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  1. Maybe the game could have been decent if the interface wasn't complete junk and it didn't have absurd power creep and insane RNG dependence. I can most certainly say that there was an attempt there. And Code Name S.T.E.A.M. most certainly showed IS still had the capacity to make an actual strategy game. But it's just too much of a mess to be enjoyable. Maybe because they had to fit it into the Awakening engine somehow. Plus, Fire Emblem games are a lot better if you don't have to constantly preserve the lives of utter scumbags. The exception is Benny, but that just means I don't want him to murder innocent people.
  2. I mean, my first one was FE7, and if Awakening didn't find all these new ways to reach below the bottom of the barrel and then some, it would easily be my least liked by a huge margin. Path of Radiance is the one that I actually liked. Not knowing how much more advanced Thracia was then anything released internationally, it seemed like one hell of an improvement in terms of gameplay, atmosphere and writing over what was on the GBA.
  3. Fates was beyond redemption the moment they presented their molestation mini game. I'm not forgetting about that just because the localization removed it. Would be hard to do anyway, considering the mindset that created it is still entrenched in every facet of the game.
  4. Hey, don't ask me. I always say Fates is a vile piece of shit.
  5. I suppose Fates is far beyond the point where egregious panty shots of a child ruin the experience. It's not like you would expect anything better from it.
  6. Every day he curses his parents for not naming him "The Roger".
  7. Yeah, it's the worst. Fanservice is good and fun. Like in Vestaria Saga, during the banquet sequence, there is that once scene where Haldyn shouts at Hoelun not to stand behind him, mimicking a scene of Tear Ring Saga where Vega said that to Julia during that game's banquet sequence. Unlike Julia, Hoelun, was not trying to sneak up on him, so she just ends up confused, and Haldyn admits he merely "always wanted to say that". In general Haldyn seems to have this subtle little meta awareness about Fire Emblem archetypes. That he wants to be the game's Navarre, but in actually he is the game's Faye and therefore keeps getting his butt kicked. Cyltan at one point muses that it would be great to have an advisor like Garlan, which mirrors Vanmillion saying the same thing about Ward. They also alluded to Holmes and Katri, as well as Altenna and Arionne in the final map. The final map in general feels like a throwback in a lot of ways. For example it has a arena sequence similar to Thracia Chapter 5.
  8. Also the fact that they added the weapon triangle into a game were basically every enemy uses lances.
  9. Medeus in the original game had 32 defense. Considering all stats are capped at 20, this makes him ignore all damage that's not from a Devil weapon or any of the Regelia. Tiki can't do anything to him either. The Divinestone only has 12 might. Falchion is the only weapon that dealt effective damage against him.
  10. He has the same bases and growths. His problem is just that Medeus and the Manakete in the final two maps were given an insane amount of speed.
  11. You simply ignore Gharnef and seize. But in the original game, this would leave you with preciously little options to actually damage Medeus. Which is kinda funny, considering in the remake, Marth is really bad at actually taking on Medeus at all. He needs to reach 21 to average the speed needed to not get doubled by Medeus even on Normal Mode, which wouldn't even have been possible in the original game due to being capped at 20.
  12. I mean, yeah. I always say that it's obvious that Nowi is just a redesigned Tiki. She even has the crown for no reason. The amount of porn that Shiida and Tiki had easily eclipsed that of any other character. Maybe she even had more then Shiida. In any case IS knew what they were doing with Nowi.
  13. What DOES drive me nuts is that he has these straps on the leg, despite not actually wearing sandals.
  14. FE1's aesthetic was obviously very heavily based on ancient Rome. Considering this, his bare legs are hardly a surprise.
  15. I didn't say the game was bad. I said the game was ugly as all hell.
  16. They most certainly took full advantage of the 2D visuals by adding loose elements to most designs that look absolutely beautiful in motion. Sylvis is probably the best example of that.
  17. Those are not physics. As I said, a sprite is just a sprite. Do I really have to try and explain the fundamental difference between sprites and 3d models for the purpose of animation?
  18. Except it does. Lyn's chest bouncing does not in any way require additional resources. There are no additional calculations required because all the system does is to display the next sprite. There are no actual physics involved.
  19. Not really. A sprite is a sprite. It's not physics.
  20. You mean FE7? FE7 didn't even use 3D models.
  21. Oh god, the game is even uglier then I remembered. But at least it has jiggle physics. Those were system resources well spend.
  22. I guess that class was not available to me. It is actually somewhat disappointing. Like, they gave Kana tights in her default class, as if they actually knew how creepy it would be if the child were dressed like female Corrin. But then the promoted outfit is the same as her's. Well, at least that way I got to actually act like a parent and keep the child away from having to murder people for the glory of her evil granddad.
  23. I was honestly primarily thinking about Awakening since I don't actually know much about what Fates' designs look like. Considering what female Corrin looked like by default, I never even humored the idea of picking female. You know it's gonna be a bad if even the player self-insert has to shove her bare ass into the camera for every single attack animation. Though I did try to find a reclass for promoted Kana that didn't creep me out. I failed, so she went to the bench.
  24. Oh yeah. Especially as a Great Knight. That thong really brings it all together.
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