uncreative. At least United States of Vinland wasn't also directly lifted from a map...
  14. Yeah, it's really bizarre. I love FFXII, but I've never bothered with Yiazmat because it sounds like a massive chore. At least it's optional.
  15. I hope you don't mind this post. I discovered this thread today through your signature. Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to catching up on this in my spare time (hopefully before you resume pace after the holidays).
  16. Crymaria looks suitably dressed for snowstorms... I hope they show a video of the Brave System at some point. I'm having trouble picturing it for some reason. But I don't want to be suspicious of something new just because it's new and I'm uncreative. I agree it should open up more tactical options. Thanks for posting and commenting on the news you've come across so far!
  17. Actually, this isn't really a helpful post, so I'm deleting it.
  18. Absolutely spot on. "I guarantee you if you made characters less sexualized it wouldn't change shit" isn't something you can guarantee. Perhaps changing nothing but the outfits wouldn't make a big difference. But changing the dynamic with the outfits, the personalities, and character's roles in the stories (like all the examples @I'm a Spheal mentioned) might. It's this dynamic that's probably the biggest contributing factor to a gender bias. Games are a broad category of entertainment. Even Fire Emblem is pretty broad. Strategy, story, party building, relationships, grinding, and resource management are among the many aspects of Fire Emblem that appeal to different people irrespective of their gender. It would be a shame if the series were artificially locked into catering to one reliable but isolated market segment, and an inevitable detriment to the quality of the series. It's high time the developers figured this out and properly acted on it.
  19. I've been busy so hadn't taken the time to read through the pictures and commentary properly until now when it's emotionally convenient to procrastinate. You noticed and remarked on much more than I ever could have!
  20. Thank you @Tryhard and @Ertrick36 for answering my question so thoroughly. When I wasn't losing to my sister I had a lot of fun with SCII's single player modes. It'll be nice if those make a proper return to form.
  21. @Freezerburn's link suggests some. Though I would consider series instead of genres. For example, I'd be surprised if Kingdom Hearts had more male fans than female. And like @Freezerburn suggested, female playership in general is probably broadly underestimated. I suspect the number of women playing Fire Emblem is probably underestimated too. Maybe this is a tangent, but I also want to contribute to the notion that it can be hard to accurately judge the make-up of a forum. By no means am I arguing against the premise of the thread or the weighting of SF's gender ratio. But when I've seen topics like this in other communities, it's often turned out male posters assumed most other members were men when that wasn't actually the case. Anyways, @Florete makes an interesting point about the protagonists. The trailers, box art, and other promotional material probably have a lot of influence. I get the impression fewer woman discount games merely for having a male protagonist than men discount games merely for having a female protagonist ("I can't possibly relate to a girl... even though I can relate to a 200kg homicidal space marine..."). However, the coupling of serious male characters with cute/sexy support role girls makes the games look specifically designed with only straight male players in mind. And that probably goes a ways toward implying the stories will be less immersing (immersive?) for women (generally speaking). Can anyone comment on if FE Warriors is any good with this? I know it has dual protagonists, but I haven't kept up with the game at all, much less kept track of its marketing. Are they represented convincingly equally?
  22. I played II with my sister a lot. Never played any of the others. But if she ever gets the chance to visit I'll pick this up! What didn't people like about IV or V that they're hoping will be fixed?
  23. No worries. My fault for being too eager to check the thread! I don't have lots of time for games, so well under 30 hours sounds great. I just have to decide which version I want.
  24. I have soft spots for a few characters, but none I'd consider a waifu. Balthier is my man though!
  25. Funny you post this now. I was just this morning looking into the Atelier series. But I wasn't decided on which to try first. It would benefit from some paragraph breaks, but thanks for the review! Now thinking I might start with Ayesha too. Roughly how long did it take you to beat? Did you play the Vita version? How was the frame rate?
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