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  1. The arena round hadn't gone so well, which left a reflective Agni to ponder the night before their preparations to face the waste. His outfit had enough protection from the elements to pass the option of a mantle, so his outfitting routine was more of the usual. Agni sat by Taliyah whilst she confessed her excitement --fairly endearing for her. "I've only been through Hwein a few times myself, and never through the wastes. This will be interesting, one way or another." He responded in casual tone, "Hwein itself has quite the varied population... you'll find no shortage of monsters and humans." It'd be a reach to call it an accepting utopia, but it was better than any other kingdom at that point. Taiyou seemed to follow quickly after Ayane and the others, figuring herself most acquainted with that group. Ayane seemed most interested in joining her comrades, understandably. "The wastes... I don't recall anything like that occuring in Nanbu. I wonder why it's a feature of these lands." She spoke to the princess.
  2. "A hundred gold, huh? That should be a fun one. You're on." Agni smirked, enthused by the stakes --any were enough to get him more interested. "I'll be seeing you soon, then, Princess. Xalrei." He nodded to the duo, leaving them to Xalrei's armory needs for now. He spared a glance at Taliyah, a smile, and turned to lead the way to the arena. That one was hard to miss. "Hm, magical properties. That's good." After Mae had pointed out, it was hard for Taiyou to ignore the sword. "We --I came here to find a better weapon for myself. Also to study them. Mae is being Mae." She answered Ariana curtly, staring the woman in the eyes. "Hmmm, so she's kind of nobility in their sense? And her connection is not like that with the tree. That's less scandalous than I expected, then." Fyl's voice almost showed some disappointment, then, but his jovial interest quickly found more lenses to tackle the topic through. "They'll still have some scrutiny... but it might be lessened if the King fights back against Coteon sucessfully." A lot of their opinions rested on that, Fyl figured. "A lot of fun, huh? Well, I hope your sister doesn't make us wait too long for fun this early in the day... even if she *is* a general." Fyl pouted, legs continuing to kick the air idly as he leaned against the table. "Still, you're both siblings, but you're an elf. Do you and Ness manifest some traits of the other race? Is that why her casting is so good?"
  3. "Understandable, Princess. Marina won't be any less busy whenever we hit the road again, but you'll have enough time." Agni figured it'd cheer Tenebria up, reaffirming his stance just once more before dropping the subject. "I suppose I won't be booed, not that I minded it last time." He chuckled, shaking his head. "I beat them and had the audience swallow their boos dry." A clear smirk ran across his face. "Did you attempt it last time, Xalrei? Surely you can show the princess a good performance here as well." Making it a competition could be fun, he figured, should the dragon take the bait. "That's true. Their lances will take getting used to. They're also heavier." Taiyou noted, after Mae's recount of the continent's weapon designs. "Still, I suppose they have longer reach..." She had to think of it as tradeoffs. Some opponents in these lands donneds themselves in too much metal to make cutting as reliable. And of course, a familiar face was more welcome to her than to Mae. "Ayane of the Kusanagi." Taiyou nodded, making her conversation brief --it seemed like Ayane was quite preoccupied with this other person... whose name eluded Taiyou at the moment. Hopefully she would not mind. "Found a blade worth purchasing?" She... seemed to doubt her appraising skills, as far as these weapons were concerned. "Ah... both of them went there, huh?" For a scouting captain, meeting the King and General Nessraya all at once was a bit nerve-wrecking, but nothing *too* unmanageable. Fairies were good at going with the flow. "Well, it's not every day I get to surprise a general~" With a cheerful tone, Fyl followed Meridrys in, skipping in the air. It was very curious to see the Demon King just... casually eat in a modest-looking place, though Fyl wasn't alone on that, considering the bartender's reaction. It was also curious to see another fae sitting with the Demon King, --a Gathlain, at that, could something have happened to the Great Tree? Ah, no, that was a date. Oh my. "Hmm~ Ah, nice to meet the big cheese in the flesh!" He didn't know what he expected, he didn't have a script prepared in case of very casually meeting the monarch of his country, so he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind, and promptly followed Meridrys before any reply or further embarrassment could take shape. "Mmm... very young love, yes." Fyl pulled this chair quickly, leaning onto the table. "A Gathlain, though... they're so entangled with Yggdrasil for a moment I thought the King was dating the whole tree." A quiet giggle followed, Fyl lazily flapping his wings. "Well, I'm sure that'll be its own drama when the nobles start giving opinions about it... but the fairies won't gossip much. Faes helps faes." "...Anyways, what do you think your sister is up to?"
  4. Agni stood proud of Tenna, being able to watch her interact with Taliyah fine. Both so shy... "You should make some time to see Marina if you can while we're here Tenna, and if you need help with the monsters, you can always ask for help." He felt a sense of pride, seeing Taliyah perceive Tenna as one of the good humans. He smirked, "If you haven't seen any scarier than Xalrei, then you've met quite a friendly bunch." He couldn't resist the jab. "Hmm..." "I'm thinking about visiting the arena soon. I can't say I've been able to put myself to the test much lately." "Just. Taiyou. Lady Taiyou." Dealing with Mae certainly teeth-gritting sometimes. With a huff to her step. "This is just a business walk." Trying not to let it get to her, Taiyou walked into the building --quite busy, at that time. Several members of the crew were in the armory. "Huh. I never stopped to look how different the southern weapon's make are." She mentioned, walking to the balcony, stopping right before, as another customer seemed to haggle with the shopkeeper.
  5. "Hello... Princess." Agni turned to Tenebria. Right, she chose to come... and still seemed to have difficulty integrating. "What's the matter?" Making sure he paid for the item properly, he pocketed his new weapon, nodded at Taliyah, and waved at the blacksmith. "That should be it, thank you for your business. "Good luck with your purchases too, Ayane." It seemed like she and Taliyah talked for a moment, but he had been a bit absorbed to follow. "...How are you faring with the group, Princess?" Back to the new concern, "Marina's been quite burdened with the responsibility of it all, I'm sure your presence here has been a boon." "Mistress... is not a proper term to refer to me, I feel." Taiyou shook her head, giving the boy one last glance, a nod as she walked off. "An armory, huh? I could use something better..." She didn't exactly get to bring much with her... and the general soldier around here felt... fairly armored, to speak nothing of monsters.
  6. "I insist, Taliyah, this axe is fanciful, but I find it deserverd." Agni shot a smirk back at Taliyah, before checking the smith's wares one last time. His insterest did get piqued. "Just one more thing, for myself, as a treat." Agni pays for the stiletto. "Ah, understood." Fyl stopped a moment for a quick salute and followed Meridrya along the city. It was nice to have such loose schedule after the scouting missions. *Well, I'd never thought I'd see the general and King so close, yet here we are. This beats scouting the wastelands for sure~* Fyl moves to 7,10. "Is that so? Hm... thank you for your suggestion. I suppose a blunt blacksmith is better than a fraud, and I'd like to familiarize with the weapons this region creates..." Taiyou nodded the child's way, thanking him, before turning to the oni. "Hmm... why not give a try? It's a better lead than most, Mae. You'll carry the weapons for now." She was going to make use of that suggestion. Taiyou to 14, 9.
  7. It was nice to see Taliyah cheering up a bit, all things considered. The smith wasn't the most friendly of sorts... but Agni had a few good deals to manage. "Hello. I have some items I've been interested in pawning off." He approached the man, giving a turn to glance at Taliyah, "And don't worry, Taliyah, in fact, I've been meaning to get you a nice weapon, to help things along. "How about this one? The making is quite different." Agni sells the two red gems, gets a Swordreaver for Taliyah. "...I'll be fine moving on my own, Mae. Worry not." "Ah, hello. I am Taiyou of the kingdom of Sado." Taiyou addressed the young boy first, bowing briefly. "...It's a very far place, but I am essentially with the group that arrived, yes." It was still a weird concept, that natives here would have no idea of where Nanbu or Sado are. "I was simply looking for places to go. I don't know the town at all... it's certainly been difficult to navigate. Where does your father work?" "I'm on it, Lady Meridrya!" This Fyl, one of the faefolk, followed right after the elven lady, hovering quite smoothly above ground as his fae wings barely flapped --just a bit of magic expenditure was fine for this altitude, especially with fairies being fairly short and lightweight. "They made it quite far for a group of their size. Still, the wastelands are no safe place for anyone unfamiliar with the borders, they really should've waited for me." At last flapping his wings, Fyl ascended, watching the town from a vantage point before his strength faded and the winds took him back down. "Hah... your sister seems to be on the other end of town. Not only her, I think I saw the Demon King as well." He whistled, "Quite a busy crowd."
  8. "Oh. Sorry." Agni didn't expect that bad a reaction from Taliyah, retreating his posture a little. "I didn't mean to surprise you. I was thinking just those same lines of thought. I'm sure we could find something fancier than what you've been using, as a gift." He gave her a slight smile. Something to brighten the mood. "And you might say you don't need more clothes... but it's nice to switch things up every now and then." Agni to 12,9, enter. "Ah! Ugh, I'm not... honestly." Taiyou sighed as her, admirer, interjected herself into the trip unprompted, as almost expected. "Hmph, well. Then you'll be carrying bags alright..." Taiyou started walking forwards... until she quickly stopped in her tracks, she grumbled. "Mrr..." Truth is, she had no idea where to go, she didn't have many chances to just walk on her own before. She walked into the first place that caught her mind. "Now what kind of establishment is this...?" Taiyou moves to 15,16.
  9. The words from the royal oni comforted Taiyou a big deal, but she was still stuck with an annoyingly fascinated oni glued on her. "Hm. Good luck, Ayane." Taiyou didn't have much to say, honestly, she found these southern towns fairly alien still, she couldn't tell an interesting place to go, turning he head idly to examine the buildings. Since most of the crew didn't struggle differentiating places, though, she kept that part to herself. "I guess I should explore a little as well." It was more comfortable to think of the wastes and preparing for that... "So, what do you plan to do, Taliyah? It feels like we'll be here for a spell, so you should enjoy yourself." Agni made a point to check up on Taliyah every so often after she admitted to her negativity. In part to save her from her thoughts, and in part because talking to her was becoming comfy. "There should be something interesting to buy, as a border town, so I've been thinking about checking the peddlers."
  10. "Ugh! What could you possibly... a vision?" Hearing this oni talk was repulsive enough for Taiyou, but talking about them as predestined lovers took the cake. Taiyou took a step back, mentally thanking Shizuka for getting in the way. "W-Whatever your plan is, you can drop this love pretense. Ugh! You couldn't... you weren't really at the dungeon, were you?" She took a defensive stance, grumbling. "Ayane must know how Ouka's magic affects the mind better than I, honestly..." Taiyou shifted her glance between Ayane and Mae for a moment, still hesitant. "As long as Ayane decides to handle you, I'll hold my words, but don't take things for granted, I'll be watching you." "Huh? Oh, of course, well, you're welco--" And there Taliyah went, leaving Agni a bit confused, but relieved that she was picking up for herself. "Hm." It would still take time for her to deal with everything, though, that much was obvious. For now, Agni would give her space. He felt he should spare Marina of knowing Taliyah's feelings, as well...
  11. "Of course, Taliyah, you need your time. Don't force yourself to talk to Marina yet." Agni continued to offer if only his words as comfort. "You sacrificed a lot, Taliyah, but know that I am still here for you, if you still wish it. You still have friends here, and wherever you decide to be, I am sure your kind sould will find more." "Who--" The assailant was absurdly loudmouthed, keeping Taiyou on edge, "Stay by me, Shizuka." Whilst weaponless, Taiyou put herself on guard. The Assassin finally showed herself, speaking nonsense about a destined lover, and gesturing at... her? Wait-- "Ugh! W-what?! What is the meaning of this? Unhand me!" Taiyou yelled in response, fighting the pink-haired oni's embrace. An uncomfortable shiver, a loss of composure as this oni very rudely invaded her space, Taiyou tried to elbow her and escape her grasp. "What are you talking about? Are you delusional? I am Taiyou, next in line of Sado, I do not have a lover nor suitor, neither have I met you!"
  12. "Ah..." Agni held Taliyah's hands, taking a moment to... process her feelings. "Of course you are still be allowed to be friends, but for now, you should try to heal yourself. Figure out what you want to do from now on." As much as he wanted to help her through the process, Agni figured it was a time where Taliyah would need to learn to gather inner strength on her own. "Your father made his choices, and the other monsters responded in kind... but you are not tied to them, nor are you a bad daughter, you did your best to save your father." He reached out a hand to pat her head. "You don't have obligations to anyone now, save for yourself. It's a lot, but I have no doubt you can think on that." "Correct, I am Taiyou of Sado. My mother, Himiko, went to your family's aid before that tragedy happened." Taiyou returned Ayane's answer with a brief nod. "It saves me the trouble if we're both agreeing on what to do to Ouka, then. I'm going to kill her as vengeance for my mother." There was a short pause, as Ayane felt cautious for... some reason. "Hm? What is it?" Taiyou tensed up, trying to look at where Ayane turned her attention to.
  13. Of course, Taliyah still needed her time after all that. Agni was her only support after all this happened. "Surely. If you have something to talk, I'll be listening, Taliyah." Giving her space enough to worry about her father's passing was good, but she also had more to deal with now. He'd follow along to wherever she felt comfortable talking. Taiyou had gotten her answer from Shizuka, well enough, and observed the onis with a critical eye. That started out at a bad time, what with Ayane and Shizuka having a heartfelt moment, apparently. "...Princess Ayane of the Kusanagi." Taiyou cleared her throat. "You've come this way to fight Ouka, if what I was to believe is true." She'd glare with a critical eye at the oni, but Shizuka, already made things fairly clear. "I have much I want to talk about what happened in Nanbu." She'd only had her own piece of the story, after all...
  14. Agni embraced Taliyah as she went to his arms, knowing full well there was only so much words could help with. "Taliyah..." He hadn't the guts to say anything to her. Just staying there... "... Lavinia." He spoke quietly, gaze shifting towards the vampire. "Thank you." One more hand to help bury her father would make her feel better, surely... Agni had a need to hear Marina's speech with critical intent, hoping to aid her if she came to lose her words, but also hesitated leaving Taliyah's side --who definitely was still in the least stable of moods--. He walked towards Taliyah, offering a hug to the lizardwoman. His ears were still fixed on,the speech first and foremost... and it was quite satisfactory, except for the interruption by Lavinia's sister. What a troubling choice of words, making us concerned about future operations after a fatiguing one. I guess you can chalk that to bluebood-isms. --- Taiyou, on the other hand has her focus quickly on the pair of regal onis in the camp. "Shizuka... who are they?" She had a fair idea already, but it was never bad to double-check.
  15. "Hrmm..." Agni was restless, hearing a commotion from below. He had just dealt with the remaining mage on that tower, belting his main gauche as he walked down the stairs at a brisk pace. "What...?" The visage, as he descended, was extremely busy, the loud roar he'd heard atop was unanswered. No gargantuan beast, just a gathering... the injured, and a notable fallen monster, with Taliyah crying at his side. It was hard to ignore the obvious implications. "Taliyah..." Now he understood why the room felt so tense. Agni approached Taliyah with concern, kneeling by her side. "...Your father, huh...?" He took a good look at the man... the lizardfolk he never saw alive. A strange feeling struck Agni, not knowing if it was regret or... what. "...I'm sorry." He should've been here. That's how he felt. Of course. After that loud roar outside, unlocking their door meant some side had definitely crumbled. They lost their chance to escape... "Hmph... Shizuka, be care--" Careful, evidently, was not what Shizuka was with her loud charging. It... It left Taiyou speechless, for sure. "No, don't. Just--" On the bright side, their liberator was not intent in doing ill, and even took Shizuka's gaffe in decent stride. "Who... so you defeated Ithraxl?" Another monster, but this one was against the faction that captured them, huh. Monster politics seemed complicated. "Thank you." Taiyou replied with a quick bow. "Who are you fighting under? If I'm allowed to ask the name." Shizuka seemed very intent to clear her gaffe, but there was hardly time for this overcompensation. "No need, Shizuka, I'm going."
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