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  1. Yeah, the lack of long-term consequences makes it feel a lot more straightforward than HoF, especially the early levels. At least with HoF there was the matter of managing Exp and preparing skills that might be useful later.
  2. The reward structure is odd. The floor rewards include 540 dragonflowers, but little else, just 2 orbs and 120 Ephemera. (And 9 torches.) Meanwhile the daily rewards have another 120 dragonflowers and 8 orbs.
  3. That's hilarious, I forgot about those warp skills.
  4. There's some discussion about it in the trailer thread. Seems like a lot of people don't expect dragons to get a ton of mileage out of it, compared to other options.
  5. Recent years have had CYL go along with a new raise in BST and a new dragonflower tier for past units.
  6. Good point, it works out the same either way.
  7. Looking at the list of seasonal demotes, the ones who have multiple appearances as common units but none as rare units are Cecilia, Lachesis, Ogma, and Xane. If GHBs count, Conrad and Narcian also join that list.
  8. A weird thing is that the original offered a chance to get Marth and Merric in their NES outfits, but there hasn't been much like that to give compelling reasons for the others to exist. Closest thing is Soren, since it does show a significantly different side of his personality that was established in the original story. With the willingness they've shown to play around with the less-established banners, perhaps at some point they'll swap April back to picnic or to something else.
  9. Did someone mention the legendary versions? I was talking about the originals.
  10. February 2023 would mean we'd have time for about 15 more regular Book 3 refines, leaving about 14 still to go. In fairness, looking back, there were 15 regular Book 2 refines missing at the time of the CYL3 refines. (Including Ophelia and Surtr.) Which I also thought was very silly at the time. But at least by then they'd cleared out all the regular 5*s from before CYL2.
  11. Counting 4* and 5* main pool units together, there's 29 main pool units left in Book 3, followed by another 12 from the first two months of Book 4. If we keep getting 3 of them every month, it'd take at least 14 months of regular refines to get all the units from before CYL4 voting took place. If we continue to get CYL refines every September, we'll have CYL5 refines before that. That's absurd.
  12. I hope they finally break from the CYL September tradition. Last year was silly enough. Yarne was the one I had in mind, but also they don't always do perfect color balance anyway.
  13. Rutger, Laegjarn, Keaton, and Caineghis are all as expected, but I wasn't expecting Hilda for the last one. Guess all the pre-CYL3 banners are on the table now. They'll probably do Dimitri/Edelgard/Claude as one batch, but I'm surprised they didn't start 3H with them or the Byleths.
  14. Laegjarn was my only missing unit from the Hero Fest, most of my early sessions refused to give me colorless but I got her with a couple of tickets to spare. Also picked up an extra Takumi, and my first copy of Atlas.
  15. Rickard!!! New take on Hall of Forms looks fun. And the expected summoning pool changes, which finally adds Duo Ephraim into the regular pool. That'll be a funny way to get him. And finally, B skills get to Tier 4.
  16. Looking back on this thread and the changes since the Awakening banner. Sacred Stones: 57.58% > 66.67% Binding Blade: 44.44% > 51.85% Thracia: 26.92% > 32.69% Genealogy: 40.32% > 45.16% Blazing Blade: 61.36% > 68.18% Valentia: 71.05% > 78.95% (or, ignoring Cipher: 79.41% > 88.24%) Personally I lean towards ignoring the Cipher characters (they still aren't even in CYL), which puts Valentia back in the lead. Thracia is still at the bottom, but it's getting increasingly decent. Binding Blade has crossed the 50% threshold, while Genealogy is now one banner away. (Thracia is about three banners away.) Tellius is still in an odd position. It's the only other category below the 50% mark (about two banners away from reaching it), but it's tied with Archanea for the most missing characters, and the Jugdral games are the only other ones to come close. With Archanea's cast being inflated, Genealogy's including a bunch of substitutes, and Thracia's general lack of prominence, those three being at the top is no surprise, but Tellius's position with them continues to be odd. I'm still hoping they add a second Tellius banner into the rotation at some point. To hit 50% on everything except Thracia, we'll need 3 more Genealogy characters and 5 more Tellius ones. If we continue to get Tellius GHBs alongside CYL banners, we could hit that target by around this time next year. That's pretty wild to think about. (Thracia needs another 9 characters for 50%, which at this pace should happen around mid-2025.)
  17. That's neat. Surprising results, wonder why they're like that.
  18. IIRC, you can add swords or axes to a class that has the other one and you can add tomes to a class that already has a different tome, since in those cases the game already has a relevant type of animations set up. I think adding other kinds of weapons without adding compatible animations will cause it to crash, unless there are other exceptions I'm forgetting. (I feel like I remember something about tomes being compatible with sword animations but that might just be the GBA games. The GBA games at least offer the option to turn animations off to avoid the issue, while with FE4, you still have field animations.)
  19. That's useful. Looks like my only missing units from the next batch are Mareeta, Forsyth, Perceval, Gerik, and Eleonora. (Joining a current pool of Lucina, Sanaki, Mia, Shiro, Sumia, Kliff, Ylgr, Selkie, Fallen Berkut, Kjelle, Minerva, Dierdre, Dream Corrin F, Hilda, Mist, Innes, and Dream Mikoto, for a total of 17>22.)
  20. From what I understand, manatees as a whole are often called "sea cows", not just female manatees.
  21. Rescue+ description: This implies that if movement takes place, it does count.
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