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  1. Huh. I still think it's silly to include Ephraim and Lyon right now, but I'll certainly go for Lyon, and it'll be nice to get easy access to a regular-ish Innes. Wonder what he'll do. The others look fun, too. Dodge being usable on any movement type and recharging every other turn seems strong. Wonder if the Canto skills will have any movement type restrictions - probably cavalry/fliers?
  2. Got Larum in 13 orbs! That takes care of my last high-priority main pool rerun, and means now the only games I'm missing dancers for are Three Houses and TMS.
  3. It would still feel pretty redundant at this stage. Maybe once we get a lot more child versions, but not as the second batch.
  4. Ephraim and Lyon already have young versions, and the TT should mean another character. Maybe it'll be part FE8, part something else (Tellius?)
  5. There's no score benefit to killing more than 20 enemies. That's why the 20 turns green. It's pretty easy to get enough points in Grand Conquest for all the tier rewards. Personally I use auto-battle.
  6. I don't think she'd get much out of either of them. Better to go with something cheap, like Desperation, Cancel Affinity, Wings of Mercy, or a Breaker skill.
  7. I don't think there's a specific tier, it's just a generally good but low-priority objective to try for whenever it's convenient. I don't consider my current defense teams particularly good, but any two defense mythics of each element will go a long way. Whichever ones are convenient. Mirabilis and Triandra are especially good because they're dancers, and Seiros is notable for unlocking the seventh slot on Anima (something future mythics will also do), but it doesn't matter as much which ones as just having two of each element for maximum lift loss reduction. Legendary/mythic banners always have units color-sharing, so I'd suggest just focusing on whichever colors have multiple units you want to give you the best odds of getting something good, rather than focusing on specific ones.
  8. TT banner is Saturday, so we should be getting silhouettes in about a day and the trailer the following night.
  9. I was able to advance from T20 to T21 two seasons ago (and two seasons before that) with my normal style of Arena team (BK, Gwendolyn, Winter Jaffar, and L'Arachel as a bonus unit, all +10) so it didn't seem to be an issue there, either.
  10. Could be useful to have one for each AR season, but I don't see a need for more than two. Keeping the neutral one without merges or dragonflowers could be helpful for guides, so it might be best to merge the other two. What natures are they? Also, nice icon. 😛
  11. For an offense team, you can get a base score of 180 by running 2 mythics and 3 blessed units or 3 mythics and 2 blessed units, if one unit is a bonus unit. From there, you can get an additional point for each merge on your mythics. For example, I have a +2 Reginn, a +2 Naga, and a +1 Altina. So I can get an additional 5 points, for a score of 185, if I deploy all of them, but of course that requires fielding 3 mythics rather than 2. Back when I only had merges on two of them, there wouldn't have been a score benefit in fielding a third, since I'd get all my points from just two. It's a pretty small score benefit, of course. But it can add up over the course of a week, especially for people with more merges. (I'm F2P and don't actively seek out merges, so I'm lucky to even have that many.)
  12. I imagine they'll do it eventually, but like a lot of things, they're holding off for what they think is the right time. It's possible that they'll introduce multiple at once, so there are options for max Arena score right off the bat.
  13. Welp, lol. They changed the base rate from 58% 3* and 36% 4* to the other way around, and also made it so that you can do one free summon on each new banner. Although the difference between 3*s and 4*s isn't very significant these days - feathers are in big supply, and people usually upgrade units to 5* before doing much with them.
  14. The 3 star rate only changed once, in August 2017. 5 stars have gotten easier to get in a few ways, though. Particularly the "spark" mechanic and the "4* Special" rate.
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