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  1. There's no way to get back a missed vote (other than using an alt account). That said, you only missed one day, not two - voting started about 42 hours ago.
  2. An "Other" category for TMS/Warriors/Cipher/etc does sound sensible to me. Ullr and Pamela are the first ones that come to mind for me, but I'm sure there are others I've forgotten.
  3. I don't think the policy is for winner exclusions to be limited to vote-sharing. Hector and Eliwood wouldn't have had their votes shared even if they ever made it to the polls that did vote-sharing. Same with Lucina and Edelgard's masked versions. I imagine characters like Tiki and Robin would work the same way, kicking off all their other versions if one of them won.
  4. Same. I plan to try out Summoner Duels R when I can, but I'm currently away from my desktop for two weeks and I haven't had another way to play Heroes in the meantime. (Which also means I'll miss the Tempest Trials, but I have extra grails and coins anyway.)
  5. Yeah, I expect that to be a common misunderstanding as well. I put my second vote towards Lara, although these standings kind of make me want to move my future votes to Sigurd or Seliph to see if they might finally have a shot.
  6. Edelgard is Entei??? (The Pokemon's name is written in katakana, but still.)
  7. In Japanese, Legendary Edelgard's title is "炎の女帝" (Empress of Fire) while Flame Emperor's name is "炎帝" (Fire Emperor). Slightly different, but still with a clear resemblance and using two shared characters.
  8. Yes. It doesn't matter what time in the day you vote, as long as you're within the 24 hour window.
  9. If it does turn out to be a non-OC Dark unit (Medeus or otherwise), it'll be the first one in a while, since Bramimond almost two years ago. Which lead me to think about the breakdown of OC vs non-OC mythics: 7 Light - 2 Regular (Mila, Ullr), 5 OC (Eir, Peony, Freyja, Dagr, Ash) 6 Dark - 3 Regular (Yune, Sothis, Bramimond), 3 OC (Hel, Triandra, Nott) 6 Astra - 3 Regular (Naga, Altina, Ashera), 3 OC (Plumeria, Reginn, Thorr) 6 Anima - 2 Regular (Duma, Seiros), 4 OC (Thrasir, Lif, Mirabilis, Otr) 25 Total - 10 Regular, 15 OC That is more dramatic than I'd expected.
  10. Update is out and the next Forma lineup got datamined.
  11. The weird thing about number of units is that the different elements have different distributions of those units. If I'm counting right, Dark/Astra/Anima all have 6 total (while Light has 7), but Astra and Light have 3 "Party" units while Anima has 2 and Dark only has 1.
  12. Thinking about ways the Celestial Stone Shop could be used for Resplendents in a similar way to Formas, to take something previously exclusive to paying players and make it so that F2P players can access a limited amount of it as well. It'd most likely require introducing some sort of new item - something like a "Resplendent Pass". Probably sold once per 6-month shop cycle, maybe for around 3 Celestial Stones like Forma Souls? There's a few different ways it could be implemented, one option could be to take 6 months' worth of Resplendents at a time (12 units in total) and make it so that during a 6-month shop cycle, you could exchange one pass to pick one and unlock their Resplendent attire/stats along with a 5* neutral copy of the unit. Like with Formas, they'd each only be available once and F2P players could only access a small number of them, which I think would help keep it from doing much to undermine their attempts to get players to pay for current Resplendents. If they were to start it with the first 12 Resplendents at the start of the next shop cycle, it'd be about a 2-year delay in availability, which would be an additional help with not pulling away players who want current ones. I'm curious what others think about this - would you be interested in such a feature? Is it something you can see IS going for, either in this form or a different one?
  13. $1000 would make a nice and even dividing line, right? Alternatively, $833/month, since that adds up to $10k/year. Which then raises the question of the lower bound of a dolphin. Maybe $1k/year?
  14. Personally, I assumed Karla was Ayra at first.
  15. Azura seems to be a more popular character than Sigurd or Peony, and the new Azura combines Sigurd's mobility with an improved dance skill and a refresher duo skill. It's true that there's no guarantees, but I think she has good odds.
  16. In fairness, he at least has Laslow. Not quite the same as an actual Inigo, but it does make things feel a bit different.
  17. What an odd lineup. Nailah completes her trifecta of colors and introduces another Surge skill, Karla doesn't have an A skill at all, and Xane becomes the first unit to have two seasonal demotes with them constituting both of his versions so far. And Azura is there. Deen is a nice addition, at least.
  18. That's not how damage reduction stacking works - it's multiplicative, not additive. Phantom Tome's 70% damage reduction results in multiplying the damage taken by 0.3, while Domain of Ice's 30% reduction multiplies the damage taken by 0.7. If you combine them, you're multiplying the damage taken by (0.3 x 0.7) = 0.21, for a total of 79% damage reduction. Similarly, Spurn 3 + Caduceus Staff + Domain of Ice can multiply damage taken by (0.6 x 0.7 x 0.7) = 0.294, which is 70.6% damage reduction. This is actually a pretty well-established strategy in high-level. Brave Ike and Yen'fay both can get 40% damage reduction on their weapons and stack it with Spurn plus one or more Flayns for massive amounts of damage reduction, effectively increasing their HP to ridiculous levels. For example, combining a 40% weapon with Spurn and two Flayns adds up to 82.36% damage reduction, which effectively translates into multiplying the character's HP by (1/0.1764) = 5.67. 60 HP with that much damage reduction becomes worth as much as 340 HP without it. You can't get the damage down to 0, but the more you multiply a character's bulk, the more survivability they get out of each additional multiplicative increase, so the additional damage reduction becomes increasingly valuable.
  19. What's even the criteria for a Gatekeeper vote to qualify as being for the "meme"? Gatekeeper was already a popular and funny NPC. Like with Veronica in CYL2, the midterm results showed him as a potential novel CYL winner, a character not yet playable in Heroes who was unlike any previous ones. In both cases, those midterm results functioned as a question to the voters: "This is a thing that could happen. Do you want to see what it would look like?" And voters flocked to them, showing that their answer was yes. What does it mean for a vote to be a "meme" in that context? Does it mean the voter must have had no interest in actually seeing or obtaining a Brave Gatekeeper? If so, I don't think there were enough of those to matter. Gatekeeper could have lost a third of his votes and still taken 1st, or lost half his votes and still taken 2nd. I think the vast majority of the votes did come from people who genuinely wanted to see what it would be like for Heroes to add a CYL version of such an unusual character, and people seem to think they delivered plenty well on him. I think the real takeaway here isn't insincere "meme" votes, but that there is genuine interest in novel/unconventional CYL winners, and that when the midterms show one specific novel candidate within striking range of victory, those people are effective at uniting to pool their later votes behind that character, to propel them ahead of the more scattered "conventional" voting blocs. And that could easily happen again! But that doesn't make it a meme.
  20. I don't think Gatekeeper votes will necessarily correlate much with other 3H votes. He feels like more of his own thing to me. Marianne votes probably will, though.
  21. Most likely a sword or tome, but I'd also be fine with a lance or axe. I wouldn't want her to get a bow since that would overlap with Leif's Master Knight versions, and of course I wouldn't want her to get a staff again. Other than that I don't care much. Sticking to red or blue would be nice for color variety, though.
  22. Sword cavalry Mist, staff flier Elincia, and Master Knight Lachesis have been my big longshot legendary hopes, and they'd work quite nicely as Ascendants as well. In general, I like characters who start as infantry and promote to cavalry having access to both versions.
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