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  1. Literally the only pairing I wanted (MaMU x Gregor) isn't on the list. That sucks, but this is still really awesome of you to do.
  2. I think the name is supposed to be a pun based off of the word Malignant. At least, that's what I heard somewhere -shrug-
  3. What, really? Ughhh. At least A+ exists for other characters; that's at least something.
  4. Ew, what the hell? I thought Fates was supposed to be trying to be original with this new title. And with no same-sex romantic supports confirmed once again, there goes a substantial part of my hype surrounding this game. I'll still play it though, I just won't be happy about it.
  5. I bestow my favoritism upon Gregor Cherche Frederick Lissa Maribelle Brady Nah Early game I put most of my Renown Boosters into Miriel, Sully, and Stahl, but I tend to drop them mid-game for some reason. I should stop that
  6. Do you guys know how utterly broken Severa will turn out, considering she not only has to live in the shadow of Cordelia, but also Chrom and Lucina?
  7. In my first run through Cordelia majorly sucked. I remember her getting 2-3 stat ups most of the time, and she fell behind very quickly. I don't think I've had a character majorly screwed like that in any subsequent playthroughs. Well, maybe. In my current playthrough, Stahl had such pitiful speed as a Cavelier, and I think Sully started borrowing Stahl's growths (more str+def, less skill+speed) for a bitt while she was still a Cavelier. They turned out decent after reclassing, though.
  8. Haha, FE12 actually didn't cross my mind.I thought it was more like, "omg guiz I found way 2 hab DLC waifu" hoax.
  9. Gregor to Barbarian to Warrior all day everyday. So hunky. I always leave Lissa as a War Cleric as her final class, because it's close to her original outfit. I think I'll make her a Sage at some point because it's Emmeryn's outfit. I tend to leave everyone except Gregor in their original class tree. -Boring-
  10. I don't know why I thought of Robin and Katarina pairing up romantically when I saw this thread. This is pretty useful information nevertheless.
  11. I mainly just paired everyone based on hair color, but I know some of the pairings stuck with me. Even though I want Gregor for myself, I really like Gregor x Cherche because it's revealed that many years ago, Gregor turned against his poaching employers to save Minerva while she was an infant. I don't feel confident in any of my pairings for Gen 2 because I believe that most of the kids don't really have good chemistry with each other, except: Owain x Cynthia Lucina x Gerome
  12. Est. She gets kidnapped in every game she's in (even Awakening DLC, so I hear), and even though she tries to help in FE3/12, she usually makes things worse in the end. Way to ruin your relationship with Abel and your sisters.
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