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  1. Every single skill with a number is inheritable. It has a number, therefore it's inheritable.
  2. I don't think we'll know the exact name until the update goes out tomorrow night, but the name sure makes it sound like it's for dragons. I thought it came up at the timeskip, although I've only played through Verdant Wind so idk if the other routes are different.
  3. Looks fun. Blue, as expected, so that's going to be stacked. I'll have to try for one of them before I go back to the desert banner for Dorothea, so hopefully that goes well. Dragons get a Res-evasion skill, wonder if it'll have any movement type restrictions. Probably not, since it doesn't have any added effects like Spurn. It's inheritable, it's got a number. Her personal skill is Winds of Light.
  4. If the winners are Eirika, Marth, Byleth, and Gatekeeper, my hope would be: Byleth: Sword infantry (Snow Mercurius) Gatekeeper: Lance infantry (???) Eirika: Green tome cavalry (Sacred Excalibur) Marth: Staff infantry (Aum) Byleth, Eirika, and Marth were already my speculation for them based on previous CYLs, so Gatekeeper rounds it out nicely.
  5. The dancer in those screenshots is Silvia, not Lene. Lene isn't available at 4*.
  6. For now, just use anyone you like. Without knowing what you're attempting or who you've actually been training, there's no way to say more than that. For a balanced team, it can be nice to have one high-power unit of each color. Once you complete the Heroes' Path, you'll get a free 5* Brave Ike, who's one of the best green units in the game, so he could cover that role. Have you been playing the story maps? You can get some useful free 5* units there: Fjorm, Eir, Peony, and Reginn from Chapter 1 of Books 2/3/4/5, and Legendary Ike from a Xenologue. Some of those are a bit outdated (Fjorm, in particular, is much weaker than Brave Dimitri), but Peony and Reginn are very strong. If you get those two and field them alongside Dimitri and Camilla, you should be able to smash through pretty much any basic challenge.
  7. Hardest offense fights I've had in a while, ended up using two ladders and taking two one-death matches just to be on the safe side, since I knew my defense was going well enough that I could afford them and still make T38. It was pretty narrow, though, and only hit a rank of around 5k. Next week I have a baseline of like 80 more points due to merges, so that's nice. Maybe that'll be enough for 3k.
  8. I heard Mystery is doing well, but I haven't been keeping an eye on it since then. Personally, I'd been hoping for a Mystery rerun a while ago, but Kris's seasonal means now I have all the characters in some form already.
  9. What Gatekeeper and Veronica do have in common is that they aren't playable in any pre-Heroes game. I think that's an important distinction, but still, Heroes can afford room both for OCs and for NPCs.
  10. Shinon, Chrom, and Duessel are among the units that make me very glad to have a +10 Cecilia.
  11. She's a strong unit, although much of that strength comes when she gets her C skill. I think that tier list overestimates her strength, anyway. It's not universally agreed-upon, and it's only meant for one mode in the first place.
  12. Augh. Here's hoping absolutely nothing changes. (Although Gatekeeper being 1st would be hilarious, as long as Marth is second.)
  13. Basically, but yeah, it's complicated. I don't know if Kyza says anything definitive in that regard, but even so, being closeted (or just not fully figuring it out yet) could explain away any of that. It's pretty hard to "prove" a character (or person) isn't trans. So, yeah, nothing definitive, but I imagine that's part of why the interpretation is so common, and why a definitive grouping from IS could lead to a lot of frustrations.
  14. The thing to keep in mind with color-sharing is that people will remember all the times they got the focus unit they didn't want, but not realize that they didn't actually have much harder of a time getting the focus unit they did want than they would have otherwise. The math can be unintuitive, and it throws people off. Always trust the math, not history and feel. Light/Astra for offense and Dark/Anima for defense are just the rules for AR. When I say offense and defense, I'm not talking about the roles in combat, but about player-controlled vs enemy-controlled teams. In Light+Dark seasons, you can bonuses for playing with Light units, and play against Dark teams other players have prepared. Same deal for Astra/Anima season.
  15. What's wrong with dragon breath? I don't tend to find Midori too troublesome to deal with. I think the trickiest tank to break through is Brave Ike.
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