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  1. Aww...And I wanted to make Byleth a dancer too. This sucks.
  2. Ah I see. Can't wait to see what they are then. Thanks.
  3. Has there been any hint of exclusive master classes for the lords?
  4. Does anyone know when exactly the Torna DLC will release tomorrow? Will it be midnight? Just wondering because it takes forever to download big updates to my switch due to my crappy internet. I figured I better get a headstart on loading if I'm able to.
  5. - I don't want Rex as a playable character in Smash. Don't particularly like him to be honest, but Pyra and Mythra are okay. The characters I want to represent XB2 are Jin and Lora, but I realize that's a pipe dream. -Don't really care for Ridley or K-Rool. They're overhyped, imo. -There's too many Links.
  6. I realize it's probably very unlikely, but if I had to choose which Xenoblade rep we get in Smash (assuming we get one), I'd want Jin and Lora over Rex and Pyra. Elma wouldn't be bad either though.
  7. Any theories on how long the story dlc will be compared to the journey of Rex and company? I hope its as long as XB1 at least, but that could be a pipe dream on my part.
  8. I kinda hope this game is as long as RD, or at least close to it.
  9. I'm pretty hyped for the game. The gameplay certainly looks a bit different, but I bet I'll get used to it easily. Reminds me of a combination between GoT and the Persona series, which is hype.
  10. Welcome to Serenesforest! Your profile avatar and user name are amazing. 

    1. #Blame_Takumi


      Thank You, When I made this profile all i could think of is all the things Takumi caused in Birthright and Conquest 

  11. I think it would be cool if the Fire Emblem actually turned out to be a person. Imagine the plot twist that would be! Probably wont happen though.
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