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  1. ok i was partially wrong on lucia's skill. It's only effective on the turn she's grown on.
  2. Can't be dodged and +10 for elincia support? My Japanese literacy isn't too great, guessing from the kanji I can understand.
  3. So apparently this is the decklist of the guy who won the Japan national championship back earlier in February. Source: http://kizunafe0.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-334.html [spoiler=FKamui Decklist]12 Cost: 4 4 White FKamui 4 Black FKamui 4 Camilla 9 Cost: 3 2 Black Camilla 4 Gunther 3 Luna 29 Cost: 1 4 Silus 4 Kisaragi 1 White FKamui 4 Soleil 4 Camilla 4 Rinka 4 Setsuna 4 White Takumi
  4. Yes, Nowi's filtering is great. And yeah the support stacking has no card advantage, but isn't required to do every turn which makes it a useful tool. For sure Nowi's better, but just wanted to put out there that Fa was far from "bad"
  5. I don't necessarily see how it's bad. Skill is optional and you can use it to set up strong attacks if you happen to draw a great support card which you can just bond and send to the top of your deck. Seems like a solid endgame card to me. I would say Nono is better just because you get some card advantage out of it since they do go to your hand, however forcing certain supports can make attacks more consistent or even since there is a lot of emblem interaction in purple. Can force a sword/axe support for Dieck. And barring the skill, still an endgame 80 base unit with a 20 support. Far from bad imo. (This is all assuming I'm reading her first skill correctly. Once per turn you may send a bond to the top of your deck?)
  6. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  7. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  8. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  9. Only old fogies will know me kiddos
  10. Rei


    It's going to "fly away now"
  11. Rei

    been awhile

    I just miss the Lyle hunts and shit.
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