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  1. i don't like shit i don't go outside

  2. I;m thinking about thos beans

  3. I refuse to recognize it as a sandwich, even if it defies all current logic and sciences.
  4. It's not exactly a smart move to only make RDR2 the equivalent to GTA Online. Despite the fact that GTA Online is financially successful, and it's more or less guaranteed to be in RDR2 (similar to the way it is in GTAV with a story, and the the online mode is what they'll focus on), the way GTA Online is currently perceived is not good, especially when you consider the recent and/or ongoing controversies on the PC version. Rockstar would be treading on very thin ice with that, but uhh I think I'm just rambling about something that's not even happening. Seems like it's possible for the game to have multiple protagonists though since the description says the game is about "the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang." I'd love to see them expand upon the multiple main characters system they had in GTAV, because there wasn't too much to it in the game, so it would be interesting if they added additional functionality/dynamics. I see a lot of people complaining about the characters being assholes and whatnot, but I think they forget that they are a gang, and we can't just expect another John Marston. I'll wait until there's more information about them before making my judgement, but Rockstar's been good at writing characters for a while now, so we could be fairly confident in that. edit: actually it's likely that John may show up at the very end of the game or something, or maybe he'll join up somewhere in the middle too. it's kind of a missed opportunity to not explore that part of John even though I'd rather they not use it as a crutch, but to fill in the blanks or something. maybe it ruins the ambiguity of his past in the first one, but it would be interesting.
  5. Thought it was already confirmed to be a prequel to the first game, but I suppose I might have been wrong there. I do remember people saying it wouldn't be viable to make a game set after the first one, since it was about the end of that era, so it has to take place before it at any rate. Anyway, yeah it's looking to be another fantastic experience. The environments look gorgeous, the aesthetic is on point, and since it's Rockstar, you can be confident this is how it will look. I'm not sure if it will reach the heights of the first RDR, because it's so solidified as a masterpiece to me, but Rockstar's surprised me before, so I won't say it's impossible. Also a little worried about their recent shift in business philosophy, even though I know they're committed to providing a single-player experience firstly. Whatever, I'm excited.
  6. I find myself falling in love with more post-metal and blackgaze acts like Cult of Luna, Boris, Jesu, and Deafheaven usually, but Between the Buried & Me, Opeth, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, and the new Chelsea Wofle albums (lol) are all essential too. I dig a lot of other bands involved with prog metal, death metal, black metal but more in the vein of Leviathan, Blut Aus Nord, or Negura Bunget, drone/doom metal, and probably some djent and metalcore, but all the metal sub-genres all something interesting to offer, even though I've kind of dissociated with trash for the most part since the only two good Metallica albums are Ride the Lightning & Ride the Lightning (Remastered) and I only really like a few albums by Slayer/Megadeth. And even though Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and whatnot are always legendary, the born in the wrong generation culture that surrounds them anymore prevents me from liking them in a way.
  7. MAY THE GOOD BLOOD GUIDE YOUR WAY The Fox: i remember seeing the vinyl edition of no cities to love and thinking it was really cool packaging, so since I liked this well enough, maybe I'll pick it up. vocals might take a bit getting used to, but I like the aesthetic displayed here. An Endless Sporadic: sounds like some really noodly prog stuff I'd jam to back in the day. don't get me wrong, I still have a fondness for this type of music though. it's always a fun listen. the song I shared is a bit softer than what they usually do. I guess closure in moscow is basically TMV but without the eccentric jazz/latin/funk/etc stylings and tendencies. children of nova and these guys are very closely related in terms of sound too. did one rip of the other's sound? probably not. anyway, pink lemonade is a extremely strange journey told through new-prog. featuring video game references (one song is named dinosaur boss battle, and the ending track I SWEAR IS FROM THE KATAMARI DAMACY SOUNDTRACK I KID YOU NOT), some weird disco song (?), and well other things. check it out if you miss the mars volta and can't come to terms with their breakup (even though they'll probably get back together soon). first temple's a lot less weird, and is a bit more toned-down, but it's good. they're fun. (wait hold on I know i compare these guys to TMV a lot, but they do stand on their own as a really good band, it's just that they DO happen to share a lot of similarities. i love these guys) oh yeah i forget but I swear the dude in closure in moscow channels cedric so well and it's kinda cool how close he gets sometimes. not to say he's not unique, and he doesn't do it often, but just something I notice occasionally.
  8. wait really? as much as I like jojo memes, there's no reason to not call it ROUNDABOUT I'm sure everyone knows that Pieces Of The Sky: not too bad, and I liked her voice quite a lot. South Side Of The Sky: see thoughts in previous post. i guess one other thing is that this song has a bit darker sound to it than the rest of the album. uh, check out the rest of tiny hazard's debut ep and their debut album, greyland. i haven't listened to it yet as I only knew it was out like 3 days ago, but i'm sure it's good, i don't know. for hot chip, in our heads is fantastic disco worship and whatnot so yeah whatever listen to it or something you know how it goes.
  9. I'll post thoughts tomorrow (don't worry this time I'll actually be there on time), but I will say south side of the sky is one of my favorite yes songs from probably my favorite yes album. even though it's not TO BE CONTINUED meme song, it's still absolutely wonderful. yes's colorful lyrics and complex musical styling make them a favorite 70's prog act.
  10. I didn't know what to do without my DAILY MUSICAL SUBMISSION but it's all fine now High Ticket Attractions: I feel I know these guys from somewhere, but regardless it's pretty fun and catchy, and it reminds me of the cars in a way, which I have a great fondness for them. I like it. uh the rest of the rejovich is pretty good, but like I said, his lyrics are kinda bad at some parts, but he does have some cool bars here an there, and the beats on it are really fucking good, so check it out at least for the atmosphere I guess?
  11. kira did nothing wrong Lipslap: kkb is almost too cute to not love, but I really enjoyed their debut last year. one of the few really happy and peppy bands I actually dig quite a bit. they're just so cute. good stuff. anyway, for old man gloom, I'm not versed in their works before NO and the ape of god, but i can however assure you that both of these records are some really good sluge/doom/post-metal with some weird experimental ambient tendencies and whatnot. aaron turner apparently can do no wrong, even though his work with sumac still hasn't clicked. for the soil & the sun, i'd say just go in release order, since they only have three albums and they're all pretty similar stylistically to this song, so if you liked the song, you'll like the band for sure. meridian is their best work I believe, but all of them are special so give them a listen some time.
  12. two days later but I'm not dead I promise (but I sure wish I was hahahaha) let's move on with the program Something In Japanese: mmm I can't get enough of this shit I'll be sure to listen to the entire thing later. as per usual great shit very goob <3 The Mollusk: reminds me of some bends-era radiohead which coincidentally I think I brought up last time ween was posted. cool song, and I think I like it better than the other one. Road: oddly enough, I was prompted to check out nick drake because of boris, because their akuma no uta album's cover is a tribute to one of his albums. nothing to do with the song, but it's interesting maybe probably sort of. good song. not much to say about it but it's nice. O Father O Satan O Sun: behemoth's alright, but this song's pretty cool. anyway, I'm not gonna write a long paragraph(s) on why you should listen to BtBaM since I'm really fucking heated right now, but I will agree with the fact that coma ecliptic is probably their best work, probably because of the broader musical stylings which for btbam, is hard to do. although, i still think colors and the parallax (1 and 2) are superb records that everyone should listen to at least once in their lives. i really have a hard time deciding a favorite with them.
  13. I kinda assumed that they actually were, but I guess it can still work as a joke I guess? Still loved it though.
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