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  1. "Yes, I was --by all accounts, still am, a noble." Agni nodded in response, "I can't say I spent much time getting acquainted to them, I spent most of my time in our manse preparing for a position in the army. It was... convenient. Not something you have time to think about when on the road, but they really helped our life." Agni listened over Gabriela's surprisingly long story, a few points grabbing his attention, following a nod of his head as he let her finish. "The Siren Village... I assume named such because your kind exclusively inhabited it? If they all moved and left you behind, shouldn't one of the Qu--King's generals know about it? It seems like too big an event for them to miss. They might know something." Assuming she wanted at all to know what drove her village to that odd decision, anyways. "Hmm... your story was fine, Gabriela, no need to apologize." Agni leaned forward, leaning a hand on her shoulder, he shook his head. "To me, it seems their doubts on you sound unfounded. It's good that we spared a moment to talk." He wasn't going to be denying that these connections could be important on the future, with what destiny could throw Marina's way.
  2. "A talk, huh." Agni acknowledge Gabriela, putting his knife away. "It's been a slow week, anyways." He was rather ambivalent, though mindful to sound polite. With the siren sitting down near him, Agni turned his head to meet her. "Curious, huh? I can't say many here want to know much about me, so that's a change of pace." He chuckled. "...Life was fine. I hadn't much to complain once my dad took me home. The house was spacious, we had servants... father tried to be amicable with me, but he's an awkward man, a bit much of an introvert." Agni shrugged, a bit of a faint smile as he recalled events. "He wanted me in the military --that's where our family made its name, after all. I wasn't strongly against it, though I doubted I'd fit in that well." "If I was right, I wouldn't be here though." His smirk widened, "There's more roles to fit than just brawns, and plenty of decent people... well, when we're not beating the drums of war, I suppose." Agni cast his gaze downward, to the wagon floor, a bit self-conscious at the words he'd been weaving. "What about you, Gabriela? What did you do before you got here?"
  3. Agni, for his part, prefferred to stay inside the wagon. A week on the road wasn't much to a trained veteran, but the usual tensions were bothering him some. With a bit of concern in his face, albeit vacant eyes, Agni stared at his dagger, turning it like an artifact to be appraised. "...Hm?" That apparent trance broke the moment the entrance to the wagon was breached by another member. The Siren. "Hello, Gabriela." Agni greeted, expression mellowing to neutrality. "Are clouds gathering again, or did someone forget something?" He took a shot in the dark, the main reasons he'd think to see her come inside --though the latter was probably rare of the independent lady. Still, her presence was not a bother.
  4. The infirmary was suddenly becoming less of an apt spot for a makeshift command center with the need for space for the injured... though, granted, injuries seemed to have stopped with the one pilot. Morale was probably more of a pressing concern. "N-No, I have to contact them yet. Still need to confirm the rendezvous coordinates." Roxanna was sobered up by Megumi's question, raising her head. "If anything, we might need the cover sooner." It was a good start to put her mind off of Jessica's current state... and do something to help. When Thorvald turned his head towards her, Esther could already piece his implications --the awkward mood she was picking up helped. "Better take that one to the superiors and let them be the judge of that." Esther shrugged. Introspectively, it's not like her opinion of ANF could get much worse if they decided to throw a 17 year old in a brig but not a terrorist alien. Dire circumstances or not. Still... that was an odd one, considering what her race often spouted. Not really Esther's business, at the moment --she was far more concerned about a certain samurai cyborg. Esther was learning that standing in the proximity of an alien caused some discomfortable noise in her hearing, though, so that was distracting. "R-right, uh, the XO was the one that told me to pick her up. Now, I'm --I guess taking her to meet the Captain and XO would be a good idea now..." Somewhat left behind once Kiir'Heln started speaking enthusiastically, Caroline started speaking up, a reserved step to posture herself somewhat beside the alien. "Though, you are pretty much the Commander while we're operating, so, it felt appropriate." With a tone that about hinted self doubt, Caroline shook her head. "Are you busy? If so, I can, just take her there myself."
  5. "You don't need to worry about disappointing me, Marina..." It beared repeating, as much as repetition could only help so much with that girl. "Scrutiny comes from those who are harmed and want to find a catalyst to their suffering... don't mind Bladen." Agni shook his head, "But I've said enough. I believe in you. I believe you'll get there through your own methods." It was resolute faith, undaunted in the face of the group's atmosphere... it was nice to see Marina standing up for herself, for once. Between Marina's wavering and Taliyah's incoming tears, it was hard not to show a sympathetic smile. Those two... "We'll find a way, Taliyah." There was still the matter of that one's father... They would deal with that when they got there, but it was wise to give her some solace before things got serious.
  6. Gabriela was sent instead to pick Jade up, which Agni could agree with. Expedience was important, here, considering the matter. However, the bickering related to the wraith was... overbearing, and unnecessary. Whilst the monsters were too concerned over whether or not Marina had reason, the wraith was still there, and jumped at the opportunity the moment Gabriella flew back, with Jade coming close. That... was incredibly disorienting. Agni didn't expect a dying wraith to suddenly move that fast, in his lack of experience with the creatures, and had only drawn his dagger the moment the spirit reached Jade. "Tch." All things considered... it didn't seem like Jade was hurting. It seemed like this person didn't have a negative history with Jade, so maybe it was for the best. Marina's intuition is better than people give her credit for... That had been Agni's motivating force since they'd allied themselves with the monsters, after all. It was disappointing that several others didn't see that as well. He would fault them for it, but now was not a time to add berating words to the pile. Agni had enough tact to see that. "It is as Lavinia said." Agni kept it at that, shaking his head and retreating his dagger. All this bickering had only helped give others headaches and resentment... it made him quite worried for Marina. Agni turned his head to see the Hero being comforted by Taliyah, of all people --not that that was a bad thing, far from it--. Whilst he didn't expect that development, it made his worries lighten. Agni stepped towards the two, a careful, reflexive look as his eyes shifted, observing the pair. He hoped to further console in this situation, rather than add to Marina's worries. "...Marina, you shouldn't blame yourself." He spoke up, "The concern you've shown this group, the villagers... it has been nothing but genuine. Bladen said these things because his wounds have not healed." He'd... best let her get a word in first. Hopefully it wasn't overwhelming Taliyah either.
  7. Marina definitely semeed preoccupied with this wraith, but seemed well enough... sort of? That could wait. This wraith spoke of Jade, over and over, it seemed like too much of a coincidence, but it was a possibility altogether. "If you wish, Marina, I can go call for Jade." Gabriella seemed best for the job, with the forest's layout, but Agni was confident in his abilities after that small detour. Was that wraith truly related to Jade, though? How curious...
  8. "Ah, Jess. Okay." Caroline was able to regain some of her composure, glancing between Jezebel and the surrendered alien. "Oh, we should go speak to him, then. F-feel free." She appreciated the company, sudden as it was, but it was hard to be more expressful of her gratitude with a need to be hasty --at the corner of her eye, Thorvald seemed ready to leave. "S-Specialist Eriksson!" Caroline raised her voice, and waved, trying to get the leader figure's attention. With quick steps, Caroline approached the group, a quick turn of the head to make sure Jess and Kiir were following her. "Uh, s-sorry about the suddenness if you're busy. The alien wanted to meet you, since... since you're pretty much the commander out in the field." Through her nervousness, Caroline still attempted a smile.
  9. "What a peculiar thing..." The shield Agni found was an unique design, perhaps linked to the time that ruin was built. It was a real shame it had been found under such circumstances, it meant their assailant was not one to care for the more historical side of the site. Regardless, Agni kept his guard as he returned to the group, finding most people converging near a motionless wraith. "Is that the culprit?" Agni kept a careful eye, hand ready to draw his dagger at a moment's notice. It took a brief pause to readjust to the situation, but he moved onwards towards the group. He cast a glance towards Taliyah... ah, Xalrei was there. No need to worry for now, but he gave the friendly lizard girl a nod, before duty called. "Marina, are you okay?" She was his priority, and leaving her alone for so long led to a lot of supressed concern.
  10. "Hah..." Agni finished picking the old ruin doors to find a curious room, with one chest open and one still locked. Had someone been here before? It was a shame that there was no time to spare. With monsters around, Agni made a move to open the chest's lock with posthaste. Agni to (18,8), open chest.
  11. "Ah..." Getting ferried on a siren's back was definitely not Agni's idea of a comfortable flight. He landed on the ground safely, adjusting his doublet. "Thank you... Gabriela." Agni could only nod as thanks, watching her go. It wasn't his idea of comfort flight, but he didn't want to say it. Regardless, there was a pressing matter at hand. Agni deftly unlocks the door.
  12. "Well... if you say so, Captain. I'll go grab the spares, then I'll check up your schematics." Ignatius nodded, casting a half-apologetic glance at Doctor Amparo before he made his way out of the infirmary. Roxanna's eyes followed the engineer until he left the room, then returned to glance at Jessica's pod, pensive. "...I'm sure being up and about will make our crew less worried, Captain." If nothing else... --- Unfortunately, Vera was being stubborn and not giving an answer. Esther could feel her emotions way too well, and sighed in response. “It feels like just being around is making her worse.” It was… incredibly frustrating, but Esther was getting used to Vera’s mind working in that frustrating, borderline pathetic way. I don’t want you to worry about your image, I just want to help… “...Dumbass.” A silent whisper, one meant for no one’s ears, as Esther’s head lowered. “Haaahhhng…” With a long sigh, Esther ran both hands along her hair, closing eyes in a quiet, very brief introspection. To hear even Tarquin had his condolences for Vera was a surprise… but not something Esther knew what to do about. She’d never talked to the engineered kid before, only managing to look at his general direction and nod. “Noted…” Esther held no ill will at the moment, but she had no idea how to help herself, let alone Tarquin. Now it was clear Vera was trying to be dumb, with Thorvald’s change of topic to… eating waffles. “Fine.” Esther conceded, doing her best not to frown. She can’t hide those emotions… I’ll keep her on my watch. “I think this isn’t a good place for Nina to stay right now, let’s take the elevators.” --- "Yes I'm pretty sure the Captain is fine. Said so in the channels--" As soon as Caroline started explaining the matter to their new alien acquaintance, intimidatingly tall as they were. "Ah, you want to meet Thorvald? Right, he's Specialist Eriksson, kind of our commander. He should, uh..." Caroline glanced around, quickly spotting the leader figure amongst a group of their youngest pilots. “Oh thank goodness, he’s still here.” She spoke under her breath, though one had to wonder if it was a subconscious action at that point. “I-I’ll get you to meet--” “O-Oh, ah, hi!” Caroline and the alien were quickly intercepted by another of the crew, “Ah, right, Jezebel, yeah?” Caroline nearly flinched as she made the assumption, part of her afraid of having guessed the co-pilot’s name wrong. She was pretty sure she was right, though… “Uh, I’m doing fine, escorting--” Caroline was intercepted by a question from Kiir’Heln. Coincidentally, one that left her quite wide-eyed. “U-uh, I don’t think everybody i-is okay with that kind of replacement yet.” Caroline stuttered, trying to find the words to explain that not everybody was comfortable with their current technological standards. “B-besides, I’m sure Jezebel has her reasons.” With that half-baked explanation out of the way, Caroline turned to Jezebel once more. “The XO asked me to pick her up, I’m taking her to Thorvald right now.” She would… strongly appreciate more company, however. --- “Huh-- Oh hey, Elaine!” Makoto turned towards Elaine with a wave, still in decent spirits after such grim events --somebody had to be, after all. “Yeah, I’m hanging in fine… kind of surprised that any of them surrendered, but I guess we did a good job!” The boy stretched his arms some, the Phalanx’s cockpit wasn’t as comfortable as a mobile suit’s. “Hmmm…~ I think, they’ll keep a close eye on that one. I thought they were like, super proud, so I’m surprised too.” Unlike Elaine, Makoto had no qualms taking a glance at the tall alien walking around the hangar. “Kind of amazed I’m still keeping up, honestly…” Makoto was as quick to change gears, turning his gaze back at Elaine amidst his introspections. “These alien machines are on another level, especially their commanders. Good thing we’ve got suits like the Artemis and yours!”
  13. "Pretty barren? Okay. If the group that went that way is clear, we should quickly regroup with Marina and the others. Don't take too long, okay?" Putting Taliyah down, Agni let the girl do her thing. "Sure, sure. Didn't need my help. Let's go regroup now while we can." Despite Xalrei's feisty behavior, one thing was true enough: He was worried about Marina, and it was long time to see how she was faring. Unfortunately, the terrain was bent on giving them trouble... Agni goes to (12,10), as far as he can get through these woods...
  14. "Sorry, can't hear you over trying to find a way out of this dead end, Xalrei." If she was just going to bark, Agni was fine being condescending, to a degree. "Good job on felling the dog, either ways." It was one problem he wasn't looking forward to deal with, so that was, for once, worthy of his gratitude in his mind. All of a sudden, some fairy-thing poured healing magic onto him, leaving the man absolutely confused. "Who are you? Actually, that shouldn't matter. Take care, these woods are too tainted." Probably one of Nessraya's forces providing backup, no time to think about it if she wasn't raising a weapon at them. "Taliyah? Pulling a stunt, aren't we? Good job not getting harmed out there." That siren was quick to drop the lizard girl's (admittedly modest) weight onto Xalrei... for her sake, Agni was quick to join and get her down on her feet. "The others should be further south, so I'll give them a hand soon. Was it rough over there?" Agni moves onto (12,12) gallantly takes Taliyah and drops her to his side at (12,13).
  15. "...I guess we can ask for some legs to be built." Roxanna conceded. It wouldn't be the same, a rush job considering the time they had, but the engineers could make something useable. That's not what she had in mind, but... It was time to finally get to it. With Jessica incapacitated and Tristan away, there was no time to spare for a full debriefing reunion with the pilots, instead, Roxanna started an open channel, concerning all machines within the Riese zone, now that pilots naturally returned to the hangar. "All Riese crew, please pay attention. To all pilots: Rest and recuperation is top priority right now, we have another mission ahead of us soon. With that in mind, there is no time for formal debriefings, so this is the best we can do for now." Roxanna started, a hesitant pause struck almost immediately, but she fought it out, "To reinform the Captain's situation: Captain Gefalscht is conscious and doing her best to recover in time for combat, however..." Roxanna winced, that would sting no matter how she phrased it, "To conserve energy and focus on survivability, her body shut down many things, including her past memories. She's up to speed with the mission, but she might not remember you... please keep it in mind." Roxanna took a deep breath, it was easier to take it from there. "We will have to stop for a few hours to get the Riese in shape, I'll need the Engineering crew to focus on that now. The suits will have to wait." Pause for breathing, "Again, all pilots: Please remember to rest and mentally prepare for next mission. Any further questions, please contact either Ensign Calvin or myself. Out." Roxanna didn't quite feel like relaxing, but with that one out of the way, she did lean back against the wall. There was a pressing need to put her thoughts in order. "Ignatius, you stay." She pointed out to the old engineer, "You worked on Hannah, so I need your opinion: What can you make for Jessica in the short term?" "Uh..." Ignatius felt almost sobered up by being called out by name. "Her state is horrible, but I can attach some strong spare legs quick, think her circuitry is not too far from the HAN models--" Ignatius stopped himself, realizing the issue was trivial. The android --cyborg?-- in need of repairs was conscious and probably had enough of her build data safe. "You can tell me as we go, right, Captain? If her syster rejects it, though, I'm gonna have to work overtime." Another sigh, and Roxanna tried to relax again. "That's good... better not walk on frail legs, right?" She was never really good at small talk. Makoto had to chuckle at Thorvald's 'landing notification', it was a good way to break the tension. "Gotcha, boss!" The Phalanx moved out as soon as the Odin's palm hit the floor, going for its tiny spot in the hangar. The debriefing was heard in time, and as much as Makoto understood the need to rest and recuperate, part of him wanted to hit the infirmary anyways. "Can't believe the Riese took a blow that bad..." It was a good decision to leave his mother at HQ this time, in case something worse could happen. Thinking about that, it was more than due time to call her... The boy walked towards the hangar's elevator, fiddling with his comm. "...Thanks, Nina." Esther gave herself the comfort of holding onto Nina's hand tight. She could feel Vera's despair strongly as well, and as much as she was prepared to deal with it... it wasn't nice to always tough it out. "Let's get out there. I can't stand thinking she's going to harm herself." With the cockpit open, it was only moments until an elevator neared for them to drop. "Gotta do something about it." Getting down to the ground floor, Esther could see Thorvald already in front of the Velite. "Hey," She spoke to him, rushing towards the machine. "She's still stuck up there, huh?" Letting out a long sigh, Esther opened her own comm. "Vera, we're all worried about you, please answer." "Shaky is fine... g-got it..." Caroline managed to land on the hangar just fine, though a sound did surprise her out of her other thoughts. Did... she just purr? Caroline tried to push it to the back of her mind immediately, but it probably made sense considering what these aliens looked like. ...Why did they look like cats? That was one thought quickly shelved with an incoming open notice. "The Captain sounds like she's in a rough spot..." She muttered under her breath, some concern rising. Hopefully the team could pull through, but Jessica was important for their success, from Caroline's own impressions. That's so sad, she picked me out of all the other candidates... probably doesn't mean a lot to her now, but that was nice. With a bit of a restrained frown, the Legionary opened its cockpit hatch, motor slowly turning off. "W-we're going down, the Captain and XO are uh... at the infirmary, I think? I'll take you there." Caroline removed her helmet, taking a deep breath as she took the lead. She was commited in escorting the Sacarian, at least.
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