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  1. Happy birthday to the guy who fights for his friends!

  2. Today on Maskman Episode 13 There is a pastiche of then pop idol sensation Marina Watanabe: Being a Maskman must've been really lucrative since they own a portable TV in the 80s. Except it's all a ploy to brainwash and kidnap the fans: And turn them into underground kingdom soldiers: See, if you've been complaining about Japan's emphasis on Idol Culture, Japanese TV took jabs at it even back in the 80s. After all it means less time and money spent on Maskman deteriorates Japanese culture as a whole!
  3. Today on Maskman Episode 12 Everyone wants to play Revenge of Shinobi with the monster of the week: I must say, I like the use of practical effects and animatronics, especially in shows like these. Even tokusatsu became overreliant on CGI in the mid-2000s, but rebounded quickly. Thankfully, the American film industry is also finally going back to practical effects like in the new Mad Max or Star Wars. Also wall camouflage: Also Kagebunshin no Jutsu:
  4. Today on Maskman Episode 11 The Queen wants to bring back the evil kingdom back to its former peaceful glory: Well, that was anti-climactic. But have I ever told you that the mech is a Beaumont, because he has his own crucifix?
  5. Today on Maskman Episode 10 And then it turns out to be a cage match around an electric fence: Also, who the heck leaves their baby buggy in the middle of a railway?
  6. Maskman is a 1987 tokusatsu series about a team of five martial artists who must master the Power of Aura and fight against the evil unterground kingdom who want to take over the world! The series is notable for having the first Ranger to specialize in a western martial art. It also has a huge following in the Philippines. The show was also brought to France as "Bioman 2." While the Ranger theming isn't as concrete as in more recent tokusatsu, I like the subtlety of Aura Power and that it's a straghtforward action show. Partly inspired by the #DailySentai hashtag on Twitter and because I posted about previous episodes in FE4 THREAD, this thread is about me posting a few screenshots of the most recent episode I've watched and adding a few captions of my own underneath. The theme song is also by the same vocalist who did the Japanese Dragon Ball Z openings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgvHRqQbzFM For the sake of congruency, here are my previous "Today on Maskman" posts from FE4 THREAD: Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9
  7. Today on Maskman What a wonderful day to have a birthday: The Maskmen seem to have joined the frosty festivities too: They get thawed out, however, but not the princess. That plot thread has yet to be resolved!
  8. You not only gave Five5 a non-answer, you also moved goalposts to another game entirely. Bravo! Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Puzzle and Dragons Z does a lot of neat things on his own and has enough content to be a good stand-alone retail game. Really, the one reason the Mario one is bundled in is because PaD doesn't do so well over here, so they're trying to convince people to try it with the Mario license. And who knows, after having your time's worth with Z you might eventually develop a craving for Mario PaD? As for S.T.E.A.M., I'm not much further than I was in the demo, and I liked it back then, and whatever gripes I had are overshadowed with the little things that weren't in the demo now. You'll have to look for yourself if you'd rather get the game for those little touches or even better, ask someone else who's further in the game.
  9. This is something I elaborated on very recently. They wouldn't work because the slow and elaborate style of VC is very different to the quick and snappy style of FE, that it especially took on in recent years with the DS remakes and Awakening.
  10. This is funny because Radiant Dawn might be the least conventional Fire Emblem. It's even more funny because with the mind of "let's throw conventions away" Awakening became the most conventional Fire Emblem. The way skirmishes are handled in Nohr reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles. I can't say I'm all over it though. VC is a PC-style game that only found overwhelming success when it was ported to PC, while FE is a distinctly console strategy game, so I'm not sure if taking elements from one to the other will mesh well.
  11. "Casuals" "Rehash" "Sales don't matter" (especially when the same people then hold reviews in high regard and even outright defend Games Journalism) "Nostalgiafag" "Genwunner" "Nostalgia Pandering" and whatever the newest word is to undermine anyone with a preference for older games "Grinding" "It's not the game, it's the player's fault" "This game needs to be even more complex and difficult" "This game isn't even that hard" (especially in relation to legitimately hard games like Thracia and Dark Souls because you know how to abuse the latest and coolest exploits)
  12. Because console and PC gaming have entirely different origins. Consoles are rooted in arcade machines, pinball and carnival toys, and originally sold as being able to play your favourite arcade games at home. This is why the most prominent console makers are toymakers, like the late Gunpei Yokoi, or Nolan Bushnell using his summer work experience at a carnival when designing the original Atari or SEGA originally being vending machine and later arcade makers. PCs are rooted as... computing machines, originally made for computing and managing documents, with the games being something on the aside. That's why the most prominent PC game makers like Sid Meier, Richard Garriott and John Carmack are obsessed by numbers and their games are inspired by elaborate tabletop games. Buying and mantaining a console is like buying a complete action figure, where you have to pay up for new weapons and armours, while PC is like buying a construction kit that you also need to paint yourself. It's not about as control as much as console manufacturers paying respect to their origins. I, for one, don't support this intermingling ot console and PC gaming that you're trying to invoke! If anything, consoles having a OS at all is denying the 'plug-in-and-play' console origins! At least having paid themes is trying to strike a compromise. It's a complete package because the OS is still completely functional and does everything it's intended to do.
  13. Unlimited TMs in Pokémon were partly met with opposition, but then they turned out to be one of the best gameplay additions in years. Therefore I'm cautiously optimistic that unlimited weapon uses might be the same case. On the other hand those features feel like they're band-aid put over the open wounds that are the overcomplications in this game, like the different mission objectives in the Nohr path and enemies also being able to pair up.
  14. I just explained why in my previous post. :I Also let's not pretend there aren'T fancy PC themes that you legally have to pay money for, even to ludicrous amounts.
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