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  1. I don't know if the mages can learn their lv11+ spells after they promote. So I used to level them until they got them all and then promoted. Also IIRC promoting increases your stats to the promoted class' bases if they're below it, which, considering the general growth rates in this game, is pretty good. I used to promote units a little later (like somewhere in lv13-15) if they had good enough growths to pump some stats above the bases, but promoting early doesn't really harm you, especially with three tiers for most classes. I'd recommend to class change the villagers as soon as you can too, can't really go wrong on that one.
  2. The Rules don't apply for gen 1, you can do whatever and take as long as you want there as its only purpose is to prepare your units for gen 2. Because it's a gen 2 draft yadda yadda. Anyways Baldrick chooses Lana and Aless. ffff SP you showed up shortly after I had to go away why Edit: Either is fine by me, not that last round is that amazing but hey.
  3. Oh, ok then. Just wanted to make sure. I'll be around for the next 6 hours then I'll leave for about 2-3 hours. So I'll be here most of the time.
  4. You have a point but I think he just wants some credit to be given to his draft for starting the trend, which is understandable. Either that or I'm completely missing the point he's making. And shoot I'm first but I don't really want to touch Leaf if you're discussing him so uhh uhhh UHHH Laylea! /this is a good ideurr I doubt I'd use Leaf effectively anyways. Just wondering, you just mention "no more than 9 movement" in your rules but doesn't that mean we can still give Celice the Leg Ring while he's unpromoted and sell it just before he promotes? I'm cool if you're okay with that, but for a take on the "no main lord with leg ring" rule it still allows for perma 9-move goodness. Also, the Give command penalty is only for undrafted units, right? It doesn't seem clear to me so I'm being a nutcase. @[email protected]
  5. Welp, I've been wondering about doing a draft to shake off the boredom and checking the rules this looks good for a first. Mitebcool. Can I has join?
  6. The game is fairly easy, you can grind with no real penalties since there's no weapon uses to worry about. Be aware of your mages' HP though as they can squish if you're using a high hp-cost spell and they get overrun by tons of enemies unless you KNOW he/she can handle it. And remember that you can revive people a few times in each of the lion shrines (which you also use for promotions), so it's not all over and reset when a unit dies. The sister's resire spell is innacurate, but you'll likely use it to level them up if you're grinding. Like the mages, just don't let them be cornered by tons of enemies. The villagers are fine units when you class change them, and in early game it's not that hard to get them up to rank. Cliff tends to be a good mage because of his spell choices, and Robin tends to be put as an archer but it's up to you to choose what you want/need most in your army. Alm himself tends to be pretty strong throughout the game and Celica is also fine and she can use swords or magic so you won't have problems if you level them up decently, just don't be careless as they're main characters and all that. Bows are VERY good in this game because they're 1~3 if you're "unarmed" and 1~5 if you have a bow equipment or are a Bow Knight. That also means enemy archers can be very annoying if they're on par with your units or can't be reached easily, so it's nice to have a good mounted unit or a sister with warp for such situations (or your own bow user if he's good enough). Falcoknights are also amazing in Celica's route because there are plenty of monsters and they're effective against monsters. It's also nice to have a bunch of units at classes with decent enough base res to handle magic, but that's only if it's troubling you really, high HP meat shields and decent leveling tends to be enough. Items and equipment are always nice to give your units an extra boost but don't worry if you miss one item or can't get it to drop from an enemy, the game hands you nice enough things if you know what you're doing. My advice is pretty much all a given, if you know your FE then just don't be silly, it's relatively easy. You'll adapt to this game's differences to the other main titles as long as you pay a little attention. I'd be more worried about adapting to the older NES FE controls, it may ruin your fun if you're WAY too used to the newer games. That only depends on how much you want to play the game though. Oh god I'm a motormouth. Edit: Wait you played FE5 you're fine. I'll just let the wall of text here to look pretty and hurt people's eyes.
  7. Hey there, I've checked on info for FE13 a while ago, but I couldn't answer one thing for sure. Are the DLC Limit Breaker skill's stats stored in the game's data? Say I put Limit Breaker on MU and capped all stats with Limit Breaker active, then took it off. If I put Limit Breaker back again, would the game still remember that MU had those points stored, or would I have to level up to regain these 10 points in each stat? I'm guessing it remembers considering it also does the same for class changing purposes, but I just want to make sure. Sorry if the question was asked before, I didn't really check the thread enough. ._.;;
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    Thanks again people, so far I'm kinda lost and just looking around because I've never took part in a bigger forum to be honest, but I'm thankful for the greetings. =) I'd say either Fin or Azel, Fin because I like him appearaning in both gens and I find his minor role neat, Azel just because I like mages as soon as they can come. :P
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    Huh, thanks, I didn't know. I don't think I will for a good while, I like this name, I use it for a lot of stuff Hey seph. =D Tell Cal to get a Sorceress in Diablo 2. Thanks for the welcomez gaiz. :3
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    'ello, people of Serenes. I'd come up with a better topic name, but I can't think of anything non-cliché right now. Like probably a lot of other people, I've become an FE enthusiast ever since I first got FE7 for the GBA, but I found out relatively late (I think 2004), then I found out about FE8 and curbstomped it like most people back then by over-grinding. Funny days, but then I lost interest soon after. My family was never too keen in spending money on video games even though I've always been a VG kid, so most of my gaming experience comes from ROMS, shamefully. It was one day looking through SNES ROMS that I found about the japanese FEs, needless to say I was hooked back in this series again. I've never considered joining a forum, though. I only had been in small Pokémon forums before, and while they were nice, they died quick. After seeing the FEE3 videos on youtube, I've been wondering to give this forum a try. I've lurked here in the past when I heard about Awakening, but skepticist me decided to just get info until it was confirmed overseas. Now my stupid college has a strike, I have nothing to do despite wanting to further in my Computer Science studies, and then I see videos about how the FE Rom Hacking community is doing. Figured I might as well jump in the bandwagon with so much free time on my hands. Just for the sake of saying it, I've played most FE games except 9 and 10 (because my laptop sucks and I lack a GC/Wii) and 13 obviously (though I do have a 3DS, so I shall await with all the patience), I've beaten most, though I still have to complete Gaiden and Thracia776 (stopped at chap21, PC broke, still have to muster myself to play again). Sorry if there's any spelling or grammar mistakes. Though I try hard to master English, it is only my second language (and my speaking accent is even worse). :/ That's pretty much it, I just hope I don't make enemies in here, anything else is profit. =) tl;dr: hai I'll lurk around as an existent person now.
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