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  1. Toss up between Lopt and Ereshkigal. Ereshkigal is some bias because of how awesome Nergal is, and FE7 was my first Fire Emblem so I have nostalgia going on. Lopt is just amazing though. Creepy a fuck corrupted dragon.
  2. I got to the video games relatively late with Age of Empires 2
  3. Yeah the dragons that didn't do anything. Drogon killed the kid, not the other two. Also, it's not the dragon's fault. They are dragons. That's what they do.
  4. Sacae is pretty brutal on hard mode and is no cakewalk in normal mode either. If you go to Illia at least you face lots of bow-weak enemies. And Gel is not easy to kill at all. 27 Spd and 14 Luck is 68 Avoid, and he is on a throne.
  5. At least for the ests, the list seems to consider the "comes late and is hard to train" part over the "actually turns out really well" part.
  6. I would agree that there is an over-analysis of character archetypes in the games. I would say there has not been an actual "Est" since Nino. All the others listed on the Wiki don't really fit. Come to think of it, neither do Zeiss or Sophia.
  7. Yeah honestly Tellius is probably the best when it comes to world building. It helps that FE9 left plenty of plot hooks and unanswered questions that a sequel could easily be made. This might be bias but Jugdral seems pretty well built. Thracia 776 was strange but interesting in that regard. I can't speak on Akaenia (or however it is spelled)
  8. Mages are so nerfed in FE9. Tomes overall have lower might than physical weapons. Wind tome has 2 might in FE9 and Light(ning) has 1. WTF is that if not a serious nerf to mages. Mages have been getting screwed since FE4.
  9. Yeah magic in general needs some...unique-ness. Dark magic has plenty of variety. I like light magic having high crit rates but anima needs something to distinguish it.
  10. http://imgur.com/y00eldF I don't know how this works.
  11. I really hope they do not do a sequel to Awakening, for a boatload of reasons. Mostly because nothing was left hanging. No plot threads left unexplored really.
  12. Don't feel put off by the lunatic players. They are excellent at the game but most people are not. Welcome though! If you are interested in playing the GBA games, emulators can make that useful. Finding a physical copy can be difficult. The 7th game is a popular suggestion for another starter game as is the 8th. Doesn't matter, enjoy yourself here!
  13. Brave tomes, I know Tactics Universe had a hero flare. Which I greatly enjoyed. Pikes, maybe. 2 range only? or halved accuracy at 1-range maybe. Cannot be countered at 2 range. Wyvern mages. From a tactical standpoint, for an army, those would be brilliant. I know that they would be a little too good from a game-play perspective. Beyond that....not sure.
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