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  1. Probably the original Mass Effect, really. Although that 40+ time might be inflated by the wonky and sometimes slow gameplay. It doesn't quite hold up so much these days, but I've just got such fond feelings for it that I can't help but push past them and keep it at the top of my list, or even find the appeal in its quirks.
  2. Both the links for Genny/Sonya's support convos link to Mathilda/Clive instead
  3. They're very poorly designed, even by NES standards. They're just dull and largely featureless, and when they do have features they come in ugly, bad gameplay-inducing chunked up blocks.Just look up battles from Gaiden, they range from "sprite mapper working his first ever attempt" to lazy dev. Though I haven't seen the new final chapter's maps, maybe they're better? ...Maybe...
  4. I'm not sure we'll ever get a 'canon' class with Faye, considering Heroes copped out and made her an archer. Pre-release though, my inclination is to Cleric. Based solely on when I played FE2, having an extra healer for like 60% of Alm's game sounds really nice. Not sure if the FE2 experience will translate over perfectly to the new game, but yeah. Extra Heal please Edit: Also those other spells she has, forgot to mention those.
  5. Considering how much less customization and wild stuff there is to do to your team in Echoes compared to the last two games, I don't think it's really that big of a loss.
  6. It's not that unusual, people have kids well into their 30s and early 40s, especially men. Combine that with variable greying ages + the stress of being a king, he's lucky they didn't make him go bald either.
  7. As long as they let the separate universes actually stay separate, that'd be interesting. The last thing we need is them to do some ham fisted attempt to fit Sacred Stones into any other game's timeline/setting.
  8. I see something wrong with it just because it's a really atrocious song and I'd rather they re-used literally anything other than that :v
  9. Fair, but not in Gaiden. They could just very well all use swords and turn the specialty lances into specialty swords instead, the only difference now is that you can't stick a shooting star lance on everyone.
  10. Unless they add in stat caps that aren't all 40s or make a playable axe user, I don't see why. Weapon variety isn't necessary without a triangle. I could see Rudolf getting a class for himself since so far he hasn't been shown to look like a Gold Knight anymore, but that's about it. They seem to be sticking pretty faithfully to the original game in every meaningful way
  11. Deliverance Hideout is probably just the cave Clive and the crew are hiding in, since Celica says "He's leading the deliverance, isn't he?" in the new trailer
  12. I had a Moulder on my first run of Ephraim's route in SS that smashed his defense cap like a freight train, both before promotion and after. That's the only one that ever really stuck with me, the rest have just been "wow theyre turning out nicely" before I forget once the run is done.
  13. The very first legit summoning I did wasn't great, a 4 star Palla and then I think a 3 star Fir, Azama, and Jakob? Then I rerolled and ended up with 5 star Leo, 4 star Jakob, and 3 star Shanna + Oboro, which I kept. Far more disappointing than either of those is that it only ever gives me 1 green orb at a time (if any) and its always Cecilia...
  14. I've played through it three times, there was almost a fourth but mercifully the rom lost my save halfway into Chapter 3.
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