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  1. I am trying to modify a new class to use the horse trot moving SFX; the same SFX of any other mounted unit. However, I am trying to make sense of the FE8 Movement Sound Table in FE Builder. Most units, including fliers and mounted, are set to use the same ordinary footstep sfx. Something seems off, because the sound effects are working in game. I opened the game in the Hex Editor and all these units appear to be using the same SFX. I am guessing that the table at offset 78DD8 is not correct as it is also missing the classes before 09. Does anyone know where the moving SFX table actually lives, and how I would go about switching a class to the horse trot SFX?
  2. I have been playing around with FE Builder and editing Fire Emblem 8. For the most part, it has been more straight forward than Nightmare, which is a win. I noticed that under patch tool there is a way to add custom character animations - similar to FE7. I would like to add a couple character specific animations into my mod. Problem: The top two patches Character Custom Animation Table Installer/Editor (shown below) will crash the game when any battle animation plays. I am also unfamiliar how to link up Event Assembler to FE Builder, so the button two Character Customer Animations are giving me lip. Anyone have any success at getting these character customer animation tables to work in FE8? Thanks much.
  3. I do not see any difference between the critical routine at 28D00 between a clean ROM and the working ROM. To answer you question, the crit on the inventory screen is correct. I am not sure if you have any idea here. I there anything that gives the player 2 luck?
  4. I am wondering if anyone knows where the offset is for where the game calculates critical hit rates. In a Fire Emblem 7 mod I am working on, I noticed an issue where the enemy critical hit rate is always 2 less than it should be. For example, if the critical hit rate should be 15%, the game is reading it at 13%. Strangely, this is not affecting allied units. Do you have any ideas?
  5. I actually found and read a Wiki note on Weapon Locks for Fire Emblem 6, 7, 8. Reference here: http://femodding.wikia.com/wiki/Weapon_Lock_Notes. I found a note that called out the dragonstone issue I am experiencing: I also see that Fire Emblem 7 has weapon lock features for Rapier/Durandal, Mani Katti/Sol Katti, Wolf Beil/Armads, and Forblaze; however, I am not seeing this under Weapon Ability 3 in Nightmare. I do see there are locks to specific characters in Weapon Ability 4 though. How would I utilize the "Forblaze" weapon lock to apply to specific classes (Fire Mage, Fire Sage, and Archsage) instead of only having it locked to Athos?
  6. I want to revisit this topic, because I ran into an issue with the Dragon Stone Weapon Lock. For some reason, this particular weapon lock will not display the weapon stats that is normally displayed via help (see screenshot). The Wo Dao and Unused Weapon Lock work perfectly fine. Does anyone know if there is another weapon lock that also works here that will fix the issue OR is there a way to make it so Dragon Stone Weapon Lock displays help?
  7. Thank you for your help Primefusion! You were absolutely correct regarding the issue with #1 and #2. I ended up using KILL Character_ID instead and that seemed to work fine. I am not sure why the coordinate variant was not working for me.
  8. So I solved Problem #4. Basically when calling tile changes in Event Assembler, you must use Hex Value; however, in Tiled, you cannot use hex values as your ID #. Strange, but okay. I figured out the cause of Problem #2, but I do not know how to resolve it. Basically whenever I use a ENUT or ENUF command the game freaks out. How do I prevent other switches from triggering after I hit one switch without using ENUT or ENUF? I am very confused here...
  9. Background: I am making a chapter in Fire Emblem 7 that has 4 switches. The player must hit 2 of the 4 switches to access the throne room and win the map. Depending on the switch hit, the player will receive access to certain rewards at the cost of another. Problems/Questions: I have come across 4 major problems in my code. Otherwise, it seems to be working fine. I was hoping to find help in this thread as it is all about Event Assembler. Thank you in advance. I am using an AREA event under Misc_events to trigger the switches. The problem is that enemies can also trigger the switches, which I do not want to happen. How would I go about making this a player only trigger? Would I need to duplicate the code under every switch using every playable character as active? I figure there would have to be another way. After the switch event trigger, the music completely freaks out - basically a long never-ending screech sound. I have tried many of the music related codes, but nothing is fixing this. Does anyone have any suggestion what I should include in the code? The KILL coordinate events are not working (i.e. KILL [21,6]). Am I using this incorrectly? Is there another way to kill a character located on a specific coordinate? Some of the map changes are not triggering, and I am wondering if this is a code issue or if I am assigning the wrong map change ID's based on positioning. One map change that is never triggering is MAC 0x22 0x0 (the front gate). I can confirm that the top-left tile in the tile change is furthest right on the x and down on the y axis. There are three other tile changes that have a bottom right tile further right on the x and down on the y axis. I am wondering if this could be causing problems with the map change ID; thus the triggering event. Code: TopLeftSw: ALIGN 4 // prevents misalignment from ballista data //FIRST SWITCH IFEF 0x45 0x46 //checks if no switch has been hit yet. MAC1 0x01 0x0 SOUN 0xB1 MAC1 0x03 0x0 STAL 10 MAC1 0x08 0x0 MAC1 0x15 0x0 MAC1 0x20 0x0 MAC1 0x22 0x0 //Front Gate Open SOUN 0xAB STAL 10 MUS1 0x0042 //TogetherWeRide TEX1 0x13B2 //Recruitment Text CUSI 0xD6 $00 REMA MURE 5 ENUT 0x45 //Sets first switch to true ENUT 0x50 ELSE 0x47 ENIF 0x46 //SECOND SWTICH IFEF 0x48 0x49 //checks if another switch has been hit MAC1 0x01 0x0 SOUN 0xAB MAC1 0x05 0x8 MAC1 0x03 0x0 STAL 10 MUS1 0x0042 //TogetherWeRide TEX1 0x13B2 //Recruitment Text CUSI 0xD6 $00 MURE 5 STAL 30 IFEF 0x51 0x54 MAC1 0x07 0x0 KILL [21,6] //Kills character at [21,6] ENIF 0x54 IFEF 0x52 0x55 MAC1 0x14 0x0 KILL [9,11] //Kills character at [9,11] ENIF 0x55 IFEF 0x53 0x55 MAC1 0x19 0x0 KILL [17,13] //Kills character at [17,13] ENIF 0x55 SOUN 0xB1 MAC1 0x09 0x0 //Alter open ENUT 0x48 //sets second swtich to true ENIF 0x49 ENIF 0x47 ENDA
  10. Thank you, I guess there is currently not one in existence then. Do you happen to know how to change the weapons used within the Arena? I am changing Valkyries to use Light Magic in Fire Emblem 7 (like Fire Emblem 8). I am concerned about a Valkyrie showing up in the arena equipped with an Anima tome.
  11. I have an Event Assembler Code question. How would I write the following using Event Assembler? I see the "if character dead" can use the IFCD logic, but I am not certain how to tie in the level logic. Arena Question: I see that there is a Nightmare Model for Arena classes, but nothing in that model details the weapons used by these classes. Is there a way to change the classes and weapons around of what is shown in the Arena?
  12. Thanks you for these Primefusion. Loading these replacement animations in seemed to have fixed the problem; at least to my current knowledge. The only problem I had was cooperating with FEeditor. That thing is like a wack-a-mole game: fixing one animation breaks another animation. Does anyone else have any issues working in FEedtor or have strategies to have it do what you expect?
  13. I found an issue with my FE 7 mod that I find confusing. I inserted a Elthunder animation in replace of the Emblem Blade. Everything seems to work fine except for one issue. The game freezes (screen goes completely white) on instances where Elthunder is used against an Assassin and the Assassin dodges the attack. This seems to be the only time I have seen this (so far). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!
  14. There were only a few edits that I made to the game - all of which were done using FEeditor. I added new class animations up to A8 in the Class Animation Manager. I believe this change is actually what caused the problem. I added 4 new portraits in the Portrait editor up to E8 I replaced Heal, Mend, Restore, Psychic animation with Wind, Elwind, Elthunder, and Thoron. I made no additional changes to this ROM.
  15. I am working on a mod for Fire Emblem 7 and uncovered a major defect. Whenever I promote a character, the game resets at the end of the promotion animation. Has anyone seen this or know how to fix this?
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