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  1. She was worried about her lover, out there risking his life. She left her child in good care to go get his father back. Sigurd also left Seliph.
  2. Good lord, playing this now that it’s been translated made me realize how stellar the soundtrack for this game is.
  3. They are similar plot-wise but Athos feels like a formidable combatant while Gotoh does not. I'd rather they go Anri first for an Archanea mythic.
  4. Chrom, Rhajat and Leo, I believe. I think Leo was the last launch unit that I didn’t have.
  5. I always thought Faye’s class in Heroes was most attributable to miscommunication. Someone may not have known female villagers couldn’t be archers.
  6. If they add any system for the online service, I hope it'll be anything other than Nintendo 64. I don't think there's anything left on that system that I want to play. That system and it's early 3D graphics aged the most out of all of them. Even basic Gameboy wouldn't look as bad. GBA is what I would wish for.
  7. I’m not sure why Palla and Est are being suggested. What even are the differences between their Archanean and Valentian versions anyway? (Actually, having them on wyverns, which they can have on promotion in the first game, would be pretty awesome)
  8. If it's an alt and Echoes, I hope they lay off the Pegasus sisters. Tired of them. Give Mae one. I don't even understand why she isn't the most popular Echoes female after Celica. Still prefer no alt, even if it means they go Hestia or Nuibaba if they really need a second female.
  9. Skirmishes in dungeon are all played in small maps so he can probably shine there if you put him in a spot close to the enemies. Maybe have him bait many of them on Enemy Phase so that the rest of your units can smack them on your turn. Sounds like something a knight would do.
  10. I really hope they will stop releasing mid-polling results starting next year. People stop voting for their true favourites at that point and just bandwagon/counterbandwagon.
  11. I like when meme characters make it far enough to get a chance to be released into the game but I definitely do not want them to win. Gatekeeper into Heroes is awesome. Brave Gatekeeper into Heroes is awful. Despite not liking Chrom (and Byleth even less), I need to throw all my remaining votes towards him now.
  12. Oh, yeah. I did not remember that. Also forgot Tiki in TMS, as Jotari pointed out. The TMS minor bosses on there were all already there though.
  13. Has anyone compiled a list of all the new characters available to vote for on this year's CYL? A lot of them seem to have been added in, some of them, like Lekain, very overdue. Edit: I did it (list made quickly and prone to mistakes) Genealogy of the Holy War Dithorba Thracia776 August Blazing Sword Elbert Eleanora Brendan Reed Roland Durban Desmond Hellene Fargus Uther Lundgren Bramimond (I feel like Darin is important enough to be there and is still missing.) Sacred Stones Morva Vigarde Path of Radiance Bryce Shiharam Gromell Kusatai (still no Rajaion) Radiant Dawn Lehran Lekain Levail Numida Ludveck Altina Awakening Phila Fates Daichi Daniela Funke Gazak Haitaka Kumagera Llewyn Lloyd Senno Tarba Zhara (I feel Anthony should also have been added) Three Houses Abysskeeper Gatekeeper Aelfric Hapi Constance Yuri Balthus (no Fleche, no Sitri) Heroes Freya Mirabilis Reginn Otr Fafnir Gustave Henriette Other glaring omissions Cipher characters, especially Randall, Emma, Shade & Yuzu who are all playable in Echoes Warriors OCs
  14. There are way more than 10 remaining characters that absolutely should be in Heroes but he's my short list. I've decided to leave out Three Houses because it feels to me like every missing student, recency bias at work, is important enough that they need to be added. The list is very villains-heavy: 1. Nyna 2. Medeus 3. Nergal 4. Ashera 5. Sonia 6. Raydrik 7. Mycen 8. Manfroy 9. Validar 10. Marcus
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