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  1. Brant swoops in first! Brant attacks! Target: Ceres (Marianne) Weapon: TK Missiles Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 16 Roll: 21, 39 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 131 Marianne counters! Weapon: Wired Fist Final Hit: 14 Final Crit: 19 Roll: 15, 76 Miss! So close! Brant gains +10 EXP! Vera takes it to the skies! Vera attacks! Target: Praxis Gamma #1 Weapon: Pulse Kunai Final Hit: 86 Final Crit: 27 Roll: 8, 91 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 128 Praxis Gamma #1 counters! Weapon: Proto ESP Bits Final Hit: 40 Final Crit: 3 Roll: 17, 14 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 133 Hannah provides support fire! Weapon: RM-51 Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 4 Roll: 2, 84 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 104 Vera gains +5 EXP! Hannah gains +15 EXP! Hannah levels up! Vera casts Strike![-15SP] Louise has a few words for Astin! Louise attacks! Weapon: Danse Macabre Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 100 Hit! Crit! Damage: 318! Astin counters! Weapon: Liquid Metal Blade Final Hit: 40 Final Crit: 50 Roll: 82, 9 Miss! Louise gains +5 EXP! Whew!
  2. The second round was well due to begin. Agni stepped into the arena once more, this time with a simple dagger offered by the building's staff. It was simple, lighter than a sword, and effective for his combat style. Still, like any good fighter, he kept his weapon concealed, looking at who was meant to be his next opponent. A man named Trevor, judging by his appearance, a traditional fighter, though he seemed free of anything that stood out as an obvious weapon, most definitely carrying something of his own. Hm... Agni took the first dash, this time, his light weight and quick feet allowed him to push himself off of the ground at the end of the dash, propelling himself towards his opponent with noticeable speed, his body rotated, and a laceration was left along the shoulder of his foe as Agni darted by, turning around to face Trevor properly, with his dagger revealed in front of himself --ready to parry any incoming blow. It was clear he outsped this foe as well. However, the parry never came to be, as Trevor made his counterattack with a projective, a throwing star he'd strapped on his belt. The man was not lacking in strength, as it zoomed with force towards his target, an unpleasant trinket that got stuck in Agni's chest. This was a manageable wound, but by no means one to ignore. But speed was on his side --approaching again, Agni decided to give his opponent no distance to perform another attack. His glare followed a cocky smirk as he surrounded Trevor, and his dagger followed with two quick slices. Agni had taken the resistance out of Trevor, who slumped onto the ground. "Surprising attack, but you need more to back yourself up with." A quick judgement of his foe's skills was due, and then, Agni walked back to his waiting room, leaving Trevor to be picked up by the field medics. All things considered, that was a fairly quick round. The third one... Frank, a possible contender, this one carried a gun, which Agni quickly studied as they faced each other, right before the announcer gave them the signal. It was easy to assume Frank would shoot first, so Agni dived down below the man and stabbed him with blinding speed. All this momentum translated into a spin as Agni kicked the ground and jumped to his opponent's side. The dagger twisted and turned in a notably ruthless manner, carving through his opponent and leaving a wound far more than counted for. It staggered Frank enough to stop his shooting, but Agni was honestly considering less of an advantage. Frank's slow reaction resulted in a shot that easily missed Agni, hitting his cape as he dashed in a curve, deftly keeping himself away from Frank's aim. The battle ended after a second stab, with the opponent too hurt. Another quick victory. Agni saved his breath this time. The opponent was too unlucky to really show their fighting style. The fourth round... This was that "Puff" person whom gave others trouble. Agni did not hold his curiosity back as the man continued to wield his chunky hunk of metal as a sword. "I trust you're overcompensating for something?" It was such an unorthodox weapon, but, of course, its range and heft could meant trouble. Better not to make too much fun of it. Naturally, Agni got the first hit in as the announcer signalled they started once more. Getting away from 'Puff's' counterattack was Agni's biggest concern. A weapon with such reach made things much harder, but it turned out to be a predictable swing. Agni sidestepped with grace, taking another stab at the swordsman. And another. This opponent was surprisingly fast for the type of weapon he wielded, but it wasn't nearly enough to keep up, and Agni was slightly annoyed at the elf, for whatever reason. Two stabs in quick succession proved to be too gruesome, and 'Puff' dropped his weapon in response. The fight was over. "If you can't use your weapon flexibly, you might as well be setting yourself up for defeat." That was Agni's chastizing remark for that battle. With that done, Agni turned around, his cape fluttering somewhat, and returned to the waiting room. The fifth round... An incubus, and a magic user. This would change things up, or so agni hoped. From the essence coming from then, the incubus was a dark mage, as well, so Agni had some advantage in familiarity... None of that mattered, as Agni, charging towards his enemy as he usually did, managed a crippling stab to the opponent's neck before he could cast anything. The poor incubus just didn't have any preparation for non-magic duels, it seemed, and kept his guard low. "Train your endurance." There wasn't much advice Agni could give considering the battle ended in a single blow. Agni was hoping he'd find more defensive enemies like Galahad as he went on, to shake things up...
  3. "They're escaping, Major, let's get to them." Lynx continued anxious despite their victory. With the Apotheosis forces thinning, it felt like part of their duty to not let any exceptional mobile suits escape. Fighting that Luna again would only push more on their plate later. "We'll have to trust the others. These machines are above our specs, unfortunately." Bonner continued to approache the battlefield in a pragmatic manner, the Mantle had taken flight as a jet again, reticles already aimed at an Apotheosis unit. "That said, we can cull the herd." The Mantle transforms to plane mode, becomes airborne, moves to 10,17, uses Hip Beam Cannons, supported by the Regalia's Hyper Beam Rifle, on Saturn #3. Bonner flies in! (phone formatting, bear w me) Bonner attacks! Target: Saturn #3 Weapon: Hip Beam Cannons Final Hit: 100; Final Crit: 13 Roll: 8, 88; Hit! No Crit! Damage: 38 Saturn #3 counters! Weapon: Wrist Beam Gatlings Final Hit: 71; Final Crit: 22 Roll: 97, 9; Miss! Brant provides support fire! Weapon: Hyper Beam Rifle Final Hit: 100; Final Crit: 28 Roll: 34, 44; Hit! No Crit. Damage: 63 Bonner gains +20 EXP, +2 Will! Lynx gains +40 EXP, +2 Will! Brant gains +10 EXP! A tough nut to crack!
  4. "You can keep the shield, Marina. Don't worry about me. I have my plans." A shield was far from his expertise, and considering some of the fighters, Agni was sure he'd rather use all of his usual tools. "Now, take a breather to rest your arm well. My round will be soon." Agni was certainly not lacking in confidence, bearing a slight smile as he walked to the receptionist. "I'll do my best for my viewers." A nod of acknowledgment to Lavinia later, Agni had turned to face the ring's entrance. Very well... The combat ring was spacious field, truly feeling bigger on the inside. The crowd seemed a bit expectant after the last couple challengers --to be expected, honestly--, now it was Agni's turn to show some martial prowess befitting his rank. He drew the provided tome first, a simpler type of dark magic. It would do enough for the first foe, should his judging eye be working properly. "Galahad? Well met." Always honorable to heed one's opponent, Agni gave his greeting before the book's page began to turn, dark energy convalescing at the tip of his fingertips. The first hit was Agni's, a blast of dark energy landing true. The discomfort would perhaps be more noticeable were his opponent not wearing an iron helm (as Galahad's surname would strongly imply), but the stifled, bear-silent grunt escaping Galahad was enough information to belie the spell's efficacy. Still, it wasn't nearly as strong as predicted. ...Taking that moment to ponder how resilient his opponent was turned oout to be against Agni's favor, as Galahad took the chance to swing at him with his axe. Unable to dodge away in time, Agni was knocked over to a pillar, a notable gash now running around his upper torso. "Ghk!" Dreadful, but not enough to take the fight out of Agni instead. Galahad was still slower if he tried, amd thus quick movements would win the match for him. Another blast of energy escaped Agni's fingertips and pushed Galahad back, followed by a second volley, this time, Galahad relented, and his swing landed false, swinging against the air. ...Another chance to relaliate with dark magic, Galahad could not shrug off his pain as it were. This pattern repeated one more time... In the end, Galahad had exhausted himself giving chase to Agni's backsteps and pirouettes, frustrated and hurt, Galahad swung his axe overhead, aiming to end it all with one strong swing. Of course, such a telegraphed attack left much room to evade. One sidestep and Agni aimed a spell at Galahad again, his red cape fluttering. That was the eight blast. Brought to his knees in pain. Galahad had to yield, too battered to swing his axe anymore. "You are very resilient... a fair match." Agni didn't like how close it was, but nothing to be done except to improve his magic affinity. A quick bow, and Agni walked back to the healers, readying for the next match. Galahad made his leave promptly.
  5. "...Keep it about her." Agni stared at Jade at the pull of his arm. A blank expression, merely puzzled at what she was implying. "Certainly. Marina did great of her own merits." Perhaps she was afraid he would take credit for how good she was doing? Agni didn't think that was overtly rude, but it'd be unfair, for certain. After all, he never taught her to fight with a shield. "You went quite far with a style of fighting you weren't used to. I'd say this counts as proof of your skill." Having followed Lavinia to congratulate Marina, Agni was rather please, a brief round of applause to his esteemed Hero. "You have much talent for combat, Marina. I'd expect no less." Like a proud mentor, or relative, Agni showered Marina with praise. His face seemed serene... perhaps that was just how he'd looked when truly pleased. "Now... I believe it is my turn to try, if you'd like to watch." He crossed his arms, "I'm sure you could pick something up from my fighting style, Marina... if you'd be interested, of course." He planned to put on a good performance, at the very least.
  6. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that didn't 'just happen', Monika. You should go enjoy the exhibit with Linus and the others, at least." Karina It really didn't help that it was bad enough for Monika to inflict self-harm, even if nothing too serious at the end of the day. Mewlanie's decision to tug her along was poor, and it was fine to say it how it was. Speaking of, Mewlanie finally seemed to notice Karina was all dressed up, with a passing comment reaching her ears. "Ah, y-you too." It'd be a bit less awkward if there wasn't a panicking girl juxtaposed to that little moment, but that's how it went... "So, uh... while I'm at it, scarabs." Karina had taken notice of Euphrosyne's return, in the middle of it all. The two critters on her head and shoulders were conjuring some concerns in Karina's mind. "What... do we need the scarabs for?"
  7. "We'll see how long Cianna's stamina lasts." Agni smirked as he corrected once again. Still, it was mostly his concern that dictated he corrected Lavinia, Cianna was a name to be discarded soon enough. -- Remaining in the stands at this point would be surely pointless. "Of course."Agni followed Lavinia with few words, taking note of the setting sun... time had passed by rather quick. His time in the arena was next, and then it'd be a good time to retreat with Marina to the inn. ...Well, surely they would have time to watch Lavinia. Agni would not take long.
  8. "--You're sure Cianna will do well." Agni rose a finger in front of his lips, carefully glancing back at Lavinia, his eyebrow raised. "Hmm, so you're saying the inability to feel pain proper would be an advantage in such short bouts? Considering the short respite between fights... perhaps you have a point." Curious. Agni looked onwards as Marina's next foe. The weirdly named fighter with the large sword. Honestly, that thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of iron. An elf wielding that, huh? Well, that'd be an interesting fight, if nothing else. Marina definitely started on the right track, making use of her litheness despite the unwieldliness of her shield. "--Yes. Good job!" It was motivaing to see her do so well, she cornered the swordfighter... before long, things were over, following and undoubtedly risky choice of attack by Marina. "...I didn't teach her that." Honestly, it could've gone much worse... The cheers Marina received were deserved, Agni contributed with his own claps, and continued to observe her prowess until she decided to stop after the dark mage. "Well, it was bound to happen. She'd never been used to fighting with a shield... splendid performance, all things considered." Agni would admit he was content with said results, although he believed that not to be the full extent of his training in practice. Perhaps Marina had room to learn more from watching...
  9. Mayhaps Jade had taken his comment too seriously, indeed. Agni shook his head, mostly agreeing with the assessment that followed. Lavinia chimed in with her own words of confidence towards the zombie... unneeded, but it served to reinforce the point. "I meant only to compliment your abilities, and certainly not to change bygones. Worry not." Now, for the little hero that could... a nod would suffice. Marina would surely remember her training when push came to shove --Heroes were not trained cheap. Still, with her mentality, it could be hard to see combat as a sport, in the same way many of these duelist's did. It was interesting to see how well she would adapt to fighting with a shield, as well. "I shall go to the stands first, then." Personally, Agni had enough of his share of experiences with the nightmares for a while. -- And Marina did not disappoint so far. Agni keenly watched her moves, satisfied with the current results. "Not bad, not bad. What are your expectations, Lavinia. Surely she must perform as well as Jade did." Agni was certanly hoping to see a complete gauntlet win from the Hero.
  10. "Another missile volley! Get rid of their 'fish'!" Chaldene #1 decides to bombard Tycho again! Chaldene #1 attacks! Target: Velite Mk.III-M (Tycho) Weapon: Missile Barrage Tycho chooses to evade! Final Hit: 22/2 = 11 Final Crit: 7 Roll: 29, 5 Miss! That... could've been bad. Chaldene #2 moves closer and fires its guns at Tycho as well! Chaldene #2 attacks! Target: Velite Mk.III-M (Tycho) Weapon: AA guns! Final Hit: 36 Final Crit: 27 Roll: 47, 23 Miss! Tycho counters! Weapon: Xiphos Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 13 Roll: 14, 21 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 62 Tycho gains +10 EXP! Whew! All other enemies close in! Player Phase/Turn 6 The fight goes on... Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemies! Loss Conditions: The Riese is destroyed! Battle Mastery: Defeat Marianne and Astin in the same turn! Stats!
  11. Firmia is pretty pissed off! Firmia Attacks! Target: Luna (Astin) Weapon: AA Missiles Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 13 Roll: 35, 99 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 99 Astin counters! Weapon: Wrist Missiles Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 7 Roll: 24,49 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 67 Firmia gains +10 EXP! Tycho casts Focus![-10SP] Tycho decides to... sword a battleship?! Tycho attacks! Target: Chaldene #1 Weapon: Xiphos (Lucky roll: 18%; Lucky++) Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 13 Roll: 86, 31 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 62 Chaldene counters! Weapon: Missile Barrage Final Hit: 22 Final Crit: 4 Roll: 6, 77 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 91 Tycho gains +10 EXP! Whew... Finally, Bonner moves to (9,13), landed.
  12. "That's quite the faith you have. Maybe Jade will prove my doubts unfounded~" Agni certainly doubted it, but it wpuld make for an interesting watch now. The zombie could pull her weight as a marksman huh? Well, he ate his words. Jade's performance was decisive. These combatants seemed hardly a match for her. It was almost humbling... Agni followed down the stairs to the reception at the end of the final round. Lavinia has already said her piece before he got close enough, so Agni began a lone round of applause. "I must say, have you ever considered the life of a marksman?" It wasn't a joke, but with Agni's usual tone, one wouldn't be at fault for being uncertain. "It seems like you would have fit the bill just as well as your current profession." Next up was Marina, then. "Take care, Marina. Though I doubt you'll struggle. Still, show us what you've learned, will you?" Naturally, if the zombie performed remarkably, it'd be an easy job for Marina.
  13. Vera casts Sense![-20SP] Vera casts Accel![-5SP] Vera casts Valor![-35SP] Her rage cannot be ignored! Vera attacks! Target: Luna (Astin) Weapon: Raikiri Redux Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: -- (Valor) Roll: 4 Hit! Damage: 457 Astin counters! Weapon: Liquid Metal Blade Final Hit: 0! Final Crit: 44 Roll: 34, 60 Miss! Vera gains +5 EXP! Even on a mere Velite... "Damn it... Vera needs to calm down, I need to talk to her later." Esther casts Sense![-25SP] Esther lands on the ground, moves to 10,9 and attacks the Luna with A KNIFE. Esther attacks! Target: Luna (Astin) Weapon: Heat Carving Knife Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 76 Roll: 9, 29 Hit! Crit! Damage: 159! Astin counters! Weapon: Liquid Metal Blade Final Hit: 0! Final Crit: 34 Roll: 30, 4 Miss! Esther gains +5 EXP! Slicing through the armor!
  14. "Once... she has the scarabs?" That line in particular got Karina's attention, what were the scarabs going to do about it? It sounded a bit ominous... but not as much as Mewlanie saying Monika was bleeding out of nowhere. "Wha--" She dashed to Monika's door almost as quick as Hitomi leaped out of hers. "Kei, that's..." Karina had to make a conscious effort to keep her reaction subdued. "Y-you don't have to do this, really..." That was, a bad way to start their volunteer work.
  15. "Yes!" Caroline nearly popped off her seat --well, would have, were she irresponsible and not fastened her belt--, the force pushed the air out of her lungs, so he sat back on the chair promptly. "Hoo... o-okay. I'm probably not dying in the next 30 minutes..." A sweaty cold grip hastened on her controls, as Caroline began to move her Legionary again. "Another battleship with damages... I can do that..." Caroline to 9,8, repairs Terry. Repair module is used! The Deliverance is repaired for 86 HP. Caroline gains +50 EXP!
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