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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Guide for FE9 years ago. Said it was a good place to go for general info on stats etc. Checked out the forums back in August and thought I'd give it a shot.
  4. Fellow Welshman, you cannot go inactive like this. Return!

  5. ^That, and IS probably couldn't afford to include other characters in the scene anyway, seeing as they wasted so much money on those annoying Lehran scenes.
  6. Dolphin I have found. Where can I find a Japanese copy of the game though? As in, a real copy. Not that I have anything against downloading an illegal version of it since they never bothered to legally release Maniac Mode in the west.
  7. Gatrie, easily. Your Nephenee got Str screwed badly.
  8. Ok, I'm trying to find a Japanese Soun No Kiseki ISO. Everywhere I've tried has resulted in me downloading some crap that certainly isn't the game. EDIT - Can't find anywhere that allows be to download this Dolphin thing properly either. Why can't this shit ever be simple...
  9. It's easy to talk 'theoretically'. Theoretically, Ashera could easily have been killed by anyone who decided to chop off her head. Of course, Fire Emblem mechanics only allow various strokes to the torso.
  10. ^HM in Radiant Dawn is the equivalent of MM in the Japanese version, so I'd guess they should be pretty similar.
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