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  1. Now that you mention it, Sigurd could actually be a perfect fit for Hel.
  2. I don't think Sigurd is particularly aggressive, per se. I could see Ephraim joining them, but outside of the meme, Sigurd seems more in the Marth/Roy/Eliwood category of Askr or Nifl. Probably Askr for Sigurd and Nifl for Seliph, to avoid doubling up.
  3. Mila is probably third on my list. My first was Fallen Lyon, to invert his +Spd/-Atk nature. My Aversa is in a weird situation. She's at +10 and I use her a lot both in AR as Aversa's Night support and in Hero Battles as a Raudhrblade nuke, so she values all of her HP/Atk/Spd. So I don't think I'll use fruits on her anytime soon, if ever.
  4. I'm at 86, so I'll be hitting that soon as well. I'm planning on using my next batch to make my Bride Fjorm +HP.
  5. If you have an armor with a DC weapon (BK, Zelgius, Hardin) and can get DD3 on them, you can use Caineghis to give them both DD4 and Vengeful Fighter 3.
  6. I'm not sure what to make of it right now, but the ending should be coming up soon and that'll make it easier to evaluate.
  7. An odd choice, but this sounds fun. I'll get it digitally, and I hope they continue doing the same thing with the others. Particularly FE4/5/6, but I'd love to get FE7/8/9 on Switch as well. Original FE1 is actually the only main series FE game I haven't played before. It sounds like a hassle, but the new features will help, and I enjoyed the bit I played of original FE2.
  8. It's technically possible to get bonuses as high as +8 by getting hit by an opposing level 7 shrine or school and then inverting the penalty with a Harsh Command effect, but that's not very practical. Personally, I'd use an extra Lyon as NCD fodder for a TA-Raven tank like Sophia.
  9. The closest thing you can do is use Urvan or Deflect Melee to reduce the damage of the second hit by 80%.
  10. Yeah. It seems pretty silly, but it's all I can come up with. That said, now that healers finally have a movement assist, maybe they're planning on giving them more variety of specials too?
  11. Flayn has four rare skills, so it depends on which of those you value most. They're also pretty support-oriented, and largely staff-exclusive. You could use her as Ground Orders fodder for some flier you frequently use on teams where it would be relevant, but otherwise it'd have to be a healer. Dazzling Staff is a very powerful skill lots of healers want, but it's also available on a lot of other units. Personally I'd probably go for Rescue and Deluge Balm, they're a bit narrow but they're also rare and you can inherit both of them from a single Flayn, and Rescue has a pretty novel effect. I don't think there's a specific unit that wants them, but any healer could use them sometimes, so that would really come down to finding some healer you use frequently enough to be worth investing in and adding options to, particularly one you use in situations where you can actually see yourself using those skills. For me, that could mean saving it for some healer I'm merging to +10 and investing in, or just giving it to Bride Fjorm, since I use her a lot in AR and she'd appreciate having a movement assist and a top-level Balm skill.
  12. You could use her for Earthwater Balm fodder, if you think that might ever be useful.
  13. Exp/SP isn't very relevant, but cooldown charge can be. Being able to charge and unleash specials without needing any conditions could have been something they didn't want.
  14. For any effect that requires the unit to start combat below a certain HP threshold, one way to counter it is to avoid dealing any damage to them until you're prepared to kill them in one round.
  15. Indeed. Personally, crowns and thrones are the main things I keep in mind when putting heavy investment into units, since my team is already plenty well prepared for most other things I could want to accomplish. So stuff like trait fruits mostly goes towards that. Although personally, I like to use those resources in ways that will also be useful in general if possible, so I don't particularly want to use trait fruits to make a unit better in Arena if it'll make them worse in every other mode. I figure if someone's talking about using fruits on Ena, they probably care a lot about crowns, more than I do.
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