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  1. True. It's not a good reason, but for a team cutting enough corners, it's a possible reason.
  2. Yeah, IIRC normal trailer schedule would say either tomorrow or Saturday. Some other 4-5* units that introduced inheritable skills from 2018-2019: L'Arachel (Res Tactic) Male Morgan (Dull Ranged) Nanna (Restore) Shigure (Harmonic Lance, Darting Stance) Ares (Seal Def/Res) Legault (The Cleaner) Silvia (Barrier Blade, Deluge Dance) Silas (Even Def Wave) Reyson (Fortify Beasts) Thea (Vanguard) Mordecai (Beast Exp) So, all of them since L'Arachel, as far as I can tell. Some less noteworthy than others, admittedly. I wouldn't bet on Claude demoting, but I wouldn't rule it out either. They're regular playable characters, just from games you haven't played. It's not hard to check names against a list. Magic the Gathering has 19,000 cards and makes about a thousand more each year and has to make them all have unique names, they do it by running a search to verify that new ones haven't been used already.
  3. Considering both the timeskip and the fact that this banner will be before release, I expect they'll be a lot more restrained. These versions of the characters will likely all be pre-timeskip and stick largely to story talk that's been covered in the trailers, while their post-timeskip versions will show up some time later (probably as legendaries) and those will be the ones that go into spoilers about later parts of the story.
  4. They did explicitly say he'll be in summoning events, so he can't be a grail unit anyway. My guess is that they'll just use it as reason to not have a demote on the banner at all.
  5. They do, but there's the matter of knowing what's at stake. BK was known to be a TT unit at the time.
  6. Checked for Arena Assault rewards for this week and didn't get any. Realized I'd forgotten that it existed while doing my weekly arena runs.
  7. That's not a reason to make more. Or rather, to make the existing unpleasant crap even harder to deal with. Particularly the cavalry. It's feasible to prepare well enough to be able to handle whatever threats a PvP opponent throws at you by properly maneuvering to pick your battles and only fight at a sufficient advantage. But increasing dancer reach undermines that by making it harder to maneuver around the threats the opponent does have.
  8. While it'd be nice to have the option for player teams, having to fight them in PvP moves sounds very unpleasant. We do already have Azura and the herons pushing dancer boundaries, but I wouldn't want to push those boundaries any more without first adding more access to long-range Isolation.
  9. Interesting. And the Trick or Defeat rerun picked up a few days before it ended, on October 15. I think similar timing would work fine for this. Have the second round of summer reruns start in the last week of July, as the first round is ending, and run to late August. As they end, the first dancer rerun can start, then the second one picks up midway through, in September. When that ends, it's time for the Halloween reruns.
  10. Performing Arts originally ran from 9/29/17 to 10/30/17. I haven't been able to find the exact date for its rerun, but it started sometime in September, which fits. It makes sense for them to once again rerun Performing Arts in September while rerunning the 2018 dancer banner sometime in August.
  11. Okay, that changes everything, because that means there's no room for both remaining summer revival banners to be in this timeframe. The upcoming New Heroes banner launches a week from Monday, so there's probably one more weekly revival banner in the meantime, taking up that last slot. So they seem to be holding off on the remaining two summer revival banners for some reason. I'm sure they'll run eventually, but I guess they didn't want more than four summer banners running at once? With that in mind, I'd say the most logical place to put them would be in about a week and a half from now, in the days after the upcoming New Heroes banner launches, which will be right around when the current revival banners end. Although that'd still raise the question of why not put them on the calendar, since it'd be easy to fit them in that case. Saving them past the end of the current calendar would be really strange, since by then, the new summer banners would be over, and they'd start crashing into the dancer banners.
  12. Still no Sketchy Summer rerun. This is really strange, has a rerun ever taken this long? I thought they'd always been within three days. And it's frustrating since I want to see if I get Linde from my free pull before pulling for Ursula, so it's keeping me from pulling on the new banner.
  13. Ahh alright, lol. I think that one's on me.
  14. I don't understand what you're saying. Which possibility makes more sense for a new game? I can see how it being a new game could mean no demotes, with the Byleth special offer, but I don't see a relation to the GHB.
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