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  1. Or Ajax. Or Julius. Or Chaos. Or Sophie. Or Zephyrus. Honestly, if a mindless AI getting access to a player unit is enough to make them unstoppable, it probably wasn't much of a strategy game. Well, I am admittedly glad to hear that the CPU is actually willing to advance and threaten allied territory. Considering in Age of Calamity, enemies would never, ever actually move, this is probably not something that can be taken for granted these days. It's funny (and irritating) that despite Warriors games always being dismissed as mindless, repetitive button mashers by reviewers, the franchise seems to get better reviews the more mindless it is. In Pirate Warriors 3+4 the issue is different. Enemy forces do move and threaten your territories and allies. But there is basically never a greater battlefield. Nothing beyond the immediate objective. It's just that Pirate Warriors 4 has probably the best combat from any Warriors game I ever played. There is no blocking attacks, but in exchange you can dodge at any point during your attack string. Almost like in Bayonetta and therelike. So you always gotta be on your toes. So while the map design itself is shallow, the moment to moment combat makes up for it.
  2. You know, Fates might have been up to something with their petting mode if it's girls were more like Bertoullia and less like "technically an adult" Elise. I have no hands and I must pet.
  3. Hidetaka Miyazaki when he is asked to maybe keep his fetish a little in check in the future.
  4. The steam page has added an interesting bunch of screenshots since last time I checked it out. I wonder who took this one.
  5. No worries. That convo has no impact on anything.
  6. I got the impression that Dark Souls is not really about reflexes. More about observation, strategy and perseverance.
  7. I figured she would get something like this: Well, I did play a lot Pirate Warriors recently. So maybe something more like this:
  8. Things to know about Hilda: She got her own battle theme, despite only being around for a short while.
  9. I love Pirate Warriors 4 and all, but the loading times of the Switch port are killing me. That being said, looking for Pandaman on the story mode loading screens is really cute. ...though probably also an indicator that the Switch version is not the only version that struggles with loading times. Clearly you are expected to spend some time looking at them. Honestly, can't we just not do those 3D main menus? Yeah, they look neat. But they always take a while to load. And once you've seen it a few times, you no doubt just want the menu to be quick and responsive.
  10. Supposedly there is a Father's Day going on somewhere.
  11. I was most certainly happy that Silken Knight was so situational that there was never a reason to do that event ever. One of the reasons it's a lot less irritating then the Plum stuff in TRS. Sure, you don't have to send Plum into slavery. But missing out on the refresher makes the game less interesting. The Silken Knight is so much easier to ignore.
  12. Okay, just what the heck is going on here?
  13. I don't like the current weather. To think it's only going to get hotter.
  14. In retrospect it's apparent I've seen Karajan a fair amount of times in fanart. I just always assumed he was Jemma's brother or something.
  15. Oh wow, they turned sweet little Hoelun into a monster. And here I was thinking they might merely increase Ariadne's durability. Guess missing out on the Bow of Aragoth will no longer be much of a concern.
  16. When Corrin was first shown, she literally had two left feet. At this point there is no such thing as a design that's too dumb to be believable.
  17. Only 42 more days and it's Bertolia time.
  18. VS2 has been out for years, at this point. I think it was 2019.
  19. And that guy next to Zade has to be Theo. Also looking a bit different now. Also who the heck does not have Lilia promoted by the time of chapter 18?
  20. Remaster. Most certainly looks lovely. Though hard to imagine it's gonna get localized. I mean, it's one thing for freeware, but how do you market something like this if you need to actually sell it?
  21. Nothing too fancy here, but this looks like a nice new sprite for the lovely Adelaide. Sujata and Ashuram also have their VS2 palettes now. I think they had generic palettes in the original version. Not to mention Sujata was a Swordmaster.
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