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  1. Jayden probably wouldn't have lost his target if between scenes he didn't stay to catch the chicken and putting them back into their cages.
  2. Also Corrin with her two left feet. Also this guy whose scar overlays his hair.
  3. One of the comments pointed out that the bow string is missing and now I can't unsee it.
  4. Oh wow. Aren't there laws against jerking yourself off in public?
  5. During the dance bonus scene, of all possible choices they also used his model to dance together with Carla in her underwear. And yes, David Cage has a model in Fahrenheit. He speaks directly to the audience at the start of the game.
  6. I love how that specific sequence repeats several times. Like, did anyone really think this scene needed to be even longer? There are so many parts where you'd think it would end, but it just keeps going and going, becoming goofier each time. But then again, I think that sequence where Lucas' apartment is trying to kill him was also needlessly long.
  7. But could he take on the office bugs?
  8. Yeah, Leaf can totally get targeted by Status staffs. Whatever the specifics in regards to how the game handles priority, he will eventually get targeted. Learned that the hard way when I tried to find a method to prevent Salem from using his staff without warping someone straight into in his face. So I tried to limit the party to characters who had too much magic to be targeted.
  9. Heh. Peaked into a channel and with that sudden burst of activity I was wondering if a release date actually was announced. Or some other juicy piece of info dropped.
  10. Poor guy still got his head cropped off by the forum software. Feels like the artist might actually have been a bit uncomfortable with Plum. Since the chest piece is noticeable a lot less form fitting and revealing compared to her portrait.
  11. The artist also got a Pixiv, though those last four are not on there yet. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/724408 The remaining two would be Vega and Plum, who I imagine you are less eager to see.
  12. I use a browser extension to block the login wall.
  13. I was thinking it maybe depicts her sitting. You know, like in Jabu Jabu's belly. Would make sense as a reference. But then her head would just be way to friggin large. And it's not like any of the other windows has a tilted angle like that.
  14. Oh I see, Nabuuru has her hands behind her back. Could never quite make sense of that window. Still drawing a blank on Ruto, though. She looks like a butterfly with a human face.
  15. "Soon" does most sound a lot sooner then I expected. Unless the "Soon" referred to the reveal of a release date. With the actual date still being very much way off.
  16. Fergus has that whole 5 PCC thing going. He requires very little work to reach 100% crit.
  17. It's can't be understated that before Roy, the only Lord with an anti-cavalry/armor pref weapon was Marth. And you know what Marth's games did not have? The weapon triangle. As much as they wanted the game to revolve around the weapon triangle, they saw no problem with Roy's pref only being effective against opponents he is at a disadvantage against.
  18. They removed like half the frames of Gunvolt. Unless Inti actually designed the game that way. And clearly a studio with their experience would not make such an obvious misstep that instantly prevents any and all fast-paced sidescrollers from having good game feel like putting in a 29 frame cap. Heck, they made Zero 1 and ZX1. Games that were total trainwrecks in terms of design, but were still enjoyable because their characters were just fun to control. Moving felt good, jumping felt good, blowing shit up felt good. They wouldn't make that kind of mistake.
  19. Dean also has a PCC of 3. So he's gonna crit a lot. I suppose one could use the capture command in order to lower their own speed so they won't double. That way PCC would not come into play. At least on Player Phase.
  20. Pirate Warriors 4 really intrigues me. Like, apparently they ditched the Level system altogether. Sounds like paradise.
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