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  1. "Hmm, another time? Very well, Asami." Agni to (22,24), casts flux on Thief #1.
  2. It was well time to DO SOMETHING. Agni to 22-20, casts flux on brigand #1.
  3. "Haah... we shouldn't let this pincer happen." Agni to (21,13).
  4. "See, Amera, you kind of have to know what you're doing to be a captain. Don't underestimate one. Especially a human." Was Agni's short retort as he felled the armored bowman... and soon enough, the room was clear. Of course, that meant more forces would approach from further deep, and that was soon the case. With the noise coming from outside, the time to sit and wait was well overdue. "Let's not get stuck on a pincer here, be prepared." Agni to (21, 20), equips Nosferatu.
  5. Despite the high density of monsters and... less savory things greeting them at the door, the group had done a decent enough job to fend it all off. Except... There was still this squad of armored warriors barrelling towards them. Agni sighed. Well, I do need to polish my spellcasting... Agni casts flux on bow armor #5.
  6. After that first charge after the doors were opened, the rebels and... summoned beasts were fended back considerably. With so much ground gained, it was time to advance. Agni to (20,17), main gauche Zombie #6.
  7. So they were being taken the fight to, curiously. The stairs provided a funnel from where the revolutionaries ceded a numbers advantage. Agni could work with that. Agni to (20, 13), stab at Merc #8 with his gauche.
  8. The Demon King's plan was sound. They couldn't really tolerate a surprise pincer from the church as it were. It was good to see the Demon King giving Marina her due praise as well, earning of a smile from Agni. Still, this time he was not needed for tactical advice. This was fine, his services were many. Taliyah was sti a concern. She seemed resolved, but was never asked to take the burden of this day alone. Hopefully she'd understand that. Agni moves to (21,10), main gauche equipped.
  9. "...Let's go." Agni concurred with Tenebria, they had no stakes in the Demon King's conversation, as well as a reasonable job to do. Taking her arm, Agni led the way out. "I'll make sure they keep a distance if you need it." Walking to the training area to attend the injured was mildly awkward when it ended up being the same direction the Demon King followed, but at least Agni and Tenebria were ahead. Agni certainly did his best to not raise attention to it. And on the field itself... a fair amount of their group were waiting with visible wounds. "Better late than never..." Agni whispered under his breath, leading Tenebria towards them. That was about the same time the Demon King had taken to the center and started a speech, taking everyone's attention. "That woman is already up... goodness." Clone or not, it was concerning that the Church had created something this physically proficient. "...I'm sorry, Princess. Let's get started on your duty." Taking his attention away from the discussion, Agni led Tenebria to the others --the Oni seemed fairly injured, at a glance.
  10. It seemed like Tenebria was more comfortable around Marina, but Agni's presence still meant something --especially when Thesephine laid out a piece of her mind and the princess shrunk behind him.... which had a very weird feeling, the princess towering over him. "...Right." Thesephine had made her opinions clear, and they were better than they could've been, so Agni decided to take up on that request. "Sorry, princess Tenebria, but... the weight of the church's actions will be on our shoulders, these wounds are still fresh." He gripped her arm in an attempt to comfort, giving a very weak attempt at a smile, "I believe in Marina, I'm sure her decision will lead us to the right path. So... we should be going, helping the injured is a sound idea regardless." Agni did feel sorry for Tenebria, putting herself in such a predicament willingly. "If you don't mind." He let go of her arm, still turned towards her, but walking to the door. Being a guide was more than fire. Out in the hall, there was... a curious scene alright. The Demon King and Xalrei hugging, a call of sister, he'd... walked in at a time, hadn't he? "Ah..." Agni turned his attention back to Tenebria. With how his relationship was... far from amicable with both individuals, Agni figured his better move was to pretend he wasn't there.
  11. Princess Tenebria's description was a bit contradictory, first claiming she was only told of Ariana as a strong warrior, then describing with confidence how the church couldn't create more like her... that it took all they had of Marina to create her. There was still room for doubt, Tenebria might have interpreted it in regards to Ariana's likeness to Marina, for example. It wouldn't do much to press on a hunch like that... especially when Ariana's pain had disturbed the room immensely. Agni chose to close his eyes for a moment after that episode, a sigh muted by her screams escaped him. Whatever had been done to her was an immense degree of life tampering. Many would consider it tabboo. "Never doubt yourself Marina, you have every right to be the hero --the sword accepted you, which makes it pretty decisive, no clone could take it." Agni tried to comfort her, but Marina already seemed focused on her next target for pity and compassion. "Princess... what are you planning to do, now that you're here?"
  12. Agni had expected Ariana's detainment the moment they knocked her out, but he was still struggling to accept their other captive --princess Tenebria. In the flesh. Somehow. He... had no place comforting the princess here, she was close to Marina, and his relationship to her highness was duty alone --he'd never done more than see her at a distance, and the princess would likely have never discerned his face from the other troops. Still, just having another human around was something, and what he'd be here to provide. And speaking of, there was something very distressing about Ariana, or rather, just... how she existed, and how quickly she was discarded. Was that what a hero meant to the church? It couldn't, she was more a pawn than anything... that was not how the principle stood. Not in Agni's mind, anyways. It was unlikely she was just a human... but what was the extent of the church's tampering? "Your Highness... pardon my intrusion, but were you ever told the existence of Ariana?" Agni was guessing a no, but confirming that information was both a step in ruling out possibilities as well as cutting some of the tension surrounding the princess.
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