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  1. "Haah..." Throwing punches at rock wasn't at all pleasant. Üllr was thankful he was wearing the knuckles at this point. It felt a bit weird to punch the man turned to stone and seeing it crack. He wasn't about to stop now, though. That annoying knight had taken a good beating from the big draconic man, and the other one had been turned to stone, it felt like such a quick turn of events... almost too quick. Üllr wasn't at all used to a skirmish of this level, and those that were fighting on his side were quite strong... That was nice. Gave a lot of confidence. Üllr to (6,8), punch the monk 1.
  2. One-two, swiftly the mage went down. Üllr could get behind the feel of those gauntlets, recentering himself and looking around. Numbers were thinning nearby, but another force of those knights seemed to have joined further east. Üllr considered his options, but others seemed closer to that side than himself. There's also the fact that golden person got smacked down with a blast of light. "Rrrrr..." Growling, Üllr rushed to the bridge, stopping in his tracks as he noticed the man was... grayish? It was like... no, he was literally petrified. "What...?" He was no statue before, that's for sure,, but it seemed like, in the heat of the moment, a light spell was cast on him for that result. He would have to ask about that later --he wasn't taking bets with this being a permanent spell. Üllr to funni coord, hit monk 1.
  3. "No, I'm afraid I know little of Taliyah's whereabouts as of right now. Some of the others spoke of the upper floors, so that's where I assume she, and most others, are. We'll have to take a look on the way." While Agni was clearly concerned about the lizard, there was too much to think now. She was still priority, but his conciousness wrestled to keep focus on the current situarion, mayhaps evident in his mood. "Have to believe danger has passed, at least for now. The others should be safe... and I pray the wagons need little fixing." Shaking his head, Agni tried to put his mind off the logistic concerns, "As for the characters we met in here, well... you can see for yourself. What do you make of them, Marina?" "Ah... well, I'm sure pride can be healed, though not with enchantments." With a soft smile, Taiyou nodded in response to Ayane's words. "At first I wondered if this place had some connection to Ouka's plans, but it seems quite unrelated... I didn't expect there to me this much going on across the sea, to be honest. I can't help but wonder what purpose Ouka sees in coming here." It seemed like a few things were still to be unearthed, from Taiyou's point of view. Figuring it to be the best use of his scouting abilities. Fyl had left the room and flown towards the holes in the ceiling, looking to gather the rest of the group.
  4. "Hhraah!" Taking a sword cut was never fun, but Üllr proved he had the constitution to take it, striking back with his own attack in the chinks of the armored knight's plating. Before he could concern himself more with the speed of battle, Sixteen had showed up and taken the man down. "It's fine, good job." He was safe from more hits, which mattered most for him, and there was no shortage of people to cull --case in point with how he'd already been called to help another front. "Right." It was good that they were trusting him, there was no time to focus much on gaining it as it were. "Thank you, I'll take it." They weren't his claws, but having something to hit enemies with that he'd have to worry less later let him swing with abandon. Üllr to (3,9), takes the iron knuckle and swing at the mage.
  5. "Oh. Thank you." Nodding at Sixteen, Üllr let go of Renais promtply. She seemed less than pleased that he had moved her out of trouble. Not that Üllr minded much, she was holding no weapon. The more pressing matter was the sound coming from across the river. More troops, tobe sure. At least some people seemed to be going that way now, and Üllr was weighing it himself... "They're trying to corner us." It was obvious, but effective enough to be a tried and true fighting plan. Still, a cornered prey always had the option to fight back... "Hmmm, need to attack..." He walked towards the bridge, getting a vantage point to the cavaliers, seeing the knights that argued with him across. They weren't going to charge just yet, from their stance, that was annoying... "HEY, LAZY ASS!" Hands parallel to his mouth, Üllr shouted. "GOING TO FIND YOUR THIEVES, OR JUST RUNNING AWAY?" Üllr to (6,10).
  6. Time for the counteroffensive. The group charged in surprising unison, making short work of the combatants in the vicinity. From his point, Üllr wouldn't be able to make a sprint for a good target... how frustrating. Could he still do something? Hmm... Ah... that one human was healing clouded, but overstepped, she would open herself to an attack like that. "Stay back, the horse riders are coming." Calling out to her, Üllr didn't wait for a reply, picking her arm and pulling from her position. For someone so scrawny, he was surprisingly strong, as the girl in his grip would find out. Maybe had to do with his clouded side? "I'll fight them if they come close." Üllr to (9,11), rescue Renais.
  7. "Mm. Let's see how they come to us." The group was advancing slowly, waiting for their chance. That was probably wise with all the horseback folks. "Haah..." Slowing his breathing and preparing his stance, Üllr met his eyes at the nearest enemies, watching their approach. The others had a plan to approach them first, so Üllr understood he didn't have to go headfirst. Once blades started clashing, he'd get an opportunity. For now, he prepared himself. The air around him got ever so slightly cooler... "Let's see how they come to us." Üllr holds.
  8. "Natalya." Üllr noted the name mentally, finally being able to peg something to the face. He would need to have a talk with her outside the heat of battle, but for now... he could certainly share Sixteen's enthusiasm. "I didn't know Sixteen could be a name. Won't forget, though." He nodded, a small grin as he felt emboldened --finally being able to get his comeuppance afainst those knights alongside other enthused clouded was cathartic, to be sure. "I was always planning lethal force with these guys."
  9. Oh. That was a lot of information at once, leaving a somewhat dazed Üllr at the scene. "...One, one question at a time." Processing everything she said, Üllr decided to prioritize her last question. It made the most sense to get that out of the way if they were going to fight against those knights. "Üllr. That's my name. You work for that woman, right?" He pointed towards the tiger clouded he remembered arguing with the knights, which he'd marked down mentally as an important person. "Oh, and, what's your name?"
  10. "...A weapon? I don't need..." Üllr responded slowly, watchful eye on this stranger making a circle around him. Thankfully, it was benign, and she was able to get the answer she wanted without need for words. It did bring a small bout of confidence, in the midst of everything. "I use my claws, correct. They're good enough." Üllr rose his hands to demonstrate the point, their back against Sixteen, and curved his fingers slightly to accentuate. While they were not long, the nails were notably pointed, and shaded a natural black, in contrast to the blue fur that decorated his arm. "I know how to avoid hurting myself with heavy armor. You can trust me." It seemed Sixteen was happier just to see somebody with claws though, so he didn't need to explain himself much. "Are those scales? Then we both know how to fight with claws, good."
  11. The situation had developed far too quick, the knights were turning tail in a quick manner --surprisingly organized, and from their barks, they were going to strike back on their own terms, and fast. Others started following to the natural battleground outside, and another Clouded? He didn't really know what constituted as one or otherwise, but this girl looked quite different. Still, he also recognized her as the one that helped him out, making her tugging of his arm something of much less concerning "Huh...? Ah, thank you. I was done with these guys." Others were joining the fray quickly, readying weapons against the knights, things were quite a bit more fair now. "Thanks for getting me out of there, but let me help. I can fight, and I want to get back at them."
  12. "So it sounds like some of ours are stuck on the upper floors, from what the oni suggested. I trust that's being taken care of?" Agni posed his remaining question to the construct, staying beside Thesephine. He still felt quite uneasy around this figured, and something about the scorched room also kept him in high alert. At the corner of his sight, however, he caught some good news at last. "Marina! Thank goodness you're safe..." One less person to worry about... this still left Taliyah and the others. "Haaah... what a mess." This group was quite a lot to keep track of for Fyl, who kept observing those arriving for wounds. He still had no idea who the magic swordswoman was supposed to be, but soon others came of equally incognito nature. Including the multi-eyed person that ran past them earlier, and a weird red girl. "How many of those are we taking...?" He mumbled to himself. There was a good point eavesdropped, though, with regards to those in upper floors. Maybe I should fly up and check on them. He seemed like the best equipped for the task --as usual, and spread his wings as he looked at the ceiling for holes. "Ayane? Are you doing fine?" Taiyou couldn't help but notice the oni's distress some, being one of the few people she'd bothered to reasonably interact in the group. "Do you have any wounds? These constructs were quite a hassle." She spoke mostly from the memories of being swatted around by an axe-wielder, and also because she'd rather just focus on the inner group of people that talked to her for now. Too much going on at once.
  13. The coming clouded arguing for him were a moment of ease, to be sure. While their attempts to argue against the leader's demands seemed to be innefective --much a testament to this knight's hardheadedness--, there seemed to be some important things outlined. Lufiria? That was far away, but most importantly, these people seemed to be representing Glacies. The very Glacies Üllr's grandfather spoke of, no doubt. For a moment, he looked at the tiger clouded with curiosity, hoping that something would come out of it. Of course, no more than treaths came out of the knight leader's mouth. Sighing, Üllr lowered his head again, concentrating on his guard again, for whenever the knights decide to hassle him again... and, as if everything decided to happen all at once, one of the knight beside him coughed blood. What. "Run!" A high pitched voice yelled from behind him, a tail piercing the guard. Well, it was do or die. He could get a cue that he shouldn't stay where he was. "GRAAAAH!!" Whisking himself away with the force he could muster, Üllr took steps enough to put himself at a distance from the knights, "Let me go!!" Turning around, he took a defensive stance, watching what the knight would do now. If this were to turn into a brawl, Üllr wouldn't let his helpers do everything --not when he had a lot of misgivings with those knights himself.
  14. "...Hmm. I..." It paused, looking down to the floor again, "Further discussion above ground..." It seemed to think on that sentence for a moment. Already having its trust shaken, it seemed to assess the ways to interpret that. "No... if they can beat the constructs, I don't want them here. Not with the prisoners running free..." Mumbling to itself, it seemed to come to a conclusion, lifting itself up. "Okay..." Pausing once more, the doll's expression was pensive. "Can I make.... hmm... I think..." Mumbling to itself, it turned towards the recently destroyed construct, looking at its pieces. "Shut down." The machine stopped repairing itself, a quick, continuous beeping before it ceased to move. "Hm... We will talk outside, then. I need to get the rest. And you, fox, if you are not her, then why do your bear such similarity?" The doll was sure there was a quicker way to deal with the shutdowns, but it couldn't quite remember... "...Commands. I should ask a functioning one." Mumbling, it started to make steps... cautiously, as if someone that had never walked before.
  15. Thesephine's eyes said a lot, enough that the construct avoided her gaze. And yet, someone else came to give their two cents, someone who called it a monstrous human, claim enough for the construct to look at this accuser... and be struck with familiarity again. "Tama-!!" As instinct kicked in, metal hands came to its mouth as the words were cut off. The construct collapsed on its knees, eyes fixated on Asami. "You're not supposed... why... why are you here?" Between Miz's attack, Thesephine's doubt, and this individual having some connection to it all. There were too many threats, it seemed to be reconsidering everything, sizing up... itself, and then the destroyed construct, struggling to regenerate itself. "I might...? Haah..." It looked one more time towards Thesephine, that cold, golden gaze fixating onto her. "If I do that, will you prevent these monsters from attacking me?" It turned towards Miz and Xetketh, its meaning clear.
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