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  1. I like how the combat works and I like bringing characters from FE's history together like this.
  2. I like Cecilia, I like 4* seasonals, and I like color-sharing, and I'm still not sure if I'll bother summoning for her. This feels like such a waste. A Roy+Eliwood duo makes perfect sense, but even that seems like an awkward fit here, and Lilina/Sophia/Cecilia really didn't need more seasonals anytime soon.
  3. Azura at least had a month and a half, and it looks like IS took note of the complaints.
  4. I could see Tibarn getting a legendary form eventually, since he's by far the most popular royal and actually functions as a commander for two chapters, but probably not before Elincia.
  5. You could still get them to charge it each turn, it'd just take more support - maybe multiple stacks of the upgraded Infantry Pulse.
  6. I doubt they'd make Infantry Pulse work every turn, but I can see them making it grant a constant Time's Pulse effect (only at maximum).
  7. Don't forget that Halloween Myrrh is red. Blue is her only missing color. I think that makes her a pretty compelling candidate. While it's unlikely to be relevant, Wind is also Myrrh's affinity in FE8.
  8. Now I want to see Surtr twerking or doing a T-pose. Speaking of improbable alts, I want to see Heroes do genderbend alts sometime, for the hell of it. Niime is a character I very much looked forward to, personally. Candice would certainly be nice as well.
  9. Micaiah is especially weird in that one of her two colorless versions could easily have used a staff instead. Ephraim is another one who stands out, having 4/5 of his versions being lances. Like, I can get on board with giving him an earlygame infantry version with Reginlief and a lategame cavalry version with Siegmund, but it makes his original infantry version with Siegmund look really unnecessary. And even with sticking with basic melee weapons, his winter version could have had a sword instead. In contrast, a character I do think they handled well in terms of alt weapon selection is Lyn. Her three bow versions are all different colors and movement types, with two of those movement types referencing specific classes (Blade Lord and Nomad Trooper), meanwhile she's also got a sword for her base version and her other three versions use a mix of other weapons across three different movement types as well (staff, blue tome, colorless dagger). She didn't need that many seasonal versions, but at least they have variety.
  10. I definitely would prefer more variety in characters and body types, but personally I don't put that much thought into alts in the first place. My main concern is new characters, which have slowed down slightly earlier this year with the introduction of Ascended Heroes and the rearranging of the legendary/mythic ratio, but those both seem like they were kind of inevitable with the available pools decreasing. Hopefully things will now be stable for a while. The biggest thing that disappoints me with alts is when they keep reusing a character's old weapon types, especially when there are interesting alternatives available.
  11. It'd be odd to have a midpoint banner unrelated to the current book. And we do have a good candidate already - Henriette, who would now get to follow her husband. Alternatively, we could finally get to Veronica or Bruno.
  12. Finally a non-seasonal Gustav! Hopefully Fafnir follows the same approach in a future Fallen banner, either of his forms would qualify. Which still leaves the question of Freyr. Planning to spark Gustav, or Rhea if I get him first. Also quite happy about Muarim, hopefully this means Tormod will be later this year.
  13. Yeah, I rarely do SI these days. Back when I seriously played Arena and AR, I did it occasionally when I wanted to add a new unit to my lineups there, but in the months since then, I've barely used it. I took a look through my current Book 6 units and the only one I could find SI on is Vantage on Valentine's Chrom. (Haven't even gotten around to throwing movement assists onto units like Ash and Ascended Idunn yet.) I've picked up a few Forma units with fancy skills, but otherwise, base kits and occasional common SI are plenty.
  14. Honestly, yeah. The closest I came to pulling for fodder was when Nagi was being rerun on a legendary banner alongside two green units I was missing, and I wanted more DC fodder so that pushed me over the edge of spending a few orbs to take a swing at getting someone green on it. Even then, it was a case where I could have reasonably pulled on the banner without Nagi being on it, I just hadn't planned on doing so.
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