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  1. So that AI was still there? Karina didn't like the idea of being quarantined at all. If the AI was still hounding them, however... what were they to do? Best option was to relace all the devices and embedded systems with her... that'd be a significant amount of her money already. "What can be done about--" Loud, so loud. Karina grit her teeth and covered her ears as the AI decided to send a very clear message it was around. The voice after all systems were turned off were another slap to the face. Creepy and sobering. "Cool." Karina's response was sarcastic, picking her own device, placing it on the table and turning it off. "Guess we're getting rid of all our things until we find some way to deal with this spyware monster?" How dreadful, "Guess no more Mew stream for a bit either..." With a passing glance at the streamer, Karina sighed.
  2. Elaine goes with her gut! Elaine attacks! Target: Cressida #4 Weapon: Revolver Stake Final Hit: 89 Final Crit: 35 Roll: 39, 61 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 104 The Cressida is pierced through! Elaine gains +100 EXP, +6 Will, +8PP, +2300 credits! A good choice! "Requesting Puppet for support, wait for us to fire." Bonner voiced through his comm, keeping the Mantle at a steady flight. "Bit of a dark callsign for that kid, don't you think?" Lynx couldn't help but speak under his breath, Bonner could definitely picture his frown. "Yes, it wasn't my choice, however. This is hardly the time, either way." Bonner sped up the machine, "We've got other puppets to worry about." ((editing move here once players clear up))
  3. "Marina, your hands..." Agni took the sheated blade, unable to miss what Marina had done to herself. "Why did this happen? Be careful..." How strange... he'd need to ask about it later, if it turned out too serious. In the end, Marina proved herself selfless enough to the selfish Demon King, and now they could finally make it back to their camp. "There's little dignity lost in mending serious wounds, Lavinia. Especially internal ones. You are fine." Rather fit, too, as expected of a prideful knight like her... "You have nothing to be ashamed of." Agni shook his head, he digressed. "Still, now that this is over, let's get back to camp, yes?" With the Myrithali in his possession, Agni would need to exercise extra care from there on out, for Marina as well. Holding the scabbard with his belt would do for now. "Knowing our luck, it's bound to rain again soon."
  4. "General Nessraya is right. This test was very unnecessary." Speaking words he'd never thought to say, Agni walked towards the gathering around Marina and the lamia with a watchful eye. "Speak to your king well of Marina's conviction, so that she does not doubt it again." How bothersome... at least Marina had done well this one test. "Marina, you've spent enough energy for the night, you should get some rest posthaste." Agni placed a hand on Marina's shoulder, a sorry look her way, for once. The girl was too emotionally invested in all this. "Lavinia, how are you doing? If this snake tried to crush you... then Nessraya should aid you to shape."
  5. "I-Incoming!!" Caroline had done enough supporting, with one of the deimos looking ready to topple over, she could do it, right? Caroline casts Focus![-15SP] Caroline rushes in to (2,5) and opens fire at Deimos #7! Caroline attacks! Target: Deimos #7 Weapon: Head Gatlings Final Hit: 91 Final Crit: 9 Roll: 84, 50 Hit! Damage: 4 Deimos #7 falls apart?! Caroline gains + 300 EXP, +12 PP, +6 Will, +5500 credits! Caroline levels! Caroline gains +1 shooting, defense, accuracy! +5 SP! "W-wait, I did it?" She wasn't entirely sure how that worked out. The vanguard was tense, but Makoto was finally doing it --the Phalanx was handling itself fine in combat, and even managed to take hits. He'd have to thank Buck for the armor reinforcements. "Keep pressing on!" He was concerned about Thorvald, Kim, and Christina being left behind, but he couldn't help it now. Not with all these machines in front of him. "For Justice!" Makoto remains put and uses a special flash grenade at Cressida #2! Makoto attacks! Target: Cressida #2 Weapon: Flash Grenade Final Hit: 83 Final Crit: 22 Roll: 16, 35 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 58 Cressida #2 crumbles before light and mild explosions! Makoto gains +150 EXP, +8 PP, +2300 credits! "I can do it!" The boy was as driven as he could be, at least.
  6. "Marina! Lavinia!" Agni rushed past, trying to ignored the reanimated skeletons. He couldn't possibly get to Marina nor Lavinia in time while fending off those things --and he knew where his priorities lied--. It was dangerous, but he'd succeed at something --either diverging the skeleton's attention or sneaking by. Curse her, whoever she is! Monster! Agni presses onward (11,19) and casts flux on the second wight.
  7. "That can't be, Marina just told me she'd compromise. She's not one to lie callously to my face." Agni had stopped paying attention to Marina and Ness' conversation, his job already done. He'd be concerned if Nessraya was making moves again, but Marina? "But yes, provided--" Lavinia was swooped by something quickly while he spoke, zooming through the darkness. Agni immediately sprang upright, a hand drawing his dagger, and taking note of the tail dragging Lavinia away. "Monster! Stop right there!" But it was already off, too swift, and used its power and body to restrain Lavinia, and threathen their death. Tch. But things happened fast around him. Marina stepped forward to the assailant's demands, like a true hero, and attempted to defuse the situation. However, that left Marina vulnerable. If this assailant tried anything, I'll need to cover for Marina. They're fast, but maybe I could do it...
  8. Well, that was interesting. So this AI was potentially after a... serf? It was related to the Odyssey team, this could be serious... What was that about Karina though? In the hospital? Eesh... What an unfortunate coincidence. "If that Carmen girl is your best lead, then might as well follow that clue, otherwise its grasping at straws." It wasn't like they had many other leads... Now what about tryouts? With that out of the way, Karina was a bit anxious about it... "By the way, will we have to redo tryouts, or what?" She hoped they would, personally.
  9. "Have I coddled her when she kept placing the blame of everything on herself? No. When Marina wavers, I am not shy to chastize her." This topic of how Agni coddled her was unwarranted and unwelcome, in his mind. "I would rather she not enter an intimate relation with Nessraya, regardless. Casual or otherwise." He shrugged, leaning back. "If you think my ego is too much, go ahead. I could use some diversion." They were ever so quick to want to put him down... "I could suggest you some, provided we find a library as well. I haven't my personal stash since Marina and I got captured."
  10. "Of course I was planning to join the conversation --pardon my hasty inclusion, Miss Gabriela--. Since you spoke up when Marina and Nessraya were conversing, Lavinia, I figured your talk was over, but I can well make amends." He nodded back, figuring he'd get some reprimand from someone over his actions. ...Still, he'd do it again. "I'm not oblivious to her kind's needs... I just object to her setting her sights on Marina, however. She's still new to this world as it is..." At least part of the reason was that Agni was protective towards Marina. It was easy to see him stealing glances at her general direction, keeping watch. "...That's a notable list of activities." Lavinia truly had the time, but it wasn't proper to comment that. Of course she had, what with not aging like humans did. "I have some practice with chess, but not too much. There are a few captains back in Coteon who run tournaments out of it, actually. It's a far more accessible activity than test battles, after all." He wasn't as good as the older captains, himself, but Agni could at least claim to not be an ignoramus with relation to the game. "Though my preference is to sit down and read a book whenever I can... old habit from since when I was a kid." From way back in the orphanage. There wasn't terribly much to do there...
  11. Agni was quite satisfied now. Ness' reaction only fueled the smirk that followed. "You'll just have to find another target for your debauchery, General." Containing his tone so as not to mock overtly, but still managed a smirk as she glared back at him. "Very well." Figuring he was very unwelcome at this point, Agni turned to Marina and bowed in slight reverence, whispering a soft 'anytime' before adjusting himself once more and turning to leave. Agni had done what he could, and in a better mood walked his way towards another member of this quickly motleyed group. "You probably helped a little bit, I give you my thanks." Casually, Agni sat down beside Lavinia. "Marina's just too nice to say no... goodness."
  12. "That... I can work with. I couldn't imagine you were ready for something like that, as it were." A silent sigh of relief, Agni closed his eyes and thanked the gods Marina didn't jump onto that so readily... there was worth in purity. It certainly felt bad that she'd throw it away. "We have a lot on our shoulders already, especially yourself. Make sure not to get into such an act unless you're sure." That was enough advice from himself, at least. Agni knew when it was time to stop droning on, shaking his head. Nessraya definitely didn't lack options among the monsters, so at most this was just a small setback for the general.
  13. "Mayhaps you are not able to replenish your own reserves in the literal sense, but you already had arrangements other than Marina to fall back on, I'm sure." Otherwise, Agni was sure that Nessraya would have procured some. He turned back in protest despite her shoves, adamantly against the idea of Marina engaging in any debauchery today, or anytime in the foreseeable future. "Just get anybody else to do it. Marina, I beg you to reconsider." There was frustration in his tone and face, feeling such as the only one to exercise proper caution in this group. "Whether you're trying to make it up to them or otherwise, you shouldn't jump into these situations." Whether said debauchery was 'invigorating' or whatnnot didn't matter. Nessraya was a bit too eager... it just was unfortunate this was the time Marina picked to be brave.
  14. "...Such a brusque interruption is with Marina's well-being in mind." Agni had positioned himself behind Nessraya, slowly having walked behing the duo. What was Marina thinking making such offer to a succubus? "She's only meant well, but I doubt such a thing as helping your energy problem comes with the hero description." Lavinia had put it nicely, but Agni was there now, scrutinizing Nessraya from the start. Marina was far too nice to brush off Ness' ridiculous attempts on her own. "If it's not overstepping, Marina. You don't need to offer help to this one. Nessraya is the Demon King's prestigious general, after all." His attention returned to Marina, a polite bow as he spoke --he certainly still held her at the same high regard as when they'd left Coteon. "You're truly a charitable soul, but Nessraya is more than capable of helping herself." That succubus was certainly acting close to Marina. Agni wouldn't have it.
  15. "Thank you, Lavinia." Agni breathed a sigh of relief as healing magic worked its way through his body, "You do a good job, your reliability is welcome." Maybe it was a compliment, or criticism towards everybody else. Maybe it was just nothing, simply the way Agni was. It didn't matter terribly, he picked his bearing shortly after, keeping pace with the topics of interest was fairly natural. "A new wagon would be a blessing... well met, Miss Persyn." He looked up towards the undead woman, giving a nod. Whether cramped inside or not, it was far superior to walking such distances. "To our next stop, then." Excusing himself, Agni hopped into the wagon, but not without a final glance towards Nessraya. She'd do well not getting too comfy with Marina.
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