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  1. As much as I like Jugdral, I'd rather have Alm+Celica for Valentine's right now. Could still get Sigurd/Dierdre on the bride banner, anyway.
  2. Plus, people who don't want such a sweep can vote for the competitors.
  3. With Osian in the game, I'm moving all my votes to Asbel. Gotta keep fighting for more FE5 banners.
  4. What's special about Sain is that he's one of Lyn's two biggest supporting characters in Lyn Mode, alongside Kent. A minor story, but a lot of people's first foray into FE, myself included.
  5. I'm not pressing for a point, just confused. But if you'd prefer to stop talking about this, that's fine. I apologize for coming off harshly.
  6. Why unfair? We're getting it tomorrow, well before the BHB will end. And Hero Battles have featured all sorts of things unavailable to us, like 99 HP armors.
  7. Also, we got enemy bow cavs before Brave Lyn, and enemy blue Fafnirs before Naga. It's interesting, but I don't think it's very remarkable.
  8. For reference, the two previous anniversary Feh Channels were 1/30/18 and 2/1/19. So around the turn of the month seems pretty likely - just preceding the anniversary, without any concern for CYL.
  9. Ooh, does that mean we should be getting robo-Matt Mercer? That sounds fun.
  10. If there are only two TMS characters left, I wonder if they'll be added via seasonals, if there's a good way to do that. That could also be a way to get a non-grail version of Itsuki for those who want that.
  11. I initially thought it was a random crossover and got worried, but TMS is fine in my book. I won't be pulling though past the free summon, nothing I need here.
  12. Almost forgot to build the last of the three NY AR structures. Which is completely inconsequential, but... it's the principle of the thing.
  13. Personally, I like the mystery and lower stakes. Leaves more room to wonder what'll happen than "find some way to defeat the immortal leader of the unstoppable army before they kill everyone" which I got tired of quite early into both times we did that.
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