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  1. Alriana sends a tell-tail response towards Deimos 9! Alriana attacks! Target: Deimos #9 Weapon: Tail Slam Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 39 Roll: 50, 70 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 135 Deimos #9 counters! Weapon: Pulse Kunai Final Hit: 0 Final Crit: 1 Roll: 24, 72 Miss! Hannah provides backup! Weapon: AA Missiles Final Hit: 77 Final Crit: 15 Roll: 16, 18 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 53 Alriana gains +5 EXP! Hannah gains +15 EXP, +0 Will! An effective response at that. Back to Square... Zero "Her memories were..." Roxanna was staggered, an incredulous look towards Tiffany as she explained the situation. "There's no way-- if she lost her memories, doesn't that defeat the point of preserving her personality?" This pretty much meant Jessica was... never going to be herself again. Why did her systems make such a drastic decision? Was there really no other way? "Captai-- Uh, Jessica... do you really not remember anything about being out there, right now? About any of us?" There was no way... this was Jessica! Sounded like her, acted like her... only difference was the missing most of her body, r-really. "Remember, uh, when I lost my temper and slapped you, and... you punched my teeth right out? Hah..." It felt wrong, Roxanna had to admit she wasn't Jessica's biggest fan, but after sort-of making up, she had to say goodbye? Pipsqueak was gone? "O-or... oh god." The XO's voice wavered for a moment, "What do you remember about, Abigail Casson?" She'd remembered the two were in a relationship as the shock dispersed.
  2. Ptessing Lavinia's buttons wasn't necessarily Agni's intention. Regardless, while chatting was good and all, they had a mission to finish... and new horses to fetch. Agni deploys at (6, 22)! The road was kinder than expected, but still a slog. Agni was rather irritable from the mediocre sleep and continuous sun shining down on them. The feathered hat he'd earned as a captain helped against the rays, at least, but the heat did no favors over a long walk, not with an outfit like his. There was some commotion on the road ahead of them, quickly adressed by Lavinia and Asami. Two gunshots in quick succession was not a nice way to start the morning at all, and these horses were absolutely monsters, which probably spoke of the lady's nature. Well, helping monsters again... The enemy group seemed to be... a motley crew? Hold up, that hadn't been a possibility in Agni's wildest dreams. There were monsters and humans here, in the middle of Vaia. Ransacking the dirts roads after a tense, bloody invasion, because of course. "Vermin. I don't think I've been as disappointed as looking at these men." Agni sighed, tilting his hat slightly forward. "...Oh well." Agni moves to (9, 21), stabs at Mage #2 with his dagger. "Cute ambush, but two of you isn't nearly enough." Agni sliced at the man with his dagger, "I'd ask why you'd stoop so low, but a scoundrel doesn't deserve my concern!"
  3. Saved by the Android An untimely end? Roxanna could barely remember what was happening at the bridge back then, some warning on her screen, then Jessica jumped at her... "We've got to go back, then, I should-- O-oh?" It took a moment to realise who the person on the nearby SIEG tank was. There was so... little of the captain that it didn't process it could've been... her. "Jessica, are you... oh god." It was probably the first time in... ever that Roxanna was legitimately concerned with Jessica, especially since learning she was some sort of super advanced android. "Captain... are, are you feeling okay?" Dumb question, absolutely not, but Roxanna wanted to know how bad it was. For the first time ever showing concern for the girl, Roxanna moved right in front of the tank, looking at what was... left of her. Repair Crew The door to the infirmary opened automatically shortly after. It didn't take much for Ignatius to get there with how the elevators were empty. Nobody really dared leave their posts after that attack, especially in the middle of battle. Ignatius was prepared for something... no matter what he predicted, the reality of it was something hard to stomach. "Sweet christmas! It's a murder!" Viewing Captain Gefalscht in a jar was rather repulsive, even moreso when her mechanical parts kind of floundered in the goop. "I see why I'm needed... what's the plan, doc?"
  4. Xalrei was clearly bothered by Agni's greeting. Good, that had been the intention. "It's common courtesy to greet your fellow squadmates in the morning, nothing else. Enjoy your food." With an 'I didn't do anything' intonation to his voice, Agni explained himself and let the dragoness go if she so wished. To him, it was merely the satisfaction of challenging her temper with something that wasn't even unpolite, technically. "Your body was once human despite your turning, Lavinia. I wouldn't say none." He'd go further, but it seemed Marina had taken over on that point... took it somewhere he wasn't sure about, but Marina did sympathize with monsters more than himself. "So underneath that armor you're truly built. Interesting." Even Nessraya had sneaked and chimed in, at some point. "Stregth has its charms. There are some men that fancy their wives as dainty trophies back at the kingdom --I couldn't disagree more--." That Lavinia was supposedly scared of Ness was amusing to Agni, though not beyond his understanding. "My, have you done something to her, Nessraya?"
  5. Thank goodness, Mewlanie was logging out, and the rest were following... Karina had no business being there anymore either. "Fire Miko out." And as quickly as her machine blinked out of the virtual space, Karina made sure she had logged out properly, not wanting to jeopardize her account. After all was made sure, she let out a sigh. That was such a poor showing... ugh. Hopefully they'd redo the test, or she'd have no chance in being selected, not as she saw it... Mewlanie was probably in too, to add to her shame. It shouldn't have been that hard. Crestfallen, Karina opened and hopped off of her pod, ready to walk off if BB and the Odyssey team took too long. Well, ready until she noticed the obvious, head-turning commotion by Mewlanie's pod. 'The tail is real too!' 'Whoa, is that Keizerin?' 'It is! I can't believe it!' Oi... these people did not seem to realize how awkward things got, the game got hacked by something really serious midway --too serious for a game--, this really wasn't the place or time."Hey! Let them go, show's over!" She yelled at the back of the crowd. A cry that was easily ignored. Well then, if it was going to be this way... Moments later, a thud could be heard at the back of the crowd. Fans and curious onlookers dispersed, stepping back from the sudden incident. Some poor tall guy had fallen to the floor, and brought down some people in his vicinity in a brief domino effect. "SHOW'S OVER." Karina repeated, angrier than before. She had just... jump kicked the tallest target she could find, quickly whisking the crowd's attention. 'Bitch, are you insane--' "There's been a hacking attempt here! Turn your phones off and get out! This isn't the time for photographs or autographs or whatever. Scram! Shoo! Everything will resume at a later time." Or so Karina hoped, but telling this would probably conform some of them for the moment ..and it was working, really. Nobody wanted to deal with a psycho jump-kicking girl. The way to Mewlanie and Keizerin was much clearer now. "Come on, let's get out of this joint. See if BB is okay." She walked over to them. Karina's original plan was just to scram... Might as well check on the others now, since she already went through the effort.
  6. Asami definitely didn't enjoy his cold response... useful information for future reference. Lavinia however, was definitely flustered about Agni's comments. He didn't expect them to be that effective. "I am poking no fun." Seeing Lavinia enjoy a strip of jerky was like seeing a child savoring a candy... it was not meant to be patronizing, but if Agni put it that way Lavinia would definitely think otherwise. "It's just endearing. Human." Maybe that was too heavy on the other end of the serious scale, considering who he was talking to. "Regardless of what you are now." Those fangs were still.... weird, but Lavinia did look like a normal woman enjoying some food at that point in time. There was some sense of normalcy to enjoying some food around most of these monsters this time... Agni even chuckled at Asami's parting jab. "Beefier than the meat? I wouldn't have guessed it from your face." And the fact Lavinia was always armored or heavily clothed.
  7. Of course that fox had to stick that pause in there. Agni turned his gaze to Asami, not sparing a suspicious look. "Alright. Then eat with us." Agni was definitely concerned about Asami's intentions, whatever her brain might have cooked up to bother them with. Agni grabbed a few sticks and some bread, handing them to Marina first. At this point he stood up and turned to acknowledge Lavinia and her speech, following it with a light nod. "Eat all you need, Marina. That village should be a chance to restock. I don't believe you should be stingy." He returned his attention to the sacks, getting a few sticks for himself. Seeing Lavinia join them was an amusing surprise, however. It was enough to wring out a muted laugh from Agni. "Can't resist a strip of meat, or do you just like your food salty?" It was an amusing, innocent preference by the proud vampire. It was almost endearing. ...Ah, another person came to eat as well, that one. "Good morning." Agni wasn't going to let that dragoness walk away unprodded when she clearly wished otherwise.
  8. "Indeed, things were rather busy last night... but we can't go on without food, not you and I." The fact some of the monsters could was a logistic wonder, it made sense that the church couldn't make much progress without a hero against them, despite their numbers advantage. "Well, let's not wait any longer, if you're fine with jerky, let me just--" Agni was getting their share of breakfast from the sacks when Asami, called out to them, getting in the way of things ever-so-joyfully. "...Hello, Asami. We can eat together, if you'd like." No point in shooing her off, really. "Do you also want jerky?"
  9. Tears pricked Karina's eyes. She was still recovering from the blow to her pride after Mewlanie streamed her machine crashing to the ground after a soldaat caught her off-guard, but now that she got the machine out of critical mode... Karina was going to try her hardest to redeem herself, but stayed on the defensive while the east side advanced --Keizerin didn't seem to need her help, at least--. Hearing the uncanny, cut-off warning from their AI commander was creepy enough to pull Karina out of the game. A class-A was something you heard of in war documentaries, not in a video game. "God--" Karina quickly turned off her personal device, unwilling to let that thing get her information, but stared... why was Mewlanie's figure not flashing out of existence like everybody else. "Mew! Get out of here, show's cancelled." This was horrible, ugh! Karina wasn't going to stay much longer with that hacked figura there --she prized her sanity and safety--. Now, hopefully Mewlanie would have received the voice warning and logged off, because Karina wasn't staying much longer.
  10. "I slept enough." Agni quickly answered Marina's question. It wasn't like he couldn't handle a long walk --he's had far worse--, his body was simply better rested than his mind. Still, he kept a close eye on Marina... there were no bite marks on her, which was good. Lavinia was awake all along... she hadn't as much to worry regarding sleep, but she still paid a price. Agni couldn't imagine the burning of her skin felt nice. "You'll need to not bare your fangs, but we could make it work..." And then, the siren intruded, whisking Lavinia for a moment --but it did leave Marina with Agni, something he was far more comfortable about--. "Well then, I will say, I am hungry. How about you, Marina?" A fleeting question, as he already led the way back to the tents, expecting Marina to follow. Jerky wasn't as fine as the cuts of meat he could enjoy at his father's marquessate, but once you were on a mission for so long, you got used to it.
  11. "You'll keep watch, right. Is she, going to sleep with you?" Agni asked between hesitant pauses, still growing some concern in the back of his mind. The silence seemed to be answer enough. It's true that Marina was tired, but Agni hoped they'd sleep in the same tent, at least for some sense of comfort. They were the only humans, after all... and now he'd certainly be alone. Well, as long as he remained alone for the whole night... "Uh, I'll be fine, but alright. I'll go , clear my mind." It was true that he was fatigued, and tomorrow looked less promising with one less horse to handle... still, Marina was going to sleel right there in the open, in the arms of a vampire. It would be rude to show this much mistrust after that conversation, but... Agni was already a light sleeper, and the worries chewing at his conscience only made his troubles worse. Light noises coming from outside roused him, but unfortunately it was too late to make out Marina and Lavinia well, peeking out from his tent, discreetly as he could. It was a couple hours before the sun rose when Agni got any substantial amount of sleep. Still, a couple hours would have to be enough. Agni forced himself up with a rush, forcing the drowsiness out of him with a few stretches. "Ugh..." He'd need to be ready for this morning one way or ano-- right, Marina. Getting himself dressed for journey proper, Agni left his tent with hasted step, unable to fully hide the concern in his face. Marina was still there, in Lavinia's arms... Lavinia? "I forgot the sun does that to your kind..." Agni remembered some of the incarcerared species the church showed. So that was why they preferred doing their showcases in the morning... Regardless, Agni stopped in front of the two, his eyes scanning Marina's conditiion. "Were you able to sleep out here? I hope your body has not become sore."
  12. "A monster, huh..." The baring of Lavinia's fangs sobered up Agni's precaution instinctively, rearing his head back the slightest inch, before Marina began her story... Agni couldn't quite picture what this place looked like... he could visualize this sort of communal market Marina spoke of, though it was far off from what she intended to describe. To work such a simple, social job, as some storekeeper's aide... how common, but at the same time, Agni understood being thrust into such a job had to work some social awareness into her --it evidently was only a start, but still--. Marina was a simple girl, and Agni couldn't help but agree with Lavinia, this was hardly the place for a girl like Marina. It really made one wonder, what was the church's plan... And then, Lavinia spoke of the church's methods. "Yes..." Agni reeled his head, it was alarming how spot on Lavinia was. "They show us how unreasonable you can be, 'your true nature', they say. It's hard to question it. Even the ones who were humans once... barely looked like they had any reason left." But to go to such lengths to antagonize the monsters... "I couldn't tell you why they do it, either." This was still... much.
  13. Over a hundred years ago, and in Hwein. Lavinia's life seemed fairly normal. Surprisingly, Agni could relate to it, used to a simpler life before he was summoned to his father's dukedom and revealed as a bastard... in that moment, he could almost see Lavinia's youger self where she stood: A younger look, a less pronounced red to her lips... perhaps more color on her skin. Some villager from an inconsequential corner of Hwein. One he'd never met had she not turned. "I see." Fate always had a weird quirk as it wrote stories. Agni stared at Lavinia back as she told him of the nature of monsters. It would be sobering had Agni not been so wary... "If most monsters were once humans, that goes against Coteon's general beliefs." He could see why --most humans would think twice over waging war over that knowledge alone--. Once again his face contorted into a light frown, and gaze lowered to the ground. If the demons had so much sensitive information, he'd expect some humans to side with them. Was the gap between their territories and Coteon's propaganda that effective?
  14. "Your mother was spot on, Marina." Too nice for her own good, but that alone would make a person exploitable. If these monsters had an ounce of deception to them, Marina could be used just as easily as she had been by the church... Used by the church, huh... If it were true, what could be said of himself? No, this was not the time to worry about it. Surely an answer would come, whenever they reached Coeton. Agni was impressed by the words Lavinia used. Her stance on life was far from what he expected from a demon... in truth, aside from the ones fueled by vengeance --like that foolish dragonewt--, most monsters expressed far less bloodlust during that combat than Agni expected. Were they always like this, or had Agni just found the most peculiar group? Marina was surprisingly curious about the previous hero and their effect on Lavinia's past... Agni wasn't expecting it --it had been long before his time--, but he could swifty pick up how the topic shook Lavinia up regardless. So something had been robbed from her... "Sorry to interject, but you were a human once, yes?" Agni was kind of curious, he heard a tale of how Lavinia's kind turned human, but he wasn't sure that was entirely how they worked. "Do you still remember that time, if so?"
  15. "Just don't get crushed under the weight of your own guilt, Marina..." Honestly, she seemed ready to break now. Agni wished he could see strength in her still like Lavinia supposedly did... Sleep did not come easy, as expected. Agni had just killed other humans a few hours prior, for a cause that he wasn't backing up in full spirit. He sighed, shifting where he'd tried to sleep. It was almost poetic, a guilt opposite to the one Marina felt, but Agni had no time to ponder that. Tomorrow he'd be working for the Demon King again, a fate once thought worse than death. His wish was to fight demons next time, the only thing he could reasonably hope for while they were still in Vaia. ...He still couldn't catch a moment of sleep. What was he doing laid down, then? Impatiently, Agni pushed himself up, catching his breath for a few moments before leaving the tent altogether... he breathed in the fresh air while traveling, but some more didn't hurt. The drizzle was inviting, however-- rain always seemed to soothe his mood some--, but, with the intent of not catching a cold, Agni draped a towel over his head, before his midnight walk started. There were also voices not too far away, Lavinia, and Marina as well. He could hear her voice... "I'm such a mess." Marina was pitying herself again. Agni sighed, slowly walking towards the two, trying to keep some silence in his steps --it would already be rude enough to intrude--. "You should believe in your inner strength, Marina." Agni offered what felt like annoyingly repeated advice in his mind, "You were summoned here, after all, which I believe is not something trivial. It's not hard to believe you trusted the word of other humans, when they brought you here, coddled you, and named you a hero. That you decided to side with the monsters when their King basically treated you as a pawn to make amends, is an incredible statement of altruism." It wasn't wrong, Marina was empathic. Frustratingly so, from what Agni experienced. It was all about turning that care into strength. "A more superficial human would not go to these lengths. You just need experience, but that will come of its own."
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