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  1. Murphy's Law had a way to show up at the worst times. Right after her comment, Linus seemed inspired to throw the idea of taking part in the service fun... and was looking straight at her?? Was she supposed to take the initiative? "Um..." She was blushing, why did he have to be so direct? Was it her poor performance in the trial campaign? Probably was that, wasn't it? ...At leaat her mind chose to believe as much to save further embarrasment. "I don't know, I--" Before she could really opine more, Melanie made the decision for her, talking about the three of them... probably including Monika. "Mmmm... Fine, I... suppose I'll volunteer." What a predicament... at least she wouldn't do it alone, yeah? Damn it, Linus...
  2. "Marina... you will find your way when you find it. Only otherworlders can wield what you can, and its power can't be understated. You will be able to mold this world a bit if that is what you want... at least, I believe so." Agni was a soldier, first and foremost. He'd stuck with Marina out of duty, but the monsters were truthfully getting to him less. Agni wasn't about to dismiss everything because he disagreed with Marina, and, for what its worth, he'd come to expect results from Marina's wavering heart. Agni retreated his hand, gaze still firm. "I don't know what monsters will think of you later, but know that I will fight for your reasons to be heard, once you discover them." Agni was sure the journey would provide Marina's answers. As for the now... they were being bothered. "Ah, huh? Oh. Thank you, Mr. Geoffrey. We're with a merchant group travelling past. If this rings no bells... then yes, we would like a couple rooms, if you could." Better safe than sorry.
  3. "Wow, giving up so quickly, Mewlanie?" Karina chuckled, oblivious that she was being affected by the harmonizing effects of the field surrounding her, as well. "Wouldn't do to lose you so quick, come on." She reached a hand to pat Mewlanie's hear, giving her ear a nice scritch, this was very cute. "Mm, I'd like to see that G-Frame too..." It occurred to Karina that she had come with seldom an idea what this was going to be about aside from the group's reunion. Well, if she was going to see G-Frames, she could stick around just fine. Surely there would be food inside. "Can't say I envy having to dress these things..." She digressed.
  4. That... had been a surprising question from Marina. It came as an explanation as to why she felt uncomfortable to ask to begin with, and why she had to drag him to this corner of a room to speak of it. If Thesephine had little faith of her in the end, what of the church? It was rather loaded... Agni placed a hand on her shoulder. One last glance to his surroundings to make sure they were not followed by some curious soul... "Marina is the Hero." He affirmed, "There is no other way to look at it. You hold Myrithali, you hold the power to shape this land unlike most, it is not chance that you are here, and if the church were to revoke your status as hero --that's blasphemy, defilement of their own holy ritual!" At these words, Agni almost worked himself up a bit, but gave it pause as he caught himself, with a flinch. It wouldn't do to get loud here... "Still, my orders were clear. To guide Marina Fairchild. Even if there were --political shenanigans or not-- a decision to bring in another hero, I'd be protecting you, because that is my mission." He stepped back, to give Marina some space after he said his piece, "But also, because they would be wrong." For what it was worth, Agni's conviction, borne of faith, led him to believe Marina to be the true hero, and a replacement to be unthinkable. When you have the messiah in front of you, and the church turns agains the messiah, a man truly pious to the scriptures would turn to protect the messiah.
  5. "S-so close! Can't let that thing hit me, but if I can't make distance..." Makoto fires with the Supression pistol at Deimos #5! Makoto attacks! Target: Deimos #5 Weapon: Suppression Pistol Final Hit: 91 Final Crit: 22 (Double Image roll: 80. Miss!) Roll: 70, 34 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 45 Deimos #5 starts sinking through the air... Makoto gains +250 EXP, +12 PP, +5500 credits! A tiny, piercing shot... Meanwhile, Esther moves to (6,10).
  6. "Thanks, I needed that. Now..." Carlos lands his machine. "Best to clean up some small fry." Carlos moves to (11,9), opens fire at Cressida #10 Carlos attacks! Target: Cressida #10 Weapon: Dual Arms Cannon Final Hit: 91 Final Crit: 26 Roll: 9, 3 Hit! Crit! Damage: 129! Cressida #10 counters! Weapon: LB Beam Rifle Final Hit: 61 Final Crit: 0 Roll: 67, 30 Miss! Carlos gains +5 EXP, +5 Will!
  7. "R-requesting permission to operate repairs on the outer shell!" Caroline to (6,6), repairs the Deliverance. Repair action: 86 Hp healed. Caroline gains +50 EXP!
  8. "To the arena? We should probably give that a look, then." A place for bloodsports was hardly desired for during the war, but if this village had one... some could make a profit of it anyways. Perhaps they were making use of that for some profit. Not too bad an idea, for them. Maybe it'd be a fruitful outlet for Xalrei's... temperament. Marina herself decided to visit the inn they would stay at first. It'd be a nice idea to stop by as well, so Agni was more than fine complying. All things considered, Marina was in a much better mood than in past days, that relieved Agni as well. It seemed fleeting, however, as she stopped and turned to ask something of him, levity escaping her face. "Of course. What is it, Marina?" Evidently, something was bothering her... there could be several reasons as to why, in the past few days. Agni did not take a guess.
  9. Aliza casts Focus![-10SP] She moves to blast Deimos 2! Aliza attacks! Target: Deimos #2 Weapon: Code ATA Final Hit: 91 Final Crit: 41 Roll: 26, 40 Hit! Crit! Damage: 337! That... left nothing of the Deimos to answer back! Aliza gains +250 EXP, +6 Will, +12 PP, +5500 credits! Aliza levels up! +2 SP! Lethal!
  10. Walking along the docks... these adbots always annoyed Karina, but this time it seemed like she'd avoided their detection, which was a welcome turn of events. The docks were a bit busier than usual, which Karina assumed to be the factor in her fortunate walk. Regardless, the destination, Dock C-142, was in her sight of view at this point. It occurred to her that she was entirely oblivious to Babylonian culture, looking at that massive ship. Whatever was going on here? To add to her confusion, a woman that seemed to be greeting most was in a very... unusual maid attire. Unusual in the sense that Karina it was more to their side of the solar system than Babylonian. Perplexing. It wasn't much of a point of contention at all, in the end. This woman, a serf judging by her hair, was around familiar people --Melanie, Monika, Hitomi and Linus, and some other girl. It meant she wasn't particularly late, for one, which was good. "Hey there." Walking closer, hands in her pocket, Karina still felt fairly off. "So what's this all about?" The communal part of being in a team hadn't kicked in, so she didn't quite feel comfortable approaching them yet, but she wasn't fretting about it. And seeing so many hands petting Melanie was amusing on its own.
  11. Tarquin casts Sense! [-16 SP] Thorvald casts Shield! [-25 SP] The Odin isn't just for show! Thorvald attacks! Target: Deimos #5 Weapon: Rocket Barrels Final Hit: 83 Final Crit: 16 Roll: 82, 9 Hit! Crit! Damage: 131! Deimos #5 counters! Weapon: Pulse Kunai Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 0 Roll: 75, 33 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 2. 20 EN is depleted! Tarquin provides support fire! Weapon: Full Output Railgun Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 28 Roll: 10, 25 Hit! Crit! Damage: 190! Deimos #5 can no longer fight! Thorvald gains +250 EXP, + 4 Will, +12 PP, +5500 credits! Thorvald levels up! +4 SP! Tarquin gains +75 EXP, +12 PP! A sure shot ended it!
  12. "...Yes. Whenever she can." Agni's response was delayed, another remark on the church got him thinking again... alluding of a time where one wouldn't be afraid of humans. It definitely rose some questions, but Agni was sure he'd exhausted his goodwill with the shopkeeper already. He simply walked over to the counter, so as to not forget his clothes there, then followed Marina. "Once again, thank you." Getting clothes for Marina was one priority done. Good. "Ma... Cianna, well." He'd still take a while getting used to this name, for sure, "So, to the inn to drop these clothes off first? Then, if you could answer, I'd like to know where the others are."
  13. That previous day, Karina had returned home quietly, rejecting Makala's 'wonderful' offer to look up the archive of dubious webcommunities. The rest of the meeting was mostly organizing their contacts, which was expected. What kept her busy was thinking on how to tackle this to her brother. He definitely heard something, he was in the army, after all. The restrained hype from joining a competitive team was blanketed by Karina's worries on whether she'd be allowed to continue at all. Father would be against it, but it wasn't like his stance on the matter changed, which meant things fell on her brother being okay with it. After enough dawdling in the living room, Karina went to her room and turned on the desktop unit she used for gaming. It felt best to communicate with her brother in something that was not her usual avenues after the incident... she'd keep her portables to communicate with Team Odyssey, if nothing else. Karina: Hey bro... She fired her message, leaning onto the desk. She didn't feel like turning the lights on, so all that illuminated the room was the screen's light shining unevenly on her face. Aniki: Hi Aniki: Are you home? Karina: I'm home. Aniki: Cool, I got the gist from the higher ups. Karina let her forehead hit the desk, arms crossed in frustration. So Sten knew, probably not a good summary, from the way these thing were. Karina: I'm gonna be used as bait... how do you feel about this? ... There was no response, she didn't like it when Sten went quiet, she much preferred supportive Sten. Karina: Bro? Aniki: Don't like it at all, this is serious. Aniki: I don't suppose I can convince you to drop out from this? So he was considering it. That was natural. Karina wouldn't give it up, though. The notion of going back to father's house was something she'd never compromise with again. Karina: If you're not forcing me, I'm staying. I like our place. Karina: Just get this rogue AI, bro! Isn't it dangerous for you anyways? It could be going after you, yeah? Aniki: Somehow, I don't think I'm important enough for it to care, also, dealing with a class-A is not my job. Aniki: Stay safe, sis. I'm not coming home today. Aniki: I'm hoping they do a good job. If anything serious happens, I'll put the brakes on you. I'll know. ...They would need to talk about that later. She wouldn't take a no for an answer, even if it got serious. Karina was too involved in this, and for whatever reason that only compelled her to keep going. She knew Sten wouldn't like it, but still... That would be it for that conversation. She could stay... that was all that mattered. Now to get her pyjamas and make some dinner... The dawn of a new day. Karina did most of her early chores systemically, still half-asleep. Clothes on the washing machine, breakfast eaten... she was brushing her teeth by the time a message popped on her device. A reunion, hm? She could go, no problem. The docks were a long walk away, though still doable, compared to others, and she hadn't much to do but a shower. She could take a jog there. And so she did, after dressing in her usual attire (jacket included, though open and hangling from her shoulders), and making sure the apartment was well-kept, she locked the door and made her way down the complex's elevator. It was a nice view from up there, if nothing else. Karina: Be there in a bit. She replied to the group, just to make sure they knew to count on her presence, were she to be late. Karina liked her chances, though... ....Hmm? Some notification on LunaTicks. Oh, Mewlanie. Hold up, was she going to haul her fans to the meeting? Karina played the message, and, relieved to hear that wasn't the case, laid back against the elevator's wall. Geez... how could she be so peppy all the time? Inviting her fans to check out the team, however, wasn't too much her cup of tea. Karina promptly disabled her notifications, in case some of Mew's fans decided to remind her about yesterday's blunder. She sighed a deep sigh. Karina was never a charismatic person. But that was fine, she preferred being talked about than being talked to. With the elevator reaching the ground floor, however, Karina pocketed her device away and exited, ready for her walk.Shouldn't take too long...
  14. Agni's words did some work after all, which was relieving. He had half a mind to give chase to Gabriela, who knows what she'd do in that state of mind, but making sure everything was well with Marina remained his priority. "Thank you." Best not to make Jezebel's mood worse, so Agni remained and let Marina peruse the shop as she wished. Unlike when they were out leading human invaders, Agni had to trust these monsters to not do what... he would probably do if the situation was reversed. With his idle mind wandering, he went back to Lavinia's words, mentioning the staged nature of the church's displays of violent monsters. ... It was somewhat long, but Marina had finished picking clothes before Agni had grown tired of his thoughts, it was only when she spoke to Jezebel once more that he dispelled his thoughtful stupor. "Are you done, Marina?" A few steps behind, he examined the pile she'd dropped at the counter. "It was a good idea to stock up, and thank you, Jezebel. I'll remember to speak with the general." Mmm... right, there was that still.
  15. Elaine casts Strike![-15 SP] An attack is launched at Deimos #3! Elaine attacks! Target: Deimos #3 Weapon: Dual Beam Rifles Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 15 Roll: 64, 25 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 119 Deimos #3 cannot resist! Elaine gains +200 EXP, + 6 Will, + 12 PP, +5500 credits! Elaine levels! +2 SP! Kim casts Focus![-15 SP] Kim activates the ARES system.! Kim starts the beating! Kim attacks! Target: Praxis Gamma #5 Weapon: 115mm Twin Railguns Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 28 Roll: 30, 100 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 238 Praxis Gamma #5 counters! Weapon: ESP Bits Final Hit: 0 Final Crit: 2 Roll: 32, 26 Miss! Thorvald provides support fire! Weapon: Rocket Barrels Final Hit/Crit: 94/16 Roll: 41, 47 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 58 Kim gains +5 EXP. Thorvald gains +10 EXP, +2 Will! Appropriate performance!
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