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  1. I notice you have FE4's cast listed at 62. That sounds off to me - Gen 1 has 24 units, while Gen 2 has 25 normal ones (the axe brothers share one of the 24 castle slots) and 14 substitutes (7 pairs). That makes 63, right?
  2. Yuri seems especially well suited to SD, since he can target especially distant foes and then jump back to safety. Also Reginn/Otr/Eitri to a lesser extent.
  3. Walhart in one of the two middle spots is within 4 spaces from 7 enemies, but one is out of his range.
  4. Looks solid. I'm betting cavalry beasts will get an upgrade as well, wonder what that'll be. Oh wow, that's pretty wild. For a while I was waiting for a good new red sword infantry GHB to merge for Arena purposes. I don't really Arena anymore, but I do have plenty of extra grails...
  5. Seems the dataminers are having some new troubles.
  6. I quite like Elm's aesthetic. I don't have high hopes for this book's writing, but I'm sure it'll have some fun bits. Yeah, I assumed the same thing but Feh says he's a guy.
  7. Love the sort/filter changes. Awakening banner is fine. Ash looks silly but a free beast is nice. Profile card is cool, as is finally adding PVP, and I can never say no to more Forma Souls. My recent slacking has let my Arena tier take a nosedive, but maybe there's an option to show your number of crowns even if you aren't T21?
  8. Nailah is solid, Loki and Tiki are expected, Libra and Walhart are a bit out of order but we'll circle back around to Legault and Canas eventually.
  9. The benefit of comparing between games is that it controls for times of year when players might be spending more or less as a whole.
  10. Now that we're getting "Distant Counter Plus" skills, I wonder if at some point we'll get a flier-specific one with Iote's Shield.
  11. I'm not sure how to answer the question. Book V had the standard 13-chapter structure, it was a bit complicated with different villains with different goals and Eitri staying in the background for a long time but I wouldn't say it ended up noticeably better or worse than the others.
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