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  1. Windows XP sp3. Sound card? Um...I think It's Soundmax HD.
  2. Absolutely nothing, period. Audio works everything on my computer outside of this one game.
  3. Still having this problem, even after some adjustments.
  4. Hey, OpenAL is installed, but no music is playing when I open the game. Any ideas? I have already rebooted.
  5. People keep talking about playing, yet I see no more downloads. It is some sort of exclusive distribution, or did I miss something?
  6. What does it nullify? Does it nullify Pursuit is the main question, but hey, might as well ask the rest.
  7. I know this was odd, but I got into a bit of trouble and now I have to redo everything. I'll update this thread when everything's right again.
  8. Really liking how this hack is turning out! So that fencer animation. Can't find it anywhere, so is it not available for use?
  9. Thanks, let's see. And yeah l95, I know. It's just sometimes by the time I hit turn 50, some are in love, some aren't, while they might be if I load a savestate and try again. Mind you, all these attempts, they were right next to each other for EVERY turn of chapter 4.
  10. By what time do the Gen 1 characters have to be in love for the children to appear in Gen 2? I've been looking all over, and I can't find an answer-and for some reason the love points aren't always distributing, so I kind of need to know.
  11. I'm having an issue, and I can't insert my events.... The attachment shows everything I could think related up. And yes, the ROM is in the ROM place, same with the text, with the text place. NUB EVENTING.bmp
  12. I'm at an awkward point for inserting music in my hack: I have: the MP3 files the soundfront, FE7 Native Instrument Map Frooty Loops studio: REQUIRES THE FILES TO BE MIDI Windows XP, if that matters I can't really find a completely trustworthy MP3 to MIDI things, and I'm kind of at a wall. Any ideas on what to do?
  13. They're pretty useful in game-but that's it. AI stinks with them. They're a jack of all trades (Or, rather, in all stats (except HP and defense and resistance, but not as much. If memory serves, they have the lowest HP when you reclass.)
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