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  1. Oh my god... I just STARTED PLAYING 1.63 LMFAO. Is my save compatible with this one? Also I LOVE THIS HACK! It's so fun. You and your team did such a good job with it ^_^ Very very well done. BTW. in 1.63 there is a support that some guy has with "Nia" that isn't unlocked in the otherwise 100% completed Support menu... Kind of strange
  2. qurl

    u kno i aint never qon use it right

  3. You know, I'm probably gonna make you one now.

  4. why don't you make one for me since you're so not lazy

  5. I'll claim Double from Skull Girls. double is my waifu
  6. ;_; M-Make another ooneee! Or something. <3

  7. you dare to call me lecherous?

    I am a chaste and virtuous maiden.

    And I thought I told you already that I forgot my password and my username and the email the skype account is associated with

  8. LOL

    Well, come on. Add me on skype already you lecherous fiend.

  9. How did you survive being pelted by calculus, the most pure and disgusting form of math!?

    this proves that you are worthy of my love and lust

    let us use calculus to find the limit of the function of our love

  10. you are my lover

  11. omfg I love you ;u;

  12. 8} *lusts for you*

  13. wait

    How were you last active at 5:29 when you left a comment on your own profile at 5:30?



    *throws calculus books at you until you spontaneously combust*

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