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  1. Long range magic combined with someone able to use Aether causes some crazy effects.
  2. Some of the villages have their dialogue boxes at the top rather than the bottom like they should be. Same with DiMaggio's boss text when you fight him animation-less.
  3. I think I found Volzhin's boss quote also good lord I didn't mean for the image to be that big oops.
  4. Alright. I'll go poke around for the Chapter 12 boss quote. If there a savefile floating around that's near midgame that would be helpful.
  5. Nice progress. How did you end up extending the space limit anyway? That gave me trouble when I tried fiddling around with FE1 hacking. If you still need help with testing/locating text I might be able to help.
  6. Just downloaded the newest newest version and for some reason I'm getting a game over on Chapter 12 when Kalten leaves the map.
  7. Just got here, but yeah, FE3 Kashim is awesome. Glad to see him get use in Book 1. As for Book 2 Kashim, he's still pretty good. Jeorge beats him short term, but his crazy strength growth and promo mount ensure that Kashim will outperform him by a lot later on.
  8. Rom is squeaky clean. The same copy of the ROM patches Hard Mode just fine so I'm just confused. EDIT: The end of Chapter 6 has an unrelated cutscene involving Logan and Anakin for some reason, so I assume that's a bug.
  9. Having weird issues with both patches. 0% growths just refuses to patch for some odd reason. I try and put it on a clean FE7 rom and it either does not patch or the rom doesn't work. Hard Mode randomly gave me Gary and Frederick in Chapter 1.
  10. I sure hope I haven't accidentally killed whoever can be recruited in this map.
  11. oh damn I'm looking forward to playing the final version of this.
  12. How do you recruit the Pirate guy who appears in the same map as the Lancer guy who is recruitable? I didn't notice him on the guide but I'm pretty sure I should be able to recruit him.
  13. Managing shops and buildings is fine. Generic "kyaa what are you doing in the hot springs kamui" bullshit along with face poking and whatever the fuck Camilla was doing is bad. Very bad. Don't do that. All of it won't matter anyway if the gameplay turns out to be poorly balanced again.
  14. I think the crash was fixed in another version but THAT version causes the ending to crash. Current translation is super buggy. As for Muse/Mousa, I always just go with what sounds better and Muse sounds better. That being said, there's a reason I don't do translation stuff.
  15. always bet on Cord Also, Castor was super helpful earlygame when I did some 0% growths practice on 12. Get those Killer Bow crits and everything goes well.
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