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  1. Of course it's going to drop after the first year and it will again next year. Regardless, 150 millions of revenues for a mobile game sounds like a boatload to me still. There is no way the game costs anywhere this much so it is still probably very profitable and has enough wiggle room to last another couple of years. I can't see it as a game that's "not exactly looking pretty financially right now".
  2. Ranked lower than Leila in the last two CYL polls so that cannot be your argument. Lower than Rath and Nils as well. Yes we know every banner not including your very few select favourites will necessarily be "very disappointing". Your bitterness has sadly started to make me wish against those characters appearing. I for one am very glad Leila becomes playable for the very first time and I believe this contributed to the demand for her inclusion.
  3. "Hell yeah" is way too overly enthusiastic but I paired them on their route, yeah. Edelgard has pretty much sky-rocketed to my favourite FE character.
  4. I don't feel comfortable praising Byleth for executing Randolph. Supporting Dimitri, even if it is merely fighting alongside him, during his craziness phase, is what seems irredeemably immoral to me.
  5. Edelgard would have beaten past winners on this poll even had they been included.
  6. Flavia being blonde doesn't have me see her as an "African" woman. Then again, this is anime and they have unnatural hair colour.
  7. Aww. No new 3-4* unit. Geneaology had plenty of units that could have fit the role. Like, I don't know, Hannibal or Corple.
  8. Edelgard vs Dimitri first round makes me wish we went back to the old Voting Gauntlet model and just have pure popular vote decide.
  9. Didn't think they'd release Swift Sparrow before Death Blow.
  10. I'll play the game eventually because I loved the old FEs as well as Tearring Saga but I'd rather play it with FE NES 8-bit sprites graphics than the garbage they're stuck with. Those graphics, save the portraits, are a pretty large turn-off to me.
  11. Even without this alt, Anna couldn’t have beaten Edelgard in CYL4. Glad to see some colours on Eir.
  12. Altina is a good looking chick with two swords. Athos is an old man. This is a gacha game. He's got better chances than Roland, at the very least, in my opinion. Amongst male heroes from the lore of FE games, maybe only Anri I consider has a chance in the near future (maybe Soan because they don't have many beasts to choose from) and that's only because he's the original one (something that hasn't helped characters like Julian or Medeus).
  13. They won't pass on Lif twice and he's got the CYL score to back that up. They just didn't want Thrasir and Lif back to back. Or maybe it'll be Hel since they seem to still have a story role for Lif. I really don't think Altina being there means that someone like Roland has a chance. Not for as long as there are still characters like the OCs, Mila and Ashera to compete with.
  14. Darn. That had never happened to me before. All three of them +Att.. X_x Sumia & Sothis: +Att, -HP Marth: +Att, -Res
  15. I've a profound distaste for seasonal banners, an even bigger one for Christmas-themed ones and hate everything about dual heroes. I really like the idea of young Zephiel being in the game though.
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