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  1. Binding Blade sounds like a significantly easier game to remake so it wouldn't surprise me nor bother me if they picked it over Geneology.
  2. I love all of these with the exception of Cherche but I'll put my vote in for Vaida, who is just one of the most badass female playable characters in the entire series.
  3. I can take satisfaction from actually watching her die now.
  4. As they have few beast units left to introduce from the older games, my guess will be Book 4 introducing some new sort of Zenith-based beast units, including the new unit we'll be getting for free at the beginning.
  5. The voice acting sounds very off to me across the board this time. Also, I now know for sure that I won't be liking Duo Heroes.
  6. I did read and also noticed someone else understood your comment similarly and also felt like pointing it out. Surprise, perhaps people that aren't in your head might interpret things differently and there's at least two people here that did. I could see people getting addicted to luxury and developping unhealthy spending habits. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's fairly common. Someone else mentionned clothes and fashion before in this thread, to parallel your luxury restaurant argument. If they feel compelled to spend for luxury for a reason or another, it is a problem, it is an addiction, and gacha games can make you feel that. It has mechanisms that make it so that you must keep spending to retain status. Heroes's business model has you spend to remain relevant. There's a power creep, that you've also constantly denied or sought to minimize through your posts and with each shiny new things, each new more powerful things, the game makes it's players feel like they need to keep on spending to remain on top. Or at least to stand a better chance to. That's also an aspect of it that I consider unethical. Then there's the loot boxes gambling aspect of it that you've mentionned yourself. You say the amount doesn't matter but I believe the massive amount of money that's invested in such a video game by some of it's players amounts to addiction one way or another. Whether it is getting the whole collection of collectable units, or getting extra merges for the team, it can amount to several thousands, which is just several orders of magnitude higher than what most video games sell for or expect you to spend on them. It's insane. Promotions aside, the best orb for buck deal right now is 143 orbs for 105 bucks, which is essentially on average probably 2 or 3 5* units, half of them only being the focus unit you desired. Gunning for several +10 merge projects is a huge investment for anyone, including those with deeper pockets. It is such irrational spending when compared to what's asked of you by the rest of the vgame industry that it can only be done through addiction and the entire model depends of finding ways to get it's players addicted before hitting you with things like barriers to progress, particularly in PvP, where you compete against opponents in higher tiers that are mostly all big spenders. Even PvE content can hardly be beat my f2p players. You argued before that it can be and pointed towards guides online, but these are produced by exceptional players that have invested several hours into finding solutions. For the greater majority, some of the game modes will be unbeatable unless they replicate the strategy, which is not really playing the game at all, or do what the game wants you to do: pay to win. How much have you spent? Getting close to 100k? Despite the limits you've imposed on yourself, despite the budget you have for it, despite that you're an adult and despite who the fuck am I to tell you how to spend your money and what makes you happy, that's irrational spending and that's gotta be rooted in addiction.
  7. That's a prize to be won as far as shitty analogies go. Once you require the orbs like you do calories to survive, perhaps it'll be of some value to compare them.
  8. Adults can fall victim to addictions, obviously, and business models that try to get you addicted and are only financially successful when they can manage just that are unethical. I don't give much of a fuck for the "we're ultimately responsible for our actions" arguments. Some of us are vulnerable to these sort of tactics and I feel these people should be better protected. Shoving off the distress of people that gambled away all their savings because they're adults and they've "chosen to" is not something I'll do. Besides, I'm not talking about shutting down anything. Hell, I'm playing this game. I will continue to call it unethical though. I don't care how much spare money you have, if you spent thousands of dollars on Fire Emblem Heroes or any other gacha game, I'm going to consider you a victim.
  9. We're talking about spending several thousands here so it's not just about spending money. Sure you might "enjoy it" but the prize for that is ridiculous. You're trading thousands of dollars for a virtual currency in a game using a predatory model that makes it so that what you spent on will quickly become obsolete when compared to the next new shiny things they'll release. Gacha games are unethical and to me they are a stain on Nintendo's reputation. I still play Heroes though. I'm a pretty big Fire Emblem fan. I just won't spend on it.
  10. Hearing whales and their anecdotes concerning their ludicrous spendings just makes me want to tear down capitalism. Of course, I'll be judging and it isn't my place to do it, I suppose, but I can't think of anything more wasted than money spent on predatory gacha. I once bought the BK 5* deal and I felt like I was stepping on my principles and regretted it instantly.
  11. Sure but you said they "don't go together at all", which is crazy. You can pair Nyna with other characters but none better than with Camus/Sirius.
  12. You literally need Sirius to get Nyna out of her possessed state at the end of the game. They 100% are a pair, regardless who Sirius truly is in love with by that point.
  13. There is only one reason Python has B Tomebreaker Tome and that is because it is the only breaker skill not in the regular pool. That and Short Bow+, which they want there as well, make it pretty obvious that he's planned to drop.
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