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  1. On the OC Summer banner TT, I fielded my 4* Ylgr at level 1 until I unlocked the 5* one.
  2. I have Marth and regular Jaffar for the first part, and Winter Jaffar should be fun for the second part. Wonder what his stats will be, Def/Res Bond suggests he may be pretty bulky. If they're good, I may end up merging him. Distant Guard is also a nice addition.
  3. IIRC, we've gotten TT units in the silhouettes at least once in the past. Not sure who, though.
  4. Altena/Arion duo would be neat. Arion seems like Elise in that he'd be nice to have in the game eventually but doesn't have as much need for a full unit to himself. Also, speaking of weapons, being able to name the duo's weapon after the pair of weapons would mean Altena wouldn't be stuck with "[adjective] Gae Bolg".
  5. It's not just Bonus Doubler - it's Bonus Doubler and +3 Str/Spd/Def/Res.
  6. Might end up making Jaffar my next grail merge project over Cecilia depending on how he turns out, he'd go well in my armor team. Don't be ridiculous. Most seasonal themes have never had a single armor unit: spring, brides, summer, dancers, NY, and onsen. Only Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and picnic have armors, and for the non-Christmas ones, it's always been a mix of armors and non-armors.
  7. Marth/Elise duo is neat, and while I'm not impressed with his kit, Young Zephiel is a welcome surprise. Nino is fine but unexciting, and Sothis seems powerful but did we really need another Christmas green breath armor? Also, not a fan of her outfit. Jaffar is a funny addition, I'm curious what his skills will be. I think I'll pull any colorless orbs in my first session but not continue beyond that.
  8. NY units have historically not shown up in the update with the Christmas units, but in the one with the month's legendary banner. This year they're a bit more spaced out so who knows if that'll continue, though. Cecilia is one of my next merge plans. I've already merged her original, so that'll be funny.
  9. I wonder if we'll get a Duo Hero. We got ones in early October/November, but we haven't gotten one for December yet. Doesn't look like either silhouette is that, though.
  10. It's not 40% for the year, 6 was just the past 6 months. That said, I can see merit in spreading them out more, as long as armor detractors are fine with that meaning moving that same number of armors to elsewhere in the year. It's the only seasonal theme that's only had one movement type so far, which is a bit odd
  11. We've gotten 72 units over the past 6 months and only 6 of them have been armors. (Nagi, Halloween Hector/Ilyana/Dozla, Forsyth, Valbar.) I think it's a plenty reasonable time to continue the once-per-year all-armor Christmas banner. There's no need for a huge fuss every time we get any number of the rarest movement type.
  12. Given that Double Special Heroes banners are a new concept to the game, I can see value in a thread about the banner type in general, despite an individual one not being worth its own thread. I think I remember a thread for the 4-5* focus banners back when those were a thing for a while - they seem relevant as another unusual type of rerun banner.
  13. Regarding blue, there should only be one open slot, right? Naga and Peony as two, probably Lukas as the third.
  14. At least Mjolnir's Strike is low effort so far. But the timing restrictions are just annoying.
  15. They can do anything in the story and not give us more free OCs. They established early on that the policy is one per book.
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