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  1. Meet Some of the Heroes just added the hot springs units. Is it finished retroactively adding Fates units? I don't remember any of the retroactive additions involving seasonals before.
  2. Gullveig's defeat felt very weak to me, but I liked the epilogue.
  3. I don't think Limited Hero Battles are enough reason to sabotage the New Hero lineup. Ideally they can use seasonals to make sure each game gets at least a few new units each year, but it's not like they've been especially consistent about that even under the current system.
  4. Yeah, that's been pretty baffling. At least we got Veld, despite him being probably the least interesting of the group (and scoring horribly on CYL). I wasn't expecting him to ever get in, but I'm glad he did.
  5. I'm not happy about the continued lack of Thracia, but I've gotta say, this is pretty much the next best thing. Wil rounds out Lyn's original squad, Isadora and Harken are solid picks, and while Fargus isn't at the top of my list of remaining FE7 bosses, I can't complain about him. Meanwhile Nino gets to have an alt headline a New Heroes banner for the second time, which... at this point, sure, why not. I quite like the Assassin take on her, it's a much more interesting approach than her previous alts.
  6. Thracia hasn't had a banner since three months before the last Blazing Blade banner.
  7. I'm just glad we have an arcane dagger at all. Now the only major weapon type missing one is staffs.
  8. So Ginnungagap is the arcane dagger. Presumably someone else will be an Attuned Hero - hopefully those are the only two alts, so we can go back to getting four regular characters on the next banner.
  9. Heather and Reina! I've been looking forward to both of them, and they're even sharing a color. Zelgius and Sanaki look fun as well. The refine distribution is still nonsense in general. Both the individual bans, and the categorical ones.
  10. Thracia has been so slow to get characters because IS does not have a lot of confidence in their marketability.
  11. It's something they've done for Engage specifically, a game that's only just started getting heroes. They couldn't have featured an Engage alt on the January banner, and couldn't reasonably have featured one on the July banner. I don't think they're interested in going that route for games that do have significant existing lineups, especially ones where the remaining characters are as obscure as Thracia's.
  12. Way I see it, there's a lot of different relevant eras of Brigid to depict. Brigid who only remembers being a pirate, Brigid who's reunited with her sister, Brigid who only remembers being Eyvel, and Brigid who remembers being both Eyvel and Brigid. So far we've gotten the first and third. It makes sense for Thracia to get an Ascended/Rearmed Eyvel to cover that fourth spot, and also for Genealogy to finally get a regular Brigid to cover the second.
  13. We gotta get Thracia soon. It used to be right before FE4 in the cycle, I've been expecting it since July. Blazing Blade is overdue as well.
  14. Wonder what they'll do for FE9 next month, since it doesn't have any legendaries.
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