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  1. I didn't think it gave any orbs other than the guaranteed ones - is that incorrect? I think it's a pretty safe bet that there'll be a Feh Channel soon, and I expect it to drop the current 4-5* pool (Reyson, Thea, Mordecai, Brady, Mercedes, Norne, Python, Tethys, Echidna, and Altena) to 3-4*. Who knows if it'll have any other summoning changes.
  2. The other established type of limited-time currency for fixed purchases is the special Aether stones, which always show up in exactly the quantities needed to get all the associated Aether structures, with no extra. With these, it's easier to miss some (such as if you don't get to T25 in Grand Conquests), but at the same time, the 4* manuals are units readily available all the time through normal summoning, so it's not a big deal to miss some or all of them. I think it's nice to have a bit of a buffer over the amount needed for just the 5* manuals, but there's no need to have a buffer over the amount to get all the 4* manuals too.
  3. 1300 would be kind of excessive - as far as I can tell, it's only possible to spend 1100 of the current type.
  4. Looks like there's 40 Ephemera codes added to each round's quests, for a total of 120 from the gauntlet, with other total rewards unchanged. This brings the total number of this type available to 750, enough to make both 5* manuals and a 4* one, with a bit of leeway. 100 of those were from the login bonus, so if the rest is the full lineup of a given type of Ephemera codes over the course of a typical month, that still makes a total of 650.
  5. Seems today is Trans Day of Visibility! Looks like I was a day ahead of schedule, lol.
  6. Exactly one, not at least one. Which means you're always missing two, and you get to pick which two, so none of them are forced.
  7. I don't think we're due for the next Arachanea banner yet - they haven't been super common since it was so frontloaded, and we've gone longer without banners for Fates, Awakening, and all of Tellius. (And even longer since FE4 Gen 1.) What I could see this foreshadowing is an 8-bit banner, although maybe not right away.
  8. Fair enough. Still, I feel like it makes Sothe's story promotion within a normal class feel less noteworthy. That said, forced deployment seems more decisive: the only units forced into the tower are Micaiah, Sothe, Ike, Sanaki, and the dragons. Sanaki only joins very late, which sets her apart from the other picks here. Forced deployment also gives reason against including Azura.
  9. In Radiant Dawn, Mist's promotion isn't tied to the story, but in the JP version, she does need a special item (like secondary FE7 lords).
  10. Hmm, that's true. Awakening/Fates dropped that entirely, but Three Houses sort of works that way, with Byleth and the house leaders getting new promoted classes over the course of the story (while also having access to normal classes). Although the promotion logic also suggests Mist, who unlike Sothe, actually has a unique class.
  11. I could see Ashera, but Athos should get regular fire magic. There's more to Brammimond than being ancient. Naga might have made more sense as colorless, but then we'd still be missing a blue flying dragon. (Also, with her current abilities, I think that would just have made her even weaker.)
  12. That was cute, although I have to echo the comments about Sothe being odd. I'd think Elincia and Azura would both deserve a spot over him. The implications about Baldr are interesting. Dimitri and Claude showing up as infantry is also interesting, but so does Eliwood so I'm not convinced there's anything to that. Although Dimitri and Claude will both be getting brave versions soon and probably legendary ones at some point.
  13. I think Nergal would more likely be the fourth banner unit, since Sonia/Limstella/Ephidel only make three. For the GHB, maybe Vaida? I'd be quite happy with that banner, although I don't think it'd be anytime soon after our recent FE7 one.
  14. Apparently I miss a lot from sticking to the Heroes board, lol. Rezzy mentioned being trans in the Brammimond thread, so I decided to do the same. So, anyone who'd taken note of stuff like me changing my gender marker here, there's your answer! These are some very good ways of putting things. Personally, while I tend to describe myself as transfeminine and sometimes simplify my presentation to female (particularly online, I'm not very out offline), I find it more accurate to describe myself as some flavor of nonbinary between trans female and gender neutral. Like, on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is completely male, 5 is completely female, and 3 is neutral, I'm about a 4. Which isn't a type of scale that fits everyone's gender experiences either, but it's one I find quite well suited to myself. Figuring things out can be a lengthy and complicated process, but it sounds like you've made some important discoveries, and I hope you're able to find more chances to explore what they mean for you!
  15. So? I was male before I became what I am now, too. Ooh, I'll take that. Does that seem notably atypical among Sharena's descriptions? I love that art.
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