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  1. It should have at least one red unit. Valentine's Ike has already shown up, so the remaining options are: Regular Ike Valentine's Titania Regular Mia Regular Elincia Ninja Zihark Bride Sigrun Black Knight Fallen Ashnard As for how his odds compare to the others, who knows.
  2. He appeared in 3-1-3 beforehand, but that was it: https://feheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Lethal_Swordsman
  3. F2Ps can get plenty of strong rare units, especially with the spark system.
  4. Mine is pretty similar so far - Pledged Blade, Ruptured Sky, Sturdy Stance, and Slick Fighter. How much focus did you put on your other units?
  5. Personally I'm sick in general of all the exaggerated flattery towards the player from the characters, and in particular the amount of flirting from the female characters, so I'm not a fan of Fjorm adding to that. I did think the chibi video was cute though. This type of game is better suited to goofy/fun stuff rather than taking itself too seriously.
  6. Picked up some skills on the other three and managed to beat the remaining floors. Now just to try to have Zephiel learn Close Save in the remaining days. No luck yet but... he did get Far Save? I could find Distant Counter fodder for him if it comes to it, but if he can't get Close Save, I'll only pick him if it turns out we aren't getting Dozla next month.
  7. I still say the Hero Fest is how Muspell will be released.
  8. I agree about finding Leila really memorable. Probably helped that it was my first FE game and I was like 10 at the time, but that's not too unusual.
  9. Thracia has many allies who start as enemies. Galzus is probably the most notorious remaining one, although I'd also love Salem in any form.
  10. Surprising pick, but not a bad one. Joins Sophia and Amelia on the list of characters who've gotten a Resplendent without a regular alt, and the first male on that list. Speaking of Feh Pass news, they also announced some bonuses for staying subscribed for multiple consecutive months.
  11. I barely even remembered that Dithorba existed. When I heard about her, I assumed she was the pegasus boss from later in the chapter (who turned out to be Pamela).
  12. Yeah, it's something I've been wanting for a while but... maybe with some sort of movement skills, like Brave Edelgard?
  13. Huh. Possible, I suppose. I also think we've got pretty good odds of another cavalry dancer.
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